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It is no coincidence that when We are visiting an Internet page, banner advertisements appear and when we see them we think it is pure coincidence. It should not surprise you that you have ever been inclined to buy what was advertised, since you were seeing those articles a short time ago.

This happens because our privacy is not covered so the personal data and other tastes that we have are being handled by companies that direct invasive advertising to us without our noticing.

We are going to point you the importance of having our privacy and privacy safeguarded on the Internet. To do this, we will show you the different methods that exist to protect yourself from intruders when we browse the web.

Why is it important to take care of our privacy while we surf the Internet?

Why is it important to take care of our privacy while we surf the Internet?

The answer to this question seems, in principle simple, but when we start to analyze and realize each of the risks that are latent when our information is in the hands of intruders it really becomes a deep question.

It is important to maintain the privacy of our data on the Internet because if they are known to different companies or people, we can have some pretty unpleasant consequencesEither when we surf the web or in our own lives.

If a third party knows our data, they may send us invasive advertisements to our email or directly to the banners that use the pages we browse, making this an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Our focus of attention is scattered.

Related to the previous point, our information is sold to companies without our consent, and above all, if these steps were unavoidable if we want to acquire some of these products we will not obtain any extra benefit. If they know our usual location or route, we may be the prey of an assault or some other kind of ambush, so We always recommend disabling the GPS for these reasons.

When they know of our profession and our address, they can send us false invitations to seminars or trainings, many times wasting our time or simply getting us to leave our homes alone for criminal purposes.

It’s necessary that our family activity is always invisible to Internet surfers, since with this we take care of the integrity of our children or of any other member of our family. We have to avoid being related to avoid major headaches.

There are many other reasons why we should protect our privacyIn Europe, it is a citizen’s right that companies prevent the leakage of information from people who use the Internet.

In Europe there is a cookie policy with which it is mandatory, for all pages, to issue a warning before we start to interact with it, indicating that they use these spy files. Although many times this is not fulfilled, but since there is legislation there are also penalties for offenders.

What kinds of tools can we use to increase security and privacy on the Internet?

There are different ways to protect our privacy when we browse the Internet, many are focused on ourselves and others are focused on the networks we want to access. For this to happen, that is, we can protect our own data information, we can use different tools.

Next, we name you all the possible tools that exist for you to navigate safely on the web:


A VPN, from English “Virtual Private Networks“It is a technology used in computer networks which allows secure access to a LAN, that is, it is a virtual private network with which we can create a local network over another public access network.

To put it in simpler words, if we are connected to a WiFi wireless network, we can be seen by other members who are connected to the same network, if we activate VPN this will prevent us from being detected. Thus, a VPN is very useful for our data if we want not to be detected through browsing, and that this information is not filtered and thus prevent it from passing into the hands of unscrupulous third parties.

Safe browsers

There are many browsers that offer their quality of being safe from the point of view of our privacy, but sadly not all are. In addition, it is difficult to know precisely if their privacy policies coincide with the computer development that these platforms have.

This is why we have analyzed the issue and decided to share which ones are the safest according to our analysis. You will find this information later.


Extensions are different Internet sites with which we can prevent our data from being handed over to indiscreet people and from making them advertisements directed at us, theft of our data, and so on.

These extensions work with codes that allow the blocking of malware and advertising files, as well as track and prevent cookies.

Don’t worry, they are all programmable and we will see it later in this article..

Operating systems

When we have to talk about safe operating systems we are getting into a big discussion, because for many Windows it is safe and for other people it is not so safe.

In order not to get into this endless discussion, what we can tell you is that if you work with a Linux operating system your security will be guaranteed and also with those Apple software.


If we have to deal with the issue of a DNS server, for its acronym in English “Domain Name System“We are mentioning that thanks to a DNS we can know the IP of each member of the computer network to which we want to connect.

By knowing the IP of any member, we can establish their location and other necessary information to know if our privacy is in danger or not. It is a really useful tool and many times it is not that used.

List of the best tools and applications to improve your privacy and security while browsing the Internet

As we have already developed the different tools that exist, it is time to analyze each of them so that our privacy is in good hands.

Remember that it is necessary to keep our data hidden from intrusive people or companies, to avoid discomfort and improve our user experience.

Next we detail the best tools you can use:


This browser is perhaps one of the browsers that is best known and that we place less trust in it. We clarify that is an excellent browser that includes a VPN and allows you to block advertisements Through its integrated blocker, the latter being a tool that very few have.

Download Opera Windows

Download Opera macOS


If we need a secure browser, with Tor we can safely navigate from this platform, knowing that all our data is permanently hidden, it is the browser par excellence of the “Deep web”.

Download Tor Windows

Download Tor MacOS

Epic Browser

The browser was designed for MacOS and Windows operating systems, it comes preconfigured not to accept third-party Cookies or DNS. Likewise, the browsing history and all the cache information are automatically deleted when we leave the browser.

Download Epic Browser Windows

Download Epic Browser MacOS

SRWare Iron Browser

Our privacy will be protected when we use this browser, as it guarantees that our data is really in good hands, and it can also be used on mobile devices with Android operating system.

Download SRWare Iron Browser Windows

Comfortable Dragon

This excellent browser is available for different operating systems and can block cookies and other spy files that endanger our privacy.

Download Comodo Dragon Windows

Mac OS X

This operating system is developed by Apple, it has important advantages in different aspects, especially in everything that refers to the security of its users. Its codes are based on invisibility, allowing no folder or file to appear in our Dock that we do not want to be visible to third parties.


Also developed and designed by Apple, this operating system has the same security as any product that the company manufactures. It is intended for mobile devices.


Being a free and open source operating system, it has great advantages when we need to protect our security. It is developed by many IT professionals and engineers, who are also users of it, making this operating system robust software.


This extension is related to the authentication under the 2-step procedure. When we activate this security mechanism we can block those Internet services that cannot pass this filter, for example adware and other kinds of junk files.


IOT Scanner.  The best tools and applications to improve your privacy and security while browsing the Internet

Its work is based on the detection of those devices that can be publicly detected. It is based on the permanent verification of the IP addresses of each of the devices that are connected to the same network.

With this extension we can do an analysis of the network and it will inform us with a green alert if it is possible to connect.


Thanks to this extension we can block all those malware or adware that try to install the websites on the Internet.

Privacy Badger 2.0.  The best tools and applications to improve your privacy and security while browsing the Internet

Google Public DNS

It is perhaps the most popular DNS service to us. It is provided by Google and its main IP is ““while the secondary IP is”“for IPv4. For IPv6 it is”2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888” Y “2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844“respectively.

In order to use this DNS service we have to go to the router that is connected to the Internet and we will have to change the configuration.

We will perform these steps:

  • We enter with a web browser and write in the address bar “168.1.1
  • We enter the router software
  • We write the username and password
  • Let’s go to “Setting
  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS

Comodo.com (DNS)

It also provides services to block cookies and any other spy files. Protect our privacy through these primary and secondary IP addresses respectively “” Y “


It offers services for many servers and has a very good database, being able to find them according to a filter made by country. For Spain, the IPs are detailed in the following image:

Public DNS Server List for Spain.  The best tools and applications to improve your privacy and security while browsing the Internet


For IPv4 it is ““and if we work with IPv6 it is”149,112,112,112“. Protects our navigation of sites where it blocks advertising files and any other that may be harmful to our privacy.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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