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Did you know that prehistory ends with the appearance of writing? So is. The story begins around 3800 BC. Y since then it has only evolved. Since the hieroglyphs until the messages of WhatsApp.

But before getting to that, it underwent various changes in the supports. The printing press, the typewriter and computers. And that difference more to these last two that he monitor. This item it has changed the way of writing and of connecting with digital.

It is unthinkable to imagine the Internet and everything related to computers without the presence of this hardware. To learn more about it, understand how it works and thus make a better acquisition, we recommend this post.

What is a computer monitor and what is this hardware for?

What is a computer monitor and what is this hardware for?

It is a device designed to show in a visual and updated way the information of the processes that occur in the computer through the interface. That is to say, the data that the system converts into visual information. Also known as screen, not to be confused with a TV especially today, where the differences are minor. Both devices are designed for different purposes and therefore they have different characteristics. Until a while ago, the distance between monitors and TV was quite explicit.

The resolution, design and types of connections were different. However, in both now use high definition connections and even look quite alike in shape. But The truth is that the monitors are manufactured to represent the colors as close as possible to the real ones while televisions enhance them to generate greater attraction. Another difference is response time, that is, the speed at which the pixels are updated. This is far superior for computer devices.

In turn the Rate or VRR is very high on the monitors, it is also one of the factors that can define the quality and price of a product. Although it is estimated that manufacturers associated with these technologies are working on the Smart tv. One of the reasons for this is the number of people who use the TV exclusively for video game consoles.

History and Evolution How have computer monitors changed over the years?

History and Evolution How have computer monitors changed over the years?

like the History and the Prehistory the timeline of the monitors It is divided in two. The technology Cathode ray tube CRT and those of flat screen. The first MDA appeared in 1981 they were monochromatic, that is, they only showed one color. They were designed for text interfaces of the time. Soon the CGA they already had one chromatic scale thanks to an integrated graphics card.

In the year 1984 IBM develops the EGA monitor that supports up 16 different colors and a better resolution with respect to its predecessors. Back in 1987 IBM brings to the market monitors with Connection Vga (Video Graphics Array) with display capability 256 colors and a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. At present, many screens and devices have this type of connectors, although updated, admitting 1024 x 768 resolution.

The next generation of computer monitors lacked tube and they worked entirely on the basis of Electronic components. The first exponent of these new devices was the plasma screen who worked with tiny fluorescent lights that made up each pixel. They offered a high brightness and definition, although they were expensive and they consumed quite a lot of electrical energy. The LCD liquid crystal displays They are the most used today, both on monitors, televisions and mobile devices.

They consume very little and transmit qualities in Full HD. The monitors LED Are composed of diodes of this same technology. And they sub divide into OLED, AMOLED and Super AMOLED. The latter integrates touch detection on the screen. In addition, they are brighter and reflect less external lights. The latest news regarding this hardware, we can mention not only the curved screens but at flexible. There are several devices that already offer this capacity and it won’t take long to reach PC monitors.

What are the main errors or failures related to the monitor and their possible solutions?

What are the main errors or failures related to the monitor and their possible solutions?

We always recommend that in case of any failure you contact a specialist or in case of being new with the manufacturer or seller. However, there are some problems who have a simple solution and what can you perform yourself. When purchasing a new display, check before connecting that the voltages of this and of the electrical installation are equal. Just as the connector (VGA, HDMI, DVI) match the port of the computer.

In this sense, if you have an additional video card, make sure to connect the cable to it. Since, otherwise, the screen will appear as offline. If you see that the monitor It does not turn on, even when you press the power button, it confirms that the system is not in hibernation or sleep state. To do this, just press the key “Enter” on the keyboard.

If you notice unwanted distortion or lines when you are using it, make sure the cables are properly secured. Another possible cause may be a interference with another device. The multiple connections to the same electrical current outlet they usually cause this type of problems. If you add a second monitor to the computer you may find that, when moving the cursor from one to the other, don’t match on the same line. This is because they are not calibrated.

Many graphics card softwares they fix this problem automatically if they are identical models. Otherwise enter the Windows display settings and move one of them to the correct height. Spots on the screen. This is a common drawback in tube monitors. If you still use this type of technology, the best thing is that away speakers or any other type of magnets. It may eventually return to normal.

The above problem does not affect flat screens. But nevertheless, LED monitors can suffer from dead pixels. This is usually due to the time of use. Unfortunately, it only remains to take it to a specialist.

In the LCD screens ghosts exist. It is not a paranormal activity but a prolonged use. It usually happens when one or more pixels show the same color for a long time, that is, a still image. They remain visible even when we change it. This is less common on better quality devices.

List of the best computer monitor manufacturers you should know

List of the best computer monitor manufacturers you should know

To avoid the latter and many other inconveniences, it is best to buy good quality monitors. In this way, they are more likely to give us a better image and last longer. Also, they are not always the most expensive.

Let’s see the best monitor manufacturers below:


It is a Asian company that since 1989 offers monitors and another type of technology to the whole world. Its high-end products are preferred by gamers given its high quality and speed compared to high definition and fps.


The Asus main competition as for monitors. However, it is considered the best option in terms of price-quality ratio. Most of their products are LCD which offers very good performance and image fidelity.


Is the second best-selling monitor brand in the world. This position has been achieved thanks to 4K products including sizes up to 34 inches whose color accuracy is incredible. It is a great alternative as long as you have a large desk where it fits.


Is a manufacturer of screens for monitors and televisions Taiwanese. Both products are of the highest quality. The most innovative being the curved 4K. Which will make it unnecessary to add more devices to your computer.


In this position we find a manufacturer outside of Asia. It is a brand American what is considered the world’s largest monitor screen supplier. In addition, they offer a type of technology called IPS with which it is possible view the monitor from almost any angle without losing quality.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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