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The technology is very extensive and has evolved over time. Today we are going to talk a little about the subject of data storage devices and their transformations to this day. There are several types and classes of these tools, which can be found in the market and allow you save each of the data you need.

However, there are also secondary storage units where the information that is needed is stored inside. Such is the case of memory cards, pendrives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays.

That is why when you need to store your computer data you can use these options, which are essential elements today, because they are being updated more and more. for the user to protect any project or activity you run, as well as its files.

What is a computer storage device and what is it for?


Storage devices are capable of transcribe and save information in order to store it. Motivated by the large portion of information that users currently handle, storage devices are as fundamental or almost the same as a computer.

These devices are those by which any type of data is stored in a memory, making the exchange of information easier, as well as its distribution in any type of equipment that you have. Likewise, they are instruments that provide security when saving data.

It is then that through these devices you can perform different types of functions and apart from using each of the benefits they provide to protect the data or programs temporarily and even permanently. Reason is why can be used with media that perform this same function.

This way of saving data has always been present in the world of technology, since man has always liked to store his files so that future generations can use them.

Giving information to others is to eternalize history as well as people’s experiences, which is why data warehouses have always existed, which is why this has played a fundamental role throughout the history of technology. In that sense, it is undeniable that it is one of the keys to computer development, making things last in time.

What are the main types of storage devices in computing?

Analyze HHD or SSD hard drive

These storage media are essential in computing, since, as mentioned above, they help to save data from the files that you consider are important to you. It should be noted that the same can be stored by users or by an application. That is why you must know the different types, so that you can select the most suitable for you.


It is one of the oldest devices and one that users have used in abundance. Their great benefit is that with them a large amount of information can be stored in just a small volume.

Likewise, this protection is executed through “magnetic dipoles” that lie on the surface, being the most used and even more so called external hard drive.

This type of device is one of the most widely used today, as they allow a large part of the information to be managed. Which means that you can have a lot of information in a very small physical space.


This device is used to save multimedia files, such as: videos, songs or photos. Likewise, are used to save programs and applications and even games. Said data is stored by means of a laser beam that has a high precision.

Within these devices we can find:

  • DVD
  • CD
  • DVD-RW
  • Blu-ray
  • CD ROM
  • CD-RW

These devices store a lot of information and are used by users constantly, since they can be easily found in any store where they sell electronic devices. Apart from storing movies, music and images, they are also used for store computer programs.

On the other hand, this type of device performs its reading through a storage medium with a laser beam, where the surface is stored by means of microscopic trenches that project the laser in different directions. Your information is represented by bits.


It is a new way of storing information, where use electronic circuits that store the information. They can be obtained through a pendrive or memory cards, which are widely used by users for different purposes.

They are easy to use so they are very popular, although we must say that they have a somewhat limited storage capacity for being a small device.

They are generally used in computers, digital cameras and mobile phones. They are known by the name of SSD (Solid State Drive).

These have no moving parts, because they are only composed of electronic circuits that do not need to be mobilized in order to record or read the information.

How discs work How is data stored on them?

A computer is used to be able to store the data of the files in “clusters” that are in the HDD. This is a part that has a circular shape and where certain data is found.

The referred data that can be saved in the clusters it will depend on the system operational one. For example, when you have a FAT16 operating system, your cluster is 32 KB; the UNIX has 1 KB of cluster; and the FAT32 it has 32 clusters of 4 KB.

All this will depend on the size of the cluster and the hard disk. But clusters that are small make data archived better.

Generally, when a file is stored in the cluster, it will be the only one stored in that location. That is why the computer keep track of direction of the saved file, making it possible for this to tell the computer where the data is saved.

It is then that if a document is about 2 KB it will be saved in the FAT16 operating system, so it will have 32 KB of space available.

Evolution of computer storage devices What were they like before and how are they now?

What is an SSD (Solid State Drive) and what features does it have?

Data storage has evolved over the years, undergoing very obvious changes to replace those punch cards that were used in the past, so is currently known as cloud storage.

Saving information years ago it was something extremely difficult, since if we wanted to save a photo, video or any type of document that was not so heavy, we had to split the files and save them on multiple floppy disks.

There were some where to save the information it was much more complicatedHowever, today we are lucky that this is behind us.

Computer storage devices have been modified over time, since years ago normally punch cards were used to be able to save the data and even transmit it.

However, this technique began to be used in the 50s, where about 960 b could be saved, by means of card perforations that were represented by zeros (0), as opposed to spaces that were not perforated, which were represented by ones (1).

On the other hand, magnetic tapes were worth 10,000 punch cards, these being able to have an extension of between 2,400 and 4,800 feet, so it could be saved from 5 to 10 MB.

Likewise, we found the floppy disks 5.25 inch, which evolved rapidly due to the fact that users used them constantly because they were portable. These could store about 1.2MB. While 3.5 inch hard drives, were popular due to their laptop mix and long-lasting durability, which could hold about 1.44MB.

Later, at the beginning of the In the 1990s, CDs began to hit the market, where much more data could be stored than a floppy disk. But at the end of those years the ZIP disk appeared, where it could be stored between 100 and 750 MB. Then the flash drives, with which they could store between about 8 MB and 256 GB, being a great development for the technology.

Likewise, the portable hard drives, so that the user could store between 25GB and 4TB, and which were extremely essential to be able to make backups of files that had a large size, such as videos.

Finally, today we have the cloud storage, where any type of information or file can be saved through the cloud.

Currently, practicality is widely used and the number of data that can be stored has been limited. The different types of storages that are in the clouds have made it possible to access our files wherever we are, for which you only need an Internet connection.

This cloud runs remotely, although if you want to have much more space you should look for a paid version, and thus have a unlimited storage.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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