AMAZON  How does the E-Commerce Monster work? ▷ 2020

Amazon is an American company that is dedicated to the sale of various products online. While it was not the first brand in sell assets online, is currently the maximum reference of ecommerce worldwide, with billions of customers around the planet.

Amazon’s growth is endless, and currently they are not limited solely to the sale of products over the Internet, but it has a series of completely diversified services that go from the distribution of ebooks, to television on demand and much more. This makes it one of the most valuable American companies.

Amazon is a company created by Jeff Bezos and that had its origins in 1994 as an online library. In a short time, due to the success and acceptance of the public, it began to incorporate a wide variety of products that could be delivered directly to the buyer’s home.

Amazon Inc. What was the origin, evolution and history of the Internet ecommerce monster?

Amazon Official Logo

The history of Amazon is linked to that of its founder, Jeff Bezos. In the early 1990s, he worked at a successful Wall Street firm called OF Shaw & Co. It was his ambition that led him to move to Seattle in 1994 to found Cadabra and thus own his own company. That same year he also bought the domain, which would be dedicated to the sale of various third-party products.

However, to Bezos’s closest friends, both Cadabra and Relentless sounded too macabre, so he decided to change the name of the company and the web to Amazon in 1995. This new name he chose after a couple of hours reading a dictionary, and according to his own words he chose it because “the Amazon is an exotic and different place“, characteristics that he wanted for his project.

Amazon's First Website

The first five years after its creation the company went almost unnoticed by the rest of the world, although in the United States it had achieved several thousand loyal customers who bought monthly on its site, which was mainly dedicated to Ingram book sale.

These first years were difficult, since the project did not generate basically any return on investment, which caused a lot of trouble for Bezosas many shareholders left the company disappointed. But everything changed with the arrival of the new millennium, because between 2000 and 2010 managed to increase these figures to 30 million buyers worldwide, which made it literally become the most powerful ecommerce in the world.

In 2010 Bezos decided to give his company a more solid image, establishing a logo that would convey a message and connect with the public, and a marketing strategy that would give it international recognition. Currently, everyone recognizes the curved arrow in the shape of a smile stamped on all boxes of products purchased on Amazon.

The beginnings of Amazon

For 2015Those who had decided to sell their shares in the late 90’s were sorry because Amazon was one of the most valuable companies on the American stock market. They no longer only sold products on the internet, but it would also diversify to offer streaming television services, music, books in digital format and it would even begin to develop its own audiovisual content production company.

Nowadays, Amazon is the undisputed king of e-commerce, with a business model replicated around the world (Aliexpress, Alibaba, Gearbest and a long etcetera), and growth expectations that will surely fall short over the years.

What services and products does Amazon offer for buyers and sellers?

All Amazon services

It is difficult to think that a company that started selling books online It has grown so much, but in more than 25 years it can grow a lot. Currently Amazon has a series of products that go beyond those sold in its ecommerce.

Prime Video

This is the Amazon TV Streaming service. In it you will be able to see all kinds of serials and films of all kinds, including those produced exclusively by the company, which you can only see if you are subscribed to this service. The advantage over others is its cost, which is much lower than most.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant, which is integrated with the Echo smart speakers, which can connect with other devices to be directed from this. With this you can control refrigerators, televisions, air conditioning equipment, the kitchen and even the lights in your house (as long as they are intelligent) from a single hardware.

Amazon Echo

Echo is a line of amazon smart speakers which can be used to control other devices through Alexa, the voice assistant of the same company. This comes integrated to answer questions and to reproduce music, in addition to a series of 7 sound sensors.

Amazon Music

This is the Amazon’s music streaming service. From this cloud library you will be able to listen to the songs of your favorite artists, both the classics and the most current ones from the most reputable lists in the world.

Amazon Fire TV

This is the tv box device with which you can access the Prime Video content in an easy and fast way, so that you can view it in a big way from your SmartTV. Plus, you can sync it with other devices like Echo speakers, to maximize your user experience to another level. You can also use it to watch videos from other platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo or Twich.

Amazon Kindle Fire

This are a series of Tablets used especially for reading Amazon Kindle books. They are very cheap, and you can connect them to the cloud so that you have access to all the books that you purchase from the company’s library of copies, as well as other books that you have downloaded.

Amazon Kindle

This is the Amazon digital library in which you can find millions of digital books ready for download. It has a large database in which you can find both free and paid books.

Amazon Cloud Drive

This is the service Amazon cloud storage in which you can save all kinds of important files and documents to back them up and make sure they won’t be deleted in the event of a software or hardware error. By registering you get 5GB of free space, to get more you must pay a monthly subscription.

Live Internet broadcasts, streamings, what it offers Twitch. He was born several years later, in 2011, but his success is undeniable. An open platform, in which any user can register for free to broadcast what they want, although central focus look directly at the gaming industry.

Amazon Business Investments and Acquisitions

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