Connect PlayStation to the Internet  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Connect your PlayStation to the Internet It may seem like a simple job, but not all of us are used to doing it, and someone may need help.

Therefore, we have created this post, where we show you how to do it And, of course, we tell you what the benefits of this connection are.

We anticipate that this will be possible in two ways, both wirelessly and by cable. In this magnificent step-by-step explanation guide, you will have both options and you will be the one to choose the method according to your interest.

What are the benefits of connecting your PS4 to the Internet?

One of the basic functions that have the most modern consoles is their Internet connection. Yes, before it was unthinkable but, today, they are one of the many interconnected devices in our homes, such as televisions, speakers and even refrigerators or washing machines.

It is, in fact, a practical necessity, because with this connection we not only have access to the multiplayer mode of the available titles, which is the first thing we could think of, but it is the simplest way with which we can have the firmware of the device up to date (something to which we are already forced) as well as the improvements that are introduced in each video game.

The latest PlayStation model could not be less and it also has this possibility. Multiplayer games are the order of the day, so it is necessary to be able to connect the PS4 to the Internet to play with your friends, even if they are in another city or around the world. But, as we say, it does not all come down to this; there is much more behind it and if you are or are going to be a PS user, you should know everything!

Play with long distance friends

ps4 internet benefits

Once your PS4 is connected to the Internet you can get live the most entertaining adventures of your video games and share them via network connection with players from all over the world.

Yes, it is interesting have a generous connectionWell, you are going to have to download a large number of gigabytes and, if your speed falls short, it can be counterproductive; the titles are more and more demanding and the servers of the best known are usually crashed.

You can connect at the same time as your friends and play with them in cooperative mode although you can also play games against each other, in teams or PvP; all options are available to share a huge number of games with the best company, no matter how many kilometers away you are.

Access more resources in the game

Content is constantly being generated for online video games. So, every so often new worlds, characters or missions appear that can only be achieved when you are connected to the Internet. Of course, and as it happens, for example, with updates to operating systems, problems are also fixed of all kinds, such as bugs or login, to name a couple.

Possibility to buy exclusive games

Online game users have the possibility to purchase extensions of titles accessing only through the Internet the link that the video game itself presents. But they can also be purchased exclusive games presented on the web, with a premium access for PS4 online players as well as access to other types of content available only to those who connect under certain considerations.

So much so that, in fact, you can buy certain games, without there having to be any kind of special situation for it. Simply connecting your PlayStation to the Internet is one of the methods of acquiring titles available. So, you can enjoy them without much effort than pressing a few buttons, without leaving home.

Become part of a community

Undeniably, the options that the brand has been giving as it launched new consoles to the market have meant that, today, there is a whole community of gamers who choose PlayStation to enjoy their free time. This is immense and encompasses much more than we can imagine.

Since add a player that you have found favor with until you consult tricks or guides in forums until hold discussions of any game or general topics, contribute ideas …

Steps to connect your Sony PlayStation to your Internet network to make the most of it

To be able to get a better performance from your game console, you can, as we have been saying, connect it to the Internet. In the case of the Sony PlayStation 4 You can connect in two ways, via WIFI or by cable.

Then, You will see the steps you have to take to be able to connect the console to the network easily and in either of the two available modes:

By Wi-Fi

connect your PlayStation to the Internet via WiFi

It may be that you are interested in making a wireless connection to the Internet through your PS4, as the wireless connection is increasingly common in homes, especially in the case of consoles, which they are usually located far from the router.

This may slow down access to your games a bit (not always much less), but it is not a bad option if you cannot or want to do it by cable or if the titles you usually play are not THAT demanding or, simply, you do not care that your load times are a seconds longer.

