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Create a brand It is not a simple task, it requires different aspects that must be taken into account to convey the spirit of the product or service that you want to offer.

For this it is necessary to use branding. It is a marketing technique used in the creation of brands and in which there are different types that we will analyze below.

But this is not all. We will also talk about the essential elements and components to create a good brand, as well as the visual notions that you must take into account when choosing a brand.

What is branding and what is it for in the world of marketing?

What is branding and what is it for in the world of marketing?

Branding is the technique by which strategic procedures are established to create a brand and its logo. In this way, psychological recognition by the people who make up the target market is achieved as a result.

If we have to talk about digital branding the goal in this case is to create subconscious affiliations between users and the products offered by Internet. For this it is necessary to start different procedures that will be applied in different digital fields to achieve the objectives.

Types of branding How are the different ways of branding classified?

Types of branding How are the different ways of branding classified?

There are different types of branding, which we will analyze below:


We will start with the most important branding of all and it is the technique that use companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For this they carry out marketing actions that refer to the intrinsic value that the brand can have. In this case it is necessary to exploit the intangible assets that the company has.

For example:

  • Years of antiguaty in the market.
  • Consumer response before certain articles.
  • Record related to corporate social responsibility.
  • Any other business key intangible that increases the value of the brand.


Something we had advanced before, digital branding is one that focuses on the relationships between users and the brand to become increasingly closer. In other words, it is necessary to ensure that people consume products or services not only because of their quality, but also because of who offers them.

To accomplish this difficult task It is necessary to establish different techniques that will be implemented through content marketing social networks. Search engines, blogs, and any other streaming activity that helps build the brand will also be necessary.


Among experts this technique is known as “Brand activism” or “Brand activism”, which consists of create strategies necessary for the company to get involved in problems of society. In this way, value is added to the brand, since people begin to associate the brand with humanitarian issues, which is why a fairly large empathy is generated.


Not only can you build a brand in companies or companies, but you can also create a favorable image of a person. This seeks to generate confidence in the market and thus establish a certain connection between the brand used by that person and consumers. To achieve this it is necessary to project the image by different means, being the most used social networks and networking.


It is related to the previous branding, but it is focused on people who carry out political activities. With this It is intended that the people who will choose a candidate perceive a positive image and skills that are necessary for public office.


It is one of the oldest and most efficient marketing techniques that exist. To achieve consumer loyalty it is necessary to advance on their emotions through experiences they have lived. The tools used in this case are aimed at display advertisements or advertisements that create happy, melancholic, friendship and even sad stories. The results obtained are almost immediate when doing this type of branding.

For country

Although it may not seem true countries also use the creation of brands so that they can gain the trust of investors, tourists and also the inhabitants. To achieve this, techniques that are related to the environment, economic reputations, human rights and any other factor of freedom must be used. This technique is also known as “Country Branding”.

Elements of branding What are the essential components to create a brand?

Elements of branding What are the essential components to create a brand?

The branding generates an intrinsic value to a brand, which is established by physical and intangible components. We all know that the Coca Cola, Ford or Apple brands are one of the most expensive there is, since they have billions of dollars in their valuation. This is due in principle to all the types of branding that they put into practice during all these years to get to this point. To understand a little more why a brand has greater value than others it is necessary to analyze the equity structure of the company.

With this it will be achieved determine assets and liabilities, which will help to know the availabilities and exchange goods that you have available and all the financial and economic commitments that you present in the short and long term. But this is not all, It is also convenient to take into account the results obtained in the last years to be able to determine an accurate confidence about what the company is. This will make the amounts obtained generate more appreciation.

So far we have seen all the physical factors, so now do not forget about intangible values. These are the more difficult to determine and it is where the branding activities that the company has been carrying out act. Among these elements is the empathy that exists between consumer and the products sold (or the services provided) by the company. It is also necessary to take into account the level of competitors in the market and why one product differs from another.

In turn, within the brand component are all the Marketing campaings that the organization has been doing to achieve obtain as a result that the brand is fixed in the subconscious of people. In this part the organizational culture of the company comes into play.

Finally, it would be necessary to analyze the business model that has the brand. With this you want to know if you perform Legal activities or there are records in which there were acts that had to go through social justice or were morally condemned by society. With all this, we can summarize that the essential components to create a brand are your assets, liabilities, financial results and any intangible items that involves customers and society.

Why is it important to have good branding to stand out in the market?

Branding is what differentiates a brand from the rest of the competitors that exist in the same market niche. In other words, why should you buy one product over the other if they both have the same characteristics and meet the same satisfactions in the results. The answer would be because one brand generates more trust than another. For example, in sports shoes it is not the same to buy a Nike or Adidas product than one that is from the brand .

Visual elements of a brand What are part of branding?

Visual elements of a brand What are part of branding?

The visual elements that a brand has are:

  • Logo, also known as a logo. It is a representation graph of the brand that many times coincides with the name of the brand. I know characterized by having simple designs, from a small to normal size in relation to other components of the brand, being the most important of everything from being impressive so that it is not forgotten by consumers.
  • The main function of the logo is that it should convey a message with only a graphic representation. Therefore, it is necessary to have strategic decisions in communication so that society can interpret, through semiology, what the graph means.
  • By last, the logo it should represent at a glance the activity in which the company is engaged.
  • Colors. This element can be the most important trigger in a brand, since it is responsible for the perception that the people. In other words, the tonality chosen must represent what the brand wants to convey. For this it is necessary that the consumer feels emotions every time they look at the brand.
  • Inside the chromatic palette that can be found, we can take as an example the use of red to highlight a feeling of desire, strength or passion. We can also mention purple as something related to luxury and sophistication.
  • The typeface or shape of the letters is another of the visual components that make up a brand. This point is one of the most difficult to solve because any type of font can be used to make the user identify that font with the brand in a few seconds.
  • To get good results you need to follow some basic graphic design tips. For example, the background it must always be as clear as possible and have a space that can be perceived between one letter and another. In turn, it must prevent the mark from being overloaded, so it is necessary to use geometry techniques.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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