Avoid SPAM Folder in Outlook  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

For creators of advertising campaigns, through the Outlook email it is fatal that frequently your messages end up being retained in the spam folder. When there is no effectiveness in the emails, the task becomes a nightmare and causes a lot of concern.

It is there where the investigation process begins to see what are the possible causes for which an email is not seen. And to tell the truth, there is no magic solution to this problem nor is there a specific manual tell you what configuration you must apply for prevent Outlook from classifying your messages as junk.

What exist are measures that can be taken to try to prevent a blockage. And in this course that we begin, you will learn how important it is to prevent emails from ending up in the spam tray and you will learn specific tips that you must do so that email messages are successful and fulfill their mission.

What are the factors that determine if an email is SPAM or not?

Many studies reveal that email offers motivate users to purchase a product and a high percentage of them are influenced to make a final decision. However, it is estimated that a 20% of messages sent through campaigns, they don’t end up in your inbox.

Some of the reasons that prevent it are described below:

Many attachments

Attach files from Outlook web

The system interprets that it could be malware or abusive use of advertising to fill the recipient’s inboxes, compromising their privacy and security. If the messages you send contain a lot of images, videos or text files, you must rethink the strategy and use a method that is less suspicious.

IP address is blacklisted

This penalty occurs when a marketing service is used to create campaigns. If at any time the address was used to send emails classified as junk, it is very possible that it is already marked with a predefined filter. Another cause is that the IP address is shared and other users use it for different purposes. There the provider can make their deduction that you also send spam emails.

Misconfigured email

Create signatures in Outllok

All important account information must be properly configured, which includes having a correct corporate identity. This will help build trust with customers and potential buyers who will reliably view the address. If there is incomplete data, this can affect the credibility of the information, leading to Outlook blocks it and never appears in the inbox.

Inappropriate words

With the intelligent detection performed by the filters, these They are configured to automatically determine the quality of an email. Some expressions like “click” or “see this promotion” they may already be blacklisted. Perhaps the intention is to tell a friend that through a certain link you can get an offer for any product, but the supplier does not see it that way and immediately blocks it.

Dubious links

After writing an email, we may want to include a link to a web page to complement the information we are providing. The problem is that If the site is insecure or does not have sufficient levels of security, Outlook considers it suspicious and blocks it. In one of these links malware or hacker attack can be included, which is immediately detected. Before placing a link, you must be sure that the information does not represent any risk to another person.

Why is it important to avoid the SPAM tray?

Mark mail as spam in Outlook

Not necessarily all emails that end up in the spam folder are. And if you work on an emailing campaign, When a message is classified as spam, you are throwing that money awayAs it will not be seen in the inbox so it will never achieve the objective of promotion and information in the selected recipients.

On the other hand, your brand reputation will suffer, giving a very bad perception among the contacts and generating mistrust. And finally, acceptance levels will drop, which will decrease your database and the metric statistics will fall, decreasing the chances of attracting new leads.

What are the protocols and services that influence mailing?

The tools below They are an indispensable part in the development of email marketing campaigns, technologies that help emails to be sent successfully.

Let’s see:

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Protocols to prevent emails from being spam

The acronym ESP translated into Spanish means “Email service provider” and it arose with the need to complement email marketing work. They go beyond what traditional mailboxes offer, allowing mass mailing of messages.

One of the needs it covers is that free mailboxes have a limitation on the amount that can be sent every 24 hoursIn addition to segmenting contacts, providing tools to make campaigns attractive with real follow-up.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISPs, for their part, are internet service providers. It is the company that offers the assistance and to which you have to pay a fee depending on your plans. In the same country there may be several distributors that meet the demands of the market. Technologies used by ISPs include DSL, also known as broadband or GSM, to name just two. The variety of services is greater or less depending on the area and the advances in the installation of networks that each provider has.

Web Based Email Services (WES)

Web Based Email Services WES Protocol

Finally, you have the WES which is a server that allows access to the email account and use it through a web browser. Among the main ones we name Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo! Normally, free accounts are not the most suitable for commercial purposes because of the limitations they place. Through the browser, you can, once logged in, read and reply to messages from any computer that has an internet connection no matter where you are.

Tips to prevent emails from your emailing campaigns from going to the SPAM folder

In the following paragraphs, you will find some valuable tips and advice that will prevent the time invested in your campaigns from being wasted, so that you can captivate your audience and expand your contact database.

Let’s see next:

Beware of abusing images

Avoid emails with images in Outlook

Carefully select the amount of images that you are going to put in your emails. Many times, these are used to hide information and as their use is excessive, the server could interpret it as an alert signal. It is better to be punctual and accurate. On the other hand, it is convenient be careful when using link shorteners. It is true that the link looks much simpler and more attractive, but behind some services there are hundreds of advertisements and pages that lack security.

Use your own domain

At the beginning of a venture, you can choose a free, common and current email address. But as you grow, the most sensible thing is to hire a paid service that identifies with your brand, that is related to your web domain and is personalized. This conveys trust, seriousness, respect and raise the reputationApart from the fact that it is much more professional. When a trade name is followed by the termination Outlook.com or Gmail.com generates suspicion and is blocked from the inbox.

Grow your lists with your own effort

Do honest and team work

When trying to reach a greater number of people, you can fall into the trap of buying email lists And that’s a bad idea, since most of the contacts you will have on hand are probably neither waiting for your messages nor interested in your content so a filter will be applied to the message.

Another risk you run is that the messages are not even opened because they are considered suspicious. Finally, the databases that are purchased allow you to be easily identified as a person dedicated to sending spam.

Compose the email correctly

Spelling and grammar is extremely important. But here we also refer to the subject that you must include in the messages. It must be written with the appropriate letters, not only in capital letters because in written language like that, it translates into shouting.

Do not abuse the exclamation and question marks, only use the necessary ones. And say goodbye to words like offer, discount, buy now, guaranteed, free or any other similar. These criteria will avoid that, if you reach the inbox, your readers will classify you as spam.

Include contact details

It is important to create a contact card or signature for sent emails. Recipients must know who is writing to them and what your intentions are. Invite them to reply and also include you in the contact list. Deleting comments is a suspicious attitude. It is advisable do not start bulk email campaigns with newly created emails nor with free accounts.

Nor should you send to addresses that do not exist just to expand the list of contacts. The best is be honest with yourself and the audience you are starting to create. The above are five basic tips to take into account to prevent going directly to the spam tray, without even having the opportunity for your contacts to review your message. They are techniques that by using them you will perfect them and you will do it every day in a more professional way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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