Activate and Deactivate Google Meet in Gmail  Detailed Guide ▷ 2021

Google Meet is one of the most popular and useful functions of Google, since it integrates with other of its applications such as Gmail and Google Chat, thus they form a very complete teleworking suite.

Nevertheless, not all users use the work functions and there are those who definitely do not need the Meet application for video conferencing, choosing to use most widely used applications such as WhatsApp or Zoom.

If you belong to this category, and you don’t want the Meet feature to take up space in your inbox, then read on and learn how to disable this access, so that you occupy only the necessary space in your interface Gmail.

What Google Meet features are available from the Gmail interface on the web?

Meet button in the Gmail application

There is a considerable number of apps credited to Meet from your access through Gmail. This is because is a Google application designed for work team communication.

Among its best features we can mention:

  • The ability to run stably thanks to its robust and well-built platform, which offers a high-quality video image within the capabilities of the network being used.
  • It has a useful function of opening a new window, which allows the user to modify the size of the video call screen according to their needs, to focus your attention on other tasks in case it is required.
  • Allows the creation of chat rooms for a group up to 16 people for a video call in your free option, and up to 49 people in the mosaic mode of its paid version.
  • It has a optimal quality of individual video calls.
  • Provides the user high quality sound.
  • Owns a clear video image.
  • Presents a Simple controls interface and to the point, without too many control buttons.
  • Allows the user share browser sales with other room members, allowing a quick exchange of information with the other members of the meeting.
  • It has a convenient compatibility with Google Calendar, Through which it is possible to schedule meetings and share common work group events.

However, being a service designed for teleworking, Gmail is more geared towards video conferencing, so that is where its quality shines, presenting itself as one of the best options for companies managed remotely.

Learn step by step how to activate and deactivate Google Meet in Gmail quickly and easily

Regardless of all its functions, the fact is that there will always be users who opt for other videoconferencing services for their workgroups, or that they do not use Gmail as a work tool. For these cases, it is very common for the access to Meet in the Gmail sidebar to become a wasted space.

If this is your case, then right now we will show you how to remove the Meet function through the settings screen:

In the browser

The most common use of Meet is through the web portal of Gmail, and to remove this access we must enter the mail settings.

The procedure is the next:

  • Open Gmail in your browser.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • click about icon gear on the top bar.
  • Press upon “See all settings.”

General settings on the Gmail website

  • Enters to the tab “Chat and Meet”.
  • Locates the last category, labeled as “Meet”.

Meet settings on the Gmail web

  • Mark the option “Hide Meet section in main menu”.
  • Click on “Save Changes”.

Once done, go back to your inbox and open the main menu. You will be able to verify that the access to Meet, labeled as “Get together”, has been removed from the menu.

On Android and iOS

In the mobile app of Gmail it is possible to use the Meet function as a kind of chat room, although since it does not have an independent window as in its web version, it is certainly a bit more limiting.

If you want to disable the video conferencing function in the Gmail mobile app, just follow these steps:

  • Opens your app Gmail
  • Press on the main menu, marked as three lines that are next to the search bar, in the top left-hand corner.

Gmail settings on Android

  • Slide down and into “Setting”.
  • Choose your Gmail account.

Gmail settings on Android

  • Slide down until you find the section labeled as “Get together”.

Meet options in Gmail for Android

  • Uncheck the box “Show Meet tab for video calls.”

As soon as you have unchecked the box, the application is will restart automatically. As soon as you do, you will be returned to the main menu, where you can see that the button labeled as “Meetup” has disappeared from the Gmail stock dock. If you want to reverse this action, repeat the procedure by checking the box again. Doing so will restart the application and the Meet button will once again be enabled for video calling.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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