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At present, live broadcasts They are an excellent idea for companies and brands in general to be able to connect with their audiences in an effective way. This occurs, because through a live transmission a direct communication channel is maintained, where interactions are 100% real time.

Many are the social networks that have been incorporating this function on their platforms, such is the case of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. However, some do not yet know what are the benefits that these broadcasts can bring to your brand or even how it is broadcast live on different platforms.

Therefore, throughout this post we will explain the advantages of this resource, the main platforms where they can make transmissions of this type and step by step on how to achieve it. In addition to that, we will indicate some very useful tips so that your streaming transmissions have greater effectiveness.

What are the main advantages of doing live video broadcasts?

Advantages of doing live broadcasts

If used in the right way, the live video broadcasts they can be an excellent idea to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. It all started as a simple fad, and it has become a sensation among frequent users of social networks.

Because of this, we want to talk to you about the main advantages that live broadcasts have for you, your company or brand:


These types of materials allow the user to experience the experience of seeing, hearing, speaking and participating with your brand. Thanks to this, a kind of client – brand link, which helps establish a closeness with them. So you can discover their way of thinking about an issue or decision.


Because they are done in real time, you can know the immediate reactions of people regarding a particular topic. In addition, it is perfect for show events that are happening at the moment and that may be of relevance, such as the launch of a product, the opening of a store, an event of general interest, etc.


Because it helps connect with the most human side of people, is usually a very attractive resource for users. This increases the interaction and interest of others, helping improve engagement. Even most platforms give special recognition to those accounts that use the live stream.


With the live stream the monotony of scheduled or pre-planned posts. Apart from that, it allows people to recognize that there are human personnel in your brand, which directly transforms into increased reliability and security. Nobody likes to feel like they are dealing with a robot!

Study of your followers

One of the most effective ways to find out what people want or how they react to a specific circumstance is through live broadcasts. The feedback that offers help to get relevant information regarding the behavior, opinions and interests of your followers or potential clients.

List of the best platforms to broadcast live and direct

If you want your company have more clients or attract a potential audience, without a doubt one of the best ways is through live broadcasts. However, not all platforms are equally effective.

With that in mind, we will mention the 10 most popular and what you should do to broadcast live and live easily and quickly:


Broadcast live with Facebook Live

It is the most used social network for marketing because it has the largest number of registered users in the world. Therefore, if you want to publicize your company or personal brand, you should start here.

The steps to make a Facebook Live from a computer are:

  • Enter the Facebook App.
  • Choose “Create publication” at the top located in the section of News.
  • Press the button with the ellipsis (…) and click on “Live video”.
  • Write the information you want on your live video.
  • Click on “To transmit” in the lower right and voila.


Go live with Instagram

Instagram is another of the most popular social networks, especially among young people. On this platform, live videos are known as Videos in direct on Instagram or Instagram Live and it is very easy to create content through it.

You just have to follow the steps specified below:

  • Open the Instagram App.
  • In the upper left, right next to the Instagram logo, tap the icon represented with a camera.
  • Different options will appear in the bottom of screen (text, normal, alive, boomerang, etc), you have to go to the option that says “Alive”.
  • Click on the button that appears below the text “Broadcast live on Instagram” and ready.


This tool is very useful and with the help of this it is possible to broadcast live video of important events or happenings. Among its most interesting features is that it allows you to control the broadcast from your mobile.

To configure it you have to:

  • Log in with an account of your favorite platform (Facebook, Youtube, etc).
  • Select service that you will use for your broadcast.
  • Introduce your credentials.
  • Press on “Go Live”.


Go live with LiveStream

This is a paid service but very effective for those who need to broadcast live and direct. It is considered one of the best platforms because users can upload live videos from their computers and mobiles. Other than that, has more than 200 TV affiliates and can be used as Spotify or other programs.

The steps to use Live Stream are:

  • Create an account on the website of Livestream.
  • Choose the option of “Broadcast” As your account type, select the name of your channel, the type and fill in all the necessary information to create your account.
  • Choose Come in do a webcast, procaster, or studio of your page livestream.com.
  • Once you are clear about what type of video you want to make, click on that button. Then on the option of “Broadcast (followed by the name of the type of transmission you will do)”.
  • Stream your content clicking on “Go Live”.


Broadcast live with Youtube

Youtube is the platform most popular for watching videos on the internet and, long ago incorporated the function of doing live broadcasts.

The steps to follow in order to start broadcasting are:

  • Click on the button Create video or post, located at the top of YouTube and then select the option to Live broadcast.
  • If it is your first time broadcasting in streaming you must accept permission.
  • Then you can broadcast live with two options: start the broadcast on the spot or schedule the broadcast. Choose the option that suits you.
  • When you have selected your option, fill in the information fields that are requested such as title of the live, visibility options, among others.


Is a very popular platform. It is very effective when it comes to streaming in real time important events or happenings. Added to that, while you broadcast you can chat with other users who connect.

Some features of this program are:

  • Videos cannot be edited while broadcasting live.
  • You can interact with users.


Go live with Vimeo

When it comes to platforms for uploading, managing and viewing of videos Vimeo it can be an excellent alternative. With it, you can stream in HD, chat and even broadcast simultaneously on social media.

In this platform you can have the following benefits:

  • Transmissions on HD.
  • Includes chat to improve interaction.
  • You will be able to transmit simultaneously in different social networks.
  • Easy of using.


Go live with BeLive

BeLive.tv It is another of the platforms to be able to broadcast in streaming. You can use it from your computer via Facebook. It is especially recommended for do webinars or other types of group broadcasts. With BeLive you can read comments from viewers, use text and graphics, broadcast with other users, etc.

Among its most outstanding aspects it can be mentioned that:

  • You can organize interviews live.
  • It is a tool that allows the collaboration of other users, that is, other people can participate in your broadcast.
  • You can use texts and graphics.
  • The spectators they can ask questions.


Go Live with Prezi Video

Prezi is a platform that has become popular for offering its users the possibility of making creative and dynamic presentations. However, it also allows you to record videos and make video conferences interactively. It is available for Windows, Mac and Chrome.

Some features of this program are:

  • You may create interactive videos.
  • It allows you stream or even record sessions to share.
  • It is ideal for giving courses, lectures, live presentations and much more.


Go live with Periscope

Is a platform belonging to Twitter and specializes in live video streaming, but unfortunately has been closed in March 2021. Just six years after its purchase and launch by Twitter The company integrated their technology into their social network, so little by little was leaving Periscope aside for time later to process its final closure.

Tips to make your streaming broadcasts more entertaining and with a larger audience

Tips for your live broadcasts

Finally, there are a number of tips that you can apply in your streaming transmissions so that they are much more entertaining and capture the attention of the audience.

Here is a list of some of the most important:

  • He creative and original.
  • Make your videos interactive asking questions, talking to your audience, among other resources.
  • Schedule your live shows ahead of time and notify your followers.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable when you start streaming.
  • Seeks good lighting.
  • Makes a sound, lighting and connection test before starting to make sure everything is in order.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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