The steps you must follow For this to get to enjoy the benefits of this connection are those that appear below:

  • Access the starting screen from your PlayStation 4.
  • Go to the menu “Settings”.
  • Then go to the area “Net”.
  • Find and select the option “Set up Internet connection”.
  • Click on “Use Wifi”.
  • You must choose the way you want the connection to take place.
    • Easy. The PS4 has its own system capable of recognizing any available wireless network and trying to connect automatically based on its characteristics.
      • From here you will be able see all networks that are detected, including, we suppose, yours (exactly the same as happens when you enter the WiFi section of your smartphone).
      • Select yours.
    • Custom. You have to parameterize the following options: IP address, DNS, Proxy, MTU, and DHCP host name.
  • In the event that the WiFi network to which we connect has key, a padlock icon will appear next to your name and we will have to introduce it. This will be found in the router or when contacting the Internet service provider, it is the same that you will have entered on your laptop, on the smartTV or on any other device that you have connected to the same network.
  • If the connection is correct a message will appear on the screen, “Test Internet connection “.

By cable

connect your PlayStation to the internet via cable

In order to make the wired connection (LAN) it is necessary to connect the console with the router using a Ethernet type cable.

The steps to be taken are as follows:

  • Access the starting screen from the PS4.
  • From there go to the part of “Settings”.
  • Next, click on the networks (“Net”).
  • Select option “Set up Internet connection”.
  • So far the steps have been the same. This is where we change and we have to click on the option “Using a LAN cable”.
  • Choose the way you want to establish your connection:
    • Easy. As in the WiFi connection, the PS4 system will try automatically detect networks and it will connect to yours once you enter the password if there is one.
    • Custom. The IP address, hostname, MTU, proxy, and DNS. But, be careful, if you do not know these parameters it is better to choose the other option which is, in fact, the one that the brand advises in all cases in which the user does not have telecommunications knowledge.

What is PlayStation Network and what can I do from this Online platform?

PlayStation Network is a platform developed by Sony for the sale of digital content and as a support to online video games which can be accessed from various PlayStation console models such as PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita and, also, from the computer.

Today it has more than 94 million users worldwide, including its access in more than 70 countries, and it is an essential part, as we have said before, of that huge community of players.

what is PlayStation Network

From this online platform you can do a lot of things, like the ones listed below:

  • Sorting the last video game purchased for easier access.
  • Watch movies and promotional previews.
  • Dispose of demos upcoming releases.
  • Download both movies and series.
  • Get the classics that you had on your PS1 (PSOne Classics).
  • Get access to multiplayer video games with online function.
  • Use Spotify to listen to music.
  • Forum writing and chat from the application, both by text and by voice.
  • Have a public profile with information such as scores, trophies obtained, etc.
  • Make use of the Web navigator to do anything on the net.
  • Create a list of friends.
  • Make purchases in PlayStation and Qore stores (for now).
  • Have access to a PlayStation Plus subscription with patches, updates and games that are given as a gift monthly, extra storage space, etc.

What is the ideal internet speed to play online with my PS4?

As we have said before, it is very important have an ideal connection speed to be able to enjoy online games without cuts or waiting, especially in the case of wanting to connect the PlayStation by WiFi.

We, in fact, We invite you to take the following speed test on our website, so you can know if your speed is optimal to play.

The answer to the question that titles this point, as you can already imagine, is that the optimal speed depends, although for perfect operation and maximum speed games and access, you must have a minimum of 100 MB download and 10 MB upload. Even so, the most important thing is the ping or latency, an aspect that is not conditioned only by speed, although, more megabytes, less latency, which is positive, of course.

Yes, if you want to broadcast the games via Youtube, Mixer, Twitch and other platforms, the upload speed will need to be higherWell, it is the one you need for it; the content goes from your space to the rest of the world, that is, you are the one who “uploads” the information, which requires, of course, upload speed. In our opinion, do not go below 50 MB and, in fact, if you have a symmetric fiber rate, all the better.

It is for this reason that if you stay fair and you do not plan to renew the contract with the Internet company, try to connect your PlayStation by cable, which will make the speed that reaches you higher.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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