Buying online is something that has revolutionized a large number of homes around the planet. It is no longer necessary to go out to the street to look for stores and promotions, all of them come to you through your mobile device or your computer if you have an internet connection thanks to online stores. E-commerce arrived years ago, but it did it to stay thanks to an infallible mix between good offers, a variety of products and amenities.

If we are looking for savings, the internet is the perfect place. There are numerous online stores that allow you to enjoy all kinds of products at prices that sometimes seem laughable. As a best example we have AliExpress, a portal born in 2009 In order to offer everything possible at factory prices and that is postulated as the biggest rival of the giant that we all know to a greater or lesser extent: Amazon.

But, before buying anything, a user profile must be created. This serves to reflect all the necessary data of each person and avoid problems with sellers, as well as to be able to link each one with a shipping address and all that necessary information when making a purchase on the network of networks. Therefore, so that you do not have problems, we will explain how to create an account on AliExpress for free.

How to register a new account on AliExpress to buy?

In this guide we explain the registration process step by step so that you follow all the indicated guidelines and have your profile ready. Also, to help you a little more, we show you what you can do to configure your user easily and quickly. After registering on this platform, you have to make a series of adjustments so that your user is well prepared, and we will make sure it is as easy as possible for you.

In order to start buying in this digital store, before you need to have a user profile with which you are granted an identity and the sellers can identify you, in addition to know to whom they send the orders and to whom they charge for the products they have sold. With the steps that we indicate below, you will learn quickly how to register a new account on AliExpress to buy. It is a procedure that, as you can see, is quite simple.

1 – Enter the AliExpress website in Spanish

Open the web browser that you usually use and go to the address or search bar that is usually in the upper area of ​​the window. There, enter this URL that we leave you below: With her, you will automatically access the main page of AliExpress, starting point to begin the process of registering your new user account.

2 – Account creation begins

Within the aliexpress home page, you have to look for the button with the word “Register”. It is usually highlighted to attract attention and is in the right area, next to the button “identify yourself”. Click on it to start registering your user.

Enter the Aliexpress account registration area

3 – Fill in the registration form

Aliexpress account registration form

Although you have the option to register using your facebook profile through the button in the upper area, “Sign up using Facebook”, we are going to explain what you should do with the form that you have on the screen.

First, you must enter a valid email address and that it belongs to you (another user must not have previously registered with it), since it will become the one you use to access the platform and to receive notification emails about promotions or orders.

After, fill in the name and surname fields to form your identity and establish an access password that is between 6 and 20 characters long. Remember that it is better if you mix uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Behind this, you will have to confirm the password by typing it again and finish filling the last field with the code that appears in the image below. When you’ve done it all click on the orange button with the text “creat your account”.

4 – You already have an AliExpress account!

Once all the above steps are completed, your user profile on AliExpress will be created and ready for use. In this online store no need to perform any type of identity verification, so the registry becomes much shorter than in other systems.

With your user profile ready to start shopping, it’s time to configure it perfectly to customize it to your liking and is tailored to you. In the next section we are going to focus on this aspect. Keep reading!.

How to set up my Aliexpress profile fast and easy?

Configure modify My AliExpress user profile

If you do not know how to set up your Aliexpress profile quickly and easily, let’s give you a cable. The shopping website that is having so much success has a section completely dedicated to each user, through which it is possible to customize all the information and make adjustments to leave everything configured.

To do this, start by going to the section “My AliExpress” within the main page of the store, after having logged in.

Enter my profile My ALiExpress

Once inside, after having closed the window or pop-ups that may appear, you will see that you are in front of a panel with several sections and information related to your profile. Of all of them, in the top bar, click “Account settings”.

My AliExpress login form

In this section you have at your disposal several quite interesting aspects. You can change your username, write a short biography or even upload posts for other users to follow you, or for you to follow others. Through this, You have the possibility to see what other people buy with tastes similar to yours and even see what their experiences with different buyers are like.

Entering the section “Modify preferences”, you have access to other functions such as uploading a photo for your profile as a user, make adjustments related to security such as changing the password or even being able to establish a security question in case there are problems with the login.

There are many more possibilities to peek and touch To continue configuring your profile as much as possible, although one of the most interesting is, in the same menu where we have stayed, the option “Email notifications”. Here you can enable or disable email notifications on seller messages, payment, cancellation and shipping confirmations. In case you want your inbox to be clean of this type of information, you just have to deactivate everything using the buttons on the right side.

There are many aspects that AliExpress allows to modify so that each user adjusts their profile to the maximum. It is a fairly easy to use menu and in which all the information is more than explained, as well as in Spanish (with minor exceptions) so that there are no problems when it comes to understanding all the text that appears on the screen. In a couple of minutes you can have your profile registered and configured without problems.

Our “My AliExpress” profile will have these sections:

  • My shopping: purchases we have made.
  • Ratings: product evaluations we have made.
  • My Coupons: coupons that I have pending to use to obtain discounts.
  • Partner program: points that are awarded for purchases.
  • Recently viewed items: items we’ve been looking at.
  • My delivery address: our default delivery address, here you can add other addresses by clicking “Add another address”.
  • Change Password: change the current password.
  • Complaints Center: to submit claims.
  • Translation Center.

But is only one leg of Alibaba’s table as it has several platforms, that is, it acts as an intermediary in a wholesale trade.

  • Alibaba: is a portal for wholesalers who sell their products abroad.
  • international retailers, companies sell to consumers.
  • Products are bought and sold between individuals through a powerful search engine.
  • AliExpress: online sales platform.

Taobao acts almost like a social network in China. Its mobile application allows its users to join dedicated chat groups. Some bloggers publish content recommending certain products on this platform in exchange for a commission, this causes young Chinese to visit Taobao up to several times a day.

Possible errors and solutions when creating the AliExpress account

Certain errors that may occur when creating our account on AliExpress. It is important to know that the “Delivery Address” form does NOT accept non-English characters such as Ñ and accents; therefore, if your shipping address contains a Ñ, replace it with an N and do not put a check mark if there is one.

If I cannot access my AliExpress account, it may be that I am entering my email account and / or password incorrectly, therefore, I can recover my password by clicking on “Have you forgotten your password?”. We would receive an email with the new password that has been provided to us.

They can also deactivate the account for opening disputes in bulk or for detecting any fraudulent movement. We will check our email as there may be a message explaining the cause of the deactivation of our account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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