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The new generations love the simplicity of things, that is why technological advances are so valued in our days, since each invention comes to simplify some aspect of our lives.

That is why when it comes to the Internet and the addresses of links, the same thing usually happens, since currently there are free tools that in this case are responsible for shortening the links. But surely you wonder how difficult this can be or how interesting it can be. The truth is that it is fantastic, this because profits are obtained for each time someone enters these.

In this article we are going to show you which are the most popular and the ones with the best payment rates, so that with them you can monetize the links you share on your social networks and web pages.

What is a link shortener and what are these tools for?

A link shortener is a online tool free to reduce the number of characters in a URL.

The operation is simple, the system processes the link and leaves them very small compared to the original, allowing you to share this type of address on social networks and in messages without spending so many characters.

If you doubt this helps and improves the aesthetics of a marketing post or advertisement, therefore It is excellent for all types of communicators and network experts.

This tool does not alter the real address of the site to which the shortening is being applied at all, so it has no impact on the SEO of the content.

All abbreviated addresses are created of type 301 and these then redirect to the original link without problem. This system favors the public, because in addition to helping you earn more clicks, it also leaves a bit of extra income.

How much money can you really make by shortening links?

When it comes to making money online, there really are no limits, This through the network provides the entire environment and tools for entrepreneurs, developers and content managers to generate profits.

Generating income through this method is something palpable and easily achievable with a little perseverance, but talking about a specific amount is a bit more difficult. Well, the amount is subject to the number of people who access the link of this type and how many are willing to wait the 5-second wait.

Wait 5 seconds

To understand a little better, the user after entering this must wait 5 seconds during which they show an advertisement that is the one that pays the payment of the person who creates the link.

After this time a button will appear that allows you to skip the advertisement and it is the one that really takes us to the original page.

 Skip ad

At an average rate this process must be done 10,000 times by different users to be able to charge 5 $. Sure, depending on the flow and influence you have on the internet, you can really make a lot of money with a shortener.

List of the 18 best link shorteners to make money shortening URL’s

As you have already seen, you only need to have good traffic, because everything depends on this. Next we will show you the most reliable ones you can get for this task and those that offer the best rates according to the indicators of Spain and Latin America.

The first thing you should do is register in which you are going to use and then start reducing your links to share them on the site you want, they can be social networks or websites.



This is a web address shortening web service, with this you can reduce custom or generic links. This one has stood out a lot with respect to the others for the great security and excellence that it shows in its links.

Have a plan with which you can choose which link should have higher or lower priority to choose with which we can charge larger or smaller amounts. Although it is paid, it has a minimum rate of $ 5 per month.



This link shortening service it particularly rivals the first one we have presented, due to the fact of its competitive payment rates. Despite being highly acclaimed by the public, we have not placed it at the beginning, this because it allows reducing links from pages with morally frowned upon content.

Even so, it is an excellent platform, and since its arrival on the market it is about to position itself in the first place, this is because allows you to withdraw accumulated money twice during the month.



This is an excellent web address reduction service, which has a referral program that allows you to take advantage of those users who wish to share the service with their friends. This system leaves you commissions of 20% for life.

The ways to withdraw your payments are monthly and can be collected at Bitcoin, PayPay and Payoneer, as long as you meet the minimum of $ 5. Many users choose this service because of its high payment rates.



This software features one of the cleanest shortening programs at the best rates, This means that the user who uses the links that you shorten with UrlCero will not have to see so much publicity, and the little that appears is far from being intrusive.

You regularly make rate adjustments, so you try hard enough to the user who does this receives a good reward for working with them.



When we surf the Internet downloading movies, series and video games, it is very common to find Shorte links, this is because many of the developers of these pages prefer it because the best payment rates they offer are worth up to $ 14 per thousand people that they use a link, and in some cases much more.

This particular service has a lot of advantage over the others, as has a WordPress integration plugin, which is currently the best content and web page manager on the Internet.



This abatement service is one of the newest to hit the market and has barely been in operation since 2017, yet this does not prevent the people at ClicksFly from offering the high rates, which even border on the absurd. The amounts can reach up to $ 20 per 1000 visits, only that this depends a lot on where the audience that visits the links is.

The withdrawal methods are by PayPal, Bitcoin, And since it is a service originating in India, it allows payment by transfers to banks in this country.



This is an excellent reduction service whose rates vary from $ 2 to $ 14 per 1000 visitors, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. It also offers a referral plan with 30% commissions. The withdrawal methods are to bank accounts in India, Bitcoin, PayPal and Payza.

Payments are made every 15 days. It should be noted that in the current year it has become one of the most recommended by users.



This web address reduction program handles some showy Rates from $ 1 to $ 8 for just 1000 visiting users in our links. It is a very clean service in terms of advertising, the minimum payments are $ 5 for PayPal and Payza. By Payoneer from $ 20, and more than $ 100 allows bank transfers to international accounts.



It is a very outstanding simplification service, it has Rates ranging from $ 1 to $ 8 per 1000 views of your shortened links. Payments are made from $ 10 and they claim to be made on time in Bitcoin, Paypal and Payza.

Although, this has a small drawback and that is they use a lot of advertising in order to cover their high fees.


 CPM link

This service has a slightly reduced rate If we compare it with the others that we have seen in this article, but that does not detract from its value at all, since it is one of the most solid and reliable services that you can come across on the Internet.

Rates range from $ 1 to $ 5 per thousand visitors, and referral commissions are only 5%. The minimum payment is $ 5 and is made once a month to your PayPal and Payza account, or to your Bitcoin wallet.



This website to reduce links has had a great boom since its departure to the present, it has an acceptable fee of up to $ 5 per thousand users visiting the links.

The payment methods are Skrill, PayPal, Payza and directly to your Bitcoins wallet. Commissions for referrals are up to 20% extra and payments are made once a month.



This is not as well known as the others that we have already presented, but that does not mean that it provides a bad service, on the contrary, it is on the rise and already has excellent rates that allows a minimum of $ 5 withdrawal. Payments are made monthly and also has a referral plan that leaves a 20% extra of all commissions that accrue.



It is one of the most versatile link shorteners on the Internet, it provides an excellent quality service with minimum amounts of $ 3 per thousand visits. As a form of withdrawal they accept Bitcoin, Western Union, Payeer, Web Money, Payoneer, Paypal, and Skrill. Payments are once a month and the minimum is $ 3.



This shortener is very useful to earn money with our web links, it allows you to withdraw the money to PayPal and Bitcoin at any time as long as you have the minimum equivalent to $ 5.



It is an excellent and conservative link shortener that works perfectly when it comes to monetizing your blog. The withdrawal amount is adequate 5 $ and the rates range from $ 2 to $ 4 for every thousand users visiting them.



It is the last shortener of this small list, we can say that to monetize on a regular basis it is one of the best. It has rates ranging from $ 2 to $ 6 per thousand visitors depending on the countries that access the pages.



One of the highest paying link shorteners today, with rates up to $ 20 per 1000 views in specific countries, and a minimum of $ 3 in LATAM countries. You can withdraw your money when you want to stop Paypal, WebMoney, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, Paysera, UPI and bank transfer, as long as you have a minimum of $ 5 accumulated.



A very easy-to-use tool that allows you to passively enter up to $ 3 for visits in specific countries and $ 1.2 in the rest of the world. The reason why it pays little is because it does not include links that interfere with the user experience, which is important since we cannot bombard them with ads because they are going to saturate. Adclic gives you the possibility to charge with a minimum of $ 5 in multiple ways.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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