+1001 MEMES of FACES  List of “Rage Comics” ▷ 2020

The Rage comic have become quite a phenomenon of the Internet and underground comic centered on a cartoon (known generically as rage face or face memes) that expresses some simple emotion. Over time, numerous faces have been created that display easily identifiable emotions.

Do you know that most face memes express anger? (Of course!), but also some other simple emotions like crying, fear, boredom, you know, the whole spectrum. They are very recognizable because they have the same pattern: a set of cartoon meme faces prefabs that have spread throughout the world of memes and become part of it.

Ars Technica called rage comics an “accepted and standardized form of online communication.” They are actually part of our Internet world and a very useful way to express and convey emotions through our beloved screens. They are also relatable and humorous experiences that almost all of us go through at some point in our lives.

List of the best “Rage Comics Faces” or face memes on the Internet

With these faces in meme form on the internet, it’s hard not to wonder how they got here. Well the first of all appeared in 4chan in 2008. It was made up of a 4-panel strip that showed someone’s anger for splashing in the toilet.

It showed an enlarged face with what we now know as The Rage Guy yelling “FFFFFUUUUUU”. From here, it was republished, modified, adapted and everything is history! Take a look at our compilation of the best memes faces!

In a way, these faces are the new emoticons. Some “anti-emoticons“That you would never put in a work email signature. Like all slang, mark group membership, and they fulfill the function of making you feel martian if you are on the sidelines and integrated if you get it.

Really the success of these memes of faces and especially of the famous one “Forever Alone“It comes from the fact that he has given a name to a situation, a type of person, a moment, that could not be defined well until that moment, or that if it was done in the correct terms it did not exactly incite laughter, and that is why the The use of these new emoticons that express certain expressions and feelings help us to communicate them in a much less tragic and more humorous way than if we did it with verbal language.

The phrase Forever alone has become a frequently used expression on social networks on the Internet, particularly in Facebook and Twitter, where it is used, above all, to make fun of certain personal behaviors

Infographic: Memes Rage Faces

Infographic: Memes Rage Faces

Here we leave you with the best list of face cartoons for funny, shocking and very, very expressive memes:

Best rage comics faces memes

Pufffff … what a list, incredible the amount of funny and shocking face memesIf you think we have left any out, leave it in the comments and we will complete the list so that we become the largest database of funny faces memes and rage comics in the Internet world. Also if you want to create your own memes, here we leave you the most complete list of templates to make memes of the world! 😉

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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