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If you’re lover of retro video games, do not stop sharing this article with your friends, as we will show you the best Neo Geo console emulators for you to play from your Android mobile phone.

In the following paragraphs of this article you will find a complete list with all the emulators that you can safely download to your smartphone. This will allow you to be calm because you will know that your private data will be protected.

But this is not all you will find we will also show you a complete list with the best games what’s for this console.

List of the best Neo Geo emulators that you can download for your Android smartphone

Get to know the best legal Neo Geo emulators that you can use on your Android smartphone:



The first option to download from the Play Store is Neo.emu. Although it is a paid emulator for Neo Geo, it makes every Euro you pay worthwhile. The distributors define it as the most advanced because it supports smartphones as varied as the Xperia Play to the Google Pixels. It costs only € 3.99 and its development is open source.

An important fact is that for this app you will require the BIOS from the console. You must place it in the same folder as the video game files. Displays a list of the most recent games, saved games, and more. Because of this Neo.emu it becomes a good option if you want to ensure excellent quality with a minimum payment.


If you are looking for a versatile and free option, then go for Retroarch. The truth is that, although it is not exclusive to Neo Geo does the job because it has many advanced features to emulate the interface of old consoles. On the other hand, It suits you if you have different devices where you want to project, since it is multiplatform.

Like Neo.emu is an open source software that is always in continuous improvement by developers. You can choose to download it from the Play store safely. This will help you also for Atari, MAME, DOS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Super Nintendo and more. Although it does not come with any pre-installed games, it is easy to configure the files once downloaded.


It is oriented to Neo Geo Pocket Color emulation par excellence, which will make it a versatile tool. You should know that it is a paid app, but affordable, it works well with a horizontal or vertical orientation, an advantage in terms of gameplay. What’s more, supports RAR, 7Z and ZIP archives. You can configure the touch controls quickly and easily, in addition, it includes a keyboard or gamepad support with Bluetooth technology.



Were you wondering if MAME4droid would work for you in this case? The truth is that yes, but in another way. If you don’t know him yet, MAME4droid is an app that simulates arcade machines using traditional software technology (MAME for PC). So if the world of retro gamers attracts you, you will have to know this emulator.

It only works with dual-core Android devices, although you should keep in mind that even the highest-end models cannot run at full speed. This is a limitation to consider. Even so, it has support for more than 8,000 different proven games. In this app you have to test the games by trial and error to see how well they run.

The best Neo Geo games that you can download to play on your new Android emulator

Once you already have the emulator downloaded it’s time to choose the best games to use them on your Android mobile.

Do not miss the next list:

Samurai Shodown II

Do you like the time of the Japanese samurai? What about recreational fighting games? Well then don’t forget how good it was Samurai Shodown II And if you never had the opportunity to enjoy it, we will tell you that it was one of the most realistic fighting games among the Japanese. The designs are magnificent and not to mention its combat system.

Each character was quite different from one another, from huge monsters to men with wolves. You will entertain yourself for hours earning points and consecutive victories. Compared to its first installment improved movements, offensive blocking techniques and hidden players. It doesn’t matter if you choose Kuroko, Cham Cham or the classic Tam Tam dare to get it.

Neo Turf Masters

Neo Turf Masters

Perhaps with the advancement of video games, golf could seem a bit boring, however, for fans of retro there is Neo Turf Masters. Its graphics of the field are quite realistic if we talk about the rest of the sports games. It was to be expected, since it comes from the same creators of Metal slug, considered as “pure gold” for recreational lovers.

If you choose it, you will have to choose between different game modes by strokes, for one, for two or by games. Along with this you have to choose at least 6 avatars with various attributes for golf. These will compete in fields located around the world; in the United States, Germany or Australia. Here you will have a click for power, another for height combining the hook and the cut of the shot.

Metal slug

Another alternative to release the emulator is the Precious Metal Slug or Metaru Suraggu in its original name. Such a video game brings the Arcade into our hands in an unforgettable Run and Gun world. Although today you can have the most current version for Android Metal Slug Attack, why not start with the one that gave life to everything?

You will be captivated by their sense of humor as you progress through games with the Peregrine Falcons. The best thing is that in this saga you have several games to choose from that follow the same thread. Although it revived the classic 2-dimensional style, its quality is not typical. Explosions, large-scale shooting, helicopters and weaponry they will make you feel in a real war zone.

The Last Blade 2

The Last Blade 2

From the same hand of Metal Slug SNK together with other developers launched in 1998 The Last Blade 2 (The last sword 2). This game consists of a fighting tournament with weapons with very good attention to detail, its plot is torn between a duel between life and death. As you see, If you want to be among messengers, warriors and captains who fight with swords, this is your ideal game.

The credits and the soundtrack will actually transport you to a mystical world, different oriental scenarios on the shores of lakes, sunsets and crowded places will be the most recurrent. But if what you care about is the gameplay has new attacks for the time, as some players do not need swords, but instead use fans, mallets, and so on. A 2D fight that deserves to be emulated.

Sengoku 3

Finally, a good proposal is Sengoku 3 in the side scrolling samurai world. This belonged to the Noise Factory company, which also produced Sengoku 1 and 2. In this installment it is possible to decide between 7 game characters. Each protagonist possesses his own combat abilities. In addition, you must fight against immortal evil spirits.

Although it is at the end, this title was highly praised by critics in its time. With a very good playability beat ’em and one impressive visual quality. This is why it becomes a good decision to have it on your mobile with your Neo Geo emulator to pass the time. Now you will be able to have all those hours of fun that you could not enjoy as a child.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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