Internet, like many other technological or commercial innovations that end up reaching homes around the world, was born for professional purposes. Within the network of networks, and thanks to the possibilities it offers, several solutions also appeared that began as a business idea, something to make the tasks of a group of workers easier. Obviously, the same thing always ends up happening with these, they end up in the hands of the common user. And this, without going any further, is the case of Slideshare.

For those who do not know, Slideshare is a website that allows you to upload all kinds of slides both privately and publicly. It is compatible with the most common formats, with PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF files or even any file belonging to the suite of OpenOffice. In recent times, it has also incorporated file and video support.

It has become a perfect platform to search for content, to get specialized information belonging to practically any sector and even to connect with others. In fact, little by little it has evolved to also become a system that has elements of a social network. And best of all, it was also born as a solution for the business environment.

Register a new account on Slideshare in Spanish

Its expansion has been so great that, today, it is one more element of the networks. Its easy use and the enormous potential hidden in it due to the tons of different content that inhabit it make anyone consider it a good source of information. If you want to know how to create a free Slideshare account, you can breathe easily, because here we will explain everything in a simple way and step by step, so you don’t have any problems. In addition, we will teach you an alternative way to register.

Although it was born as a platform to host slides of users from all over the world, Slideshare has established itself as a social network more than interesting within the professional and educational field. Hundreds or thousands of people enter daily to search for information or share your work in order to help others.

Because of this, register a new account on Slideshare in Spanish It is more than recommended if you are someone who goes to the internet in order to expand your bibliography when making a publication, or if you simply want to find more details about something you are studying. Therefore, below we explain all the steps you must follow in order to have a registered user on this platform and use it with total freedom.

1 – Go to the Slideshare website

In order to start registering a new account on Slideshare, the first thing to do is enter your home page, from where it is accessed. To do this, open your web browser and, in the address bar (available at the top), type the following URL: It is the main page of this platform, and in Spanish.

2 – The registration process begins

Step go to register to Slideshare

Once in this online portal, the next thing is to start the registration process to enter the data and do the rest of the steps. Go to the top right of the window, find the option “Check in” and click on it to get started.

3 – Via LinkedIn

In case of being a private user and not acting on behalf of any company or professional, you must click on the option “Join LinkedIn” In order to proceed with the registration of a new account on this platform, if you still do not have a profile, you can open a LinkedIn account from here.

Join Linkedin to use a slideshare account

If you already have an account created on LinkedIn, you just have to click on “Log in”And enter the corresponding data. However, in this guide we will proceed as if you don’t have, explaining all the other steps to follow.

4 – Fill in the data form

After having pressed the button indicated in the previous step, it is time to fill the form that appears on the screen with a series of personal data that are absolutely mandatory. First of all, start with your name and continue with your surnames.

Registration form on linkedin and slideshare

After this, you have to write email with which you want to link your user profile in Spanish Slideshare and, in addition, a password of 6 characters or more. It is important that this password is alphanumeric and that only you know it, since it is what will prevent other people from entering your profile without your consent.

After filling in all the fields, click on the button “Accept and join”. In this way, you will advance and, in addition, you will accept the conditions of use, the privacy policy and the cookie policy of this platform.

*Note: Another alternative, if you have a account or profile on Facebook and wanting to opt for a faster and easier way, is to click on the button “Accept and continue with Facebook”. In this way, you will have to enter your user data in the social network after pressing it and you will log in more quickly.

5 – Security verification via cellular

Verification via phone code or call

In this step, it will ask us to enter our telephone or cell phone number, indicating the current country of residence. We have two options to verify the account, via SMS or by phone call, it is better to choose to send a text message, since the call is sometimes not heard clearly. Then we click on “Send code“and this will come to our smartphone, we insert it in the corresponding box and click on”Check code“.

6 – More information to fill in

At this point, after having verified the previous step, you must indicate the country or region you are in plus, your local zip code. These are usually fields established automatically, although it is advisable to review and modify them if necessary. Once both spaces have been filled in, click on the button “Next”.

More information to fill in to create an account in Slideshare

The next screen asks you to determine if you are a student or not, by checking the corresponding box, in addition to writing in the fields that appear what your most recent position was, the last company where you have worked or work and the sector to which it belongs. It is information that you must enter in a mandatory way. When you have written it, click again on “Next”.

7 – Verify your identity via email

The last step to take is confirmation of your identity. To do this, the LinkedIn (and Slideshare) system sends a code to email indicated during the registration process that you must copy in the window that appears in the registration procedure. Go to your email inbox and find the one from LinkedIn, open it and copy that 6-digit password. After this, click on “Accept and confirm”.

Accept and verify account via email

8 – Account created!

Your LinkedIn account has already been created and, therefore, also your account in Slideshare. Now you just have to connect with the users you know or look for many others that may be of interest to you to expand your professional network.

Is it possible to register on Slideshare without having a Linkedin account?

Linkedin plus slideshare accounts synced

It has been more than five years since Slideshare became the property of LinkedIn. The company, specialized in a social network oriented entirely to the professional world, decided to acquire this platform that is so useful both for its operation and its content.

Due to this, when opening an account, the predominant option is to create a profile in the new owner in order to move forward. But nevertheless, Yes, there is an alternative option for those who do not want to have a user in this social network for workers, professionals and companies. If possible register in Slideshare without having a Linkedin account, and we will explain it to you.

To get started, Complete up to point 2 of the previous section, which takes you to the window where the option “Join LinkedIn” appears. Once there, go below and click on “Join now”, To the button just below the question about whether you are a company or a university.

register slideshare account without linkedin account

Now a form will appear in which you must enter your email (the one you want to assign to this account), a username that must be unique and a password to reinforce the security of access to this profile. When you have filled in the three fields, click on “I am not a robot“And then in”Join now”.

It is possible that, by clicking on the box above the robot, the Captcha system will make you answer a question or even mark boxes on some gridded photographs. The process is easy though may appear randomly.

After completing the simple steps above, your profile will be created without the need to have registered any data on the LinkedIn network. From now on, you can enter your account by clicking on “Log in”, via the Slideshare home page. You just have to enter your username or e-mail and the corresponding password for it.

This option is the most recommended for those who do not want to be part of too many social networks. Although at first it seems oriented only to entities such as companies or academic centers, anyone can use it without any problem and, in addition, having access to all the functions of this great and complete platform, especially to the infinity of content that moves through her from the hand of experts in different sectors.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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