There are many things that the internet has facilitated since its introduction and standardization. We read, communicate and even make the purchase through any device that is capable of connecting to the network of networks; but above all we can use it as a speaker to reflect our thoughts, our opinion or even help others with our knowledge. To give a loudspeaker to all this, the most common is the use of a blog.

Although many turn to social networks, many others have found in blogs the most appropriate place to get carried away by the letters and write at length about everything that worries, interests or produces a certain curiosity, even that content that can be very useful to both a novice and an expert user in the matter in question .

Portals like Blogger, bought by Google For more than a decade, they have offered this possibility completely free of charge, so that everyone who wants it, has total freedom to express themselves as much and as they want and be able to create your own personal blog.

How to register a new account on Blogger to create a free blog?

Create account in Blogger first step

This may have caught your attention and that, precisely, you have entered here trying to know how to create a blogger account step by step. With this guide that we have prepared you will know how to do it without problem; but you will also learn to create your own blog from scratch and write your first post using the tools that this system puts at your disposal. After following all the instructions that we will do below, you will be able to take full advantage of Blogger.

Given the Blogger belongs to Google for a few years now, to be able to enter and take advantage of its services you need to have a Google account. If you do not have it, you will not be allowed to take advantage of its services or even consider its use. Don’t worry, if you want, I’ll tell you how create an account in Gmail.

Of course, it is best to register in advance in the internet giant’s system. In fact, if you have an Android smartphone, it is more than likely that you already have an account. Be that as it may, follow the steps below to register a Blogger account, you will see that it is very simple.

Choose profile account for Blogger

1 – Enter the Blogger website

The starting point is as clear as it is simple, you need enter the blogger home page. To do so, you just have to open your trusted web browser and, in the address bar available at the top, enter the following URL:

2 – Login

  • Instead of entering any registration process, go to the top right of the window and click “Log in”.
  • You will appear in another Google window with the accounts that you have linked to your team, if you do not have any previously linked or want to use a different one than those that appear, click on the following icon and then in “Use another account”.
  • Now, enter the e-mail address of the account you want link to your profile on Blogger and click on “Next“.

*Note: If you do not have a Google account, then you must click on the section “More options”, in “Create Account“and continues with the registration procedure of Gmail email accounts.

3 – Enter your password

To finish logging in with your Google account, it is essential that you enter the password that you establish when registering it. Do it and click again on “Next“to move on.

4 – Confirm your profile type

Blogger needs you to indicate the profile type that you want to show to other readers. Here you can decide between a Google+ profile, which you will have to create by clicking on “Create a Google+ profile“, or a blogger profile, to register by clicking on “Create a limited Blogger profile.”

If you choose the second option, it is recommended to treat this portal as something independent, you will have to indicate the name to be displayed to other readers and users by entering it in the field that appears on the screen. Write it down and click on “Continue on Blogger”.

5 – Welcome to Blogger!

You are already inside the blogging platform, Blogger. Now you can start creating your own personal blog to write about what you want and when you want, with the total freedom and versatility that characterizes this popular platform.

How to create and configure a blog with Blogger fast and easy?

Ok, we have already created our account in the free service or cms of Blogger, but … and now that? well now we must create and configure our blog For it to take on the look we want, it is not very complicated, but we must take into account some steps to follow to get off to a good start in our new adventure as bloggers!

1 – Log in to Blogger

Again, the first step is the clearest. Open your internet browser and type in the URL of Blogger in the address bar: To access our new account, for this we go to the upper left and click on “Log in“Then a form will be opened where we can enter our Gmail account and password.

2 – Start the blog creation

Create a blog on Blogger for beginners

If you had previously logged into the device you are on, when you access the Blogger website you will see how, automatically, you appear in your user panel. Once inside said panel, you just have to click on the orange button with the text “Create a blog” that appears in the center of the screen.

3 – First details

Create configure blog in Blogger

Now is the time to choose a name for your blog, an address and a theme or template. It is important that you decide well how you want to baptize it so that it distills what you want to communicate. The address, on the other hand, will be part of the URL that others will see in the address bar and the theme is what will give one style or another to the appearance of your blog.

Fill in the two fields and choose from all the available themes. Keep in mind that the address field must be unique and that, in addition, it will have the addition or extension “”, as an example it would be,

If there is already a blog with the name you enter, it will notify us with the following message “This blog address is not available.“You can try other alternative names until the message appears”This blog address is available.“Once you have done it, click on the button”Create blog” to follow.

4 – Connect domain

Now, Google will ask you if you want to connect your own domain name to be able to connect it to your new blog. You can do without this step or click “Search for“To look at one, this means that we can have a self-domain without the ending and connect it to the Blogger cms. If you do, you will have to choose one of all those that Google lists for you, select it and pay for it.

Buy domain Google Domains

If not, just click on “No thanks“to continue. In case of being your first time in this, we recommend that you continue here and, for now, do not pay for a domain, in the future you will be able to choose this option, passing all your post and content created to the new domain .

5 – You already have a blog!

Your blog on Blogger is already created! After the previous steps, there is already a corner on the internet where you can write as much as you like and however you like (always keeping within Google’s privacy and respect policies).

How to create your first blogger post?

Create new blogger post

1 – Access your user panel in Blogger

Enter the blogger website as we have previously indicated and, once inside, click on “Login” to choose your account and write the password to access your panel. If your account is already linked, you will enter directly to your user panel on Blogger the moment you type the URL in the address bar.

2 – Create your ticket

Now, click the button “New entry” which appears right next to your profile picture and the text “You’re using Blogger as (username)“.

3 – Write!

Create New Blogger Post BlogSpot

Once the previous step is done, you will find yourself in front of an empty document. This is the body of the text with which you will fill in the first post of your blog. Write as much as you want and remember that you can give different formats to the characters, enter images, video, emoticons, adjust alignment, use lists and even insert quotes using the buttons available on the toolbar. If you prefer, even you can click “HTML” to edit using web code.

When you have your entry almost ready, fill in the field “Post title” with the title that you want to appear heading your text and, finally, click on “To post“so that it is launched on the internet. Remember that, in addition, you can click on “Save” to leave it prepared and continue at another time before publishing it, or even in “Preview“to see if you are convinced how the layout is looking.

4 – Post published!

You have already launched your blog. It is time to experiment with all the tools of the Blogger content manager to give the shape you want to your publications and try all kinds of formats. The rest, now, is in your hands. For all!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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