Billie Eilish’s name is closely linked to that of Apple. Since the artist won the Music Apple Awards, the figure of this peculiar girl has appeared on the reverse of the company, several times more. Has participated on a live broadcast from the Steve Jobs Theater for Apple Music and He also participated in the Music Lab sessions “Today at Apple”. Now, a documentary about her, will be seen on Apple TV at the same time as in theaters, early next year.

The documentary to be called Billie Eilish “The world is a little blurry” which details the artist’s life by focusing on one moment in her life, right after the release of her album “When we all fall asleep, where are we going?” in 2019. It turns out that it is also the singer’s debut album, so the documentary is about a recent period in the life of the already young artist.

We already announced in December that a documentary about this character was being forged and that Apple would have acquired the rights for a price of $ 25 million. We can see the documentary on Apple TV + as of February 2021 coinciding with his theatrical debut. We will then have a simultaneous premiere of this footage directed by the award-winning filmmaker RJ Cutler.

We will be waiting for the news that may appear Regarding this new Apple production, we expect it to follow the company’s quality line in relation to the company’s online entertainment division. In February we will have the answer and see if it was worth telling the story of this artist who has just entered our lives.