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Gmail is currently one of email services most popular and used worldwide, this is largely due to all the features and functions it offers.

However, if you are starting to use it, you probably do not know all its options or how to access them all. your folders, one of the most important is the paper bin, especially when it comes to retrieve messages.

This is how here we are going to explain how access the recycle bin Y retrieve messages that you have accidentally deleted, to do this, follow everything that we will explain below in the post.

What is the Gmail trash and what is this folder for on the platform?

The Gmail Trash It is just another folder on the platform, but where all those messages that you have deleted will be deposited, either from the spam messages or from the inbox. This means, as its name indicates, that is where everything that is no longer useful or does not interest you is deposited. Despite Gmail offers a large amount of storage where you can have thousands of emails in the inbox It is always good to eliminate everything that does not work.

When you delete any message you have there, it will automatically go to the trash where it will last 30 days to be completely removed. Therefore, if you have deleted an email by mistake, you will have the opportunity to recover it in the course of those 30 days in a very simple way. You can also access these messages while they appear in the trash can. In this way you can say that it is a folder where all the emails that you delete from your inbox or spam.

Learn step by step how to view and use the Google Gmail email recycle bin quickly and easily

If you are starting to take your first steps in Gmail you surely don’t know how to use all your functions or access all your folders, but the truth of all this is that it is quite easy to access the Recycle Bin. If you have previously used email services such as those of Outlook, then you should know that there are not many differences in these steps.

To do this, follow in detail each of the steps that we are going to indicate below:

Access the trash

The first step is access the Gmail recycle bin, for this you simply have to go to your web browser trust and enter the platform Gmail. Once there you will have to enter your access credentials to access your inbox.

When you are already in your inbox on the left side of your screen you will find an options menu. As you can see there are some of the folders that the email server offers you, in this case you must click on the item “Paper bin”, this way you will be able to access there.

Access the trash

Clicking there will load a new page on the screen where you will be able to find all the messages you have deleted of your mail during the last 30 daysKeep in mind that you can access any of the messages that appear there.

Restore message from trash

When you find yourself inside the recycle bin folder you will have the opportunity to restore messages you want from there. This is a very useful option for most people, since in many cases some of them end up being eliminated. error messages, so it becomes an alternative to recover them.

Therefore, to restore the message from the trash you will have to follow these steps:

  • Once you are inside the trash can you must select the message What do you want restore, To do this, select the box that appears on the left side of it.

Restore message from trash

  • When it has been selected, several options will appear at the top of your screen, there you must select the folder of “Move to”. When you select it, a new menu will open where you can select some of the folders that appear there or, if you can’t find it, simply use the search engine. In this case, “Received” In this way, said message will reappear in the received folder or inbox as it is also known.

Restore message from trash

Delete message

And finally, if you are doing a cleaning in your e-mail and you want to completely remove all those spam messages that come to you and all the messages that you are not interested in or no longer have value for you, then you will also be able to delete them from the recycle bin.

To do this, you must follow each of these steps:

  • As in the previous case you will have to check the box that appears on the left side of the message you want completely remove.
  • After you have marked it at the top, several options will appear, in this case you must select “Delete permanently.”

Delete message

  • When selected, the message is will delete immediately and at the bottom of your screen a pop-up notice indicating that the message has been successfully removed. In this way you can erase all those messages that you do not want to have there.

Is it possible to permanently delete an email from my Gmail account?

Despite Gmail allows users to permanently delete a message As explained in the previous section, the truth of all this is that it can be said that if it is permanently eliminated in your e-mail, but the truth of all is that said email will continue to appear in Google servers.

Hence it can be said that if it is permanently eliminated, but at the same time not. The fact is that this message will no longer appear in your inbox, so you can be completely calm in case you delete a message that you don’t want to appear there again.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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