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With everything that moves and is on the internet, wanting contribute a little more to this huge digital mountain of data, content, information and even people is something that motivates more than one user. Start looking from the other side, from the one where web designers, programmers, all those who decide to open a web page to carry out a specific task, give visibility to their business or even share with the world. something that they are passionate about or find interesting to tell.

Currently, there are several companies that are responsible for making it very easy for anyone with a desire. Wix is ​​one of the most prominent Not only because of the ability to provide great support completely free of charge, but also because it has design tools and facilities that, before, would be impossible to acquire, much less without having to pay anything, as offered here.

The free factor, together with the great tool count and the powerful editor that is offered to the user, is what makes more and more people want to know how to create a free Wix account. The best of all is that It is such a simple process that it seems like a lie. In this step-by-step guide we are going to explain everything you have to do from the moment you open your web browser until the moment you end up publishing your online portal.

Steps to create a Wix account and have your own website

We will accompany you through all the phases of the procedure so that you do not get lost and, in addition, we will also explain both the many benefits of this service and its disadvantages. Wix offers an absolutely interesting solution for the creation of personal and company web pages and above all loaded with facilities, but it also has certain defects that should be pointed out so that you can be well informed.

Best of all user registration process in Wix is that, automatically, also takes you through the process of creating a web page, a point that becomes the top priority of anyone who approaches this company.

Next, we explain all the steps to create a Wix account and have your own website. It is a process that requires some time, especially the part related to choosing the design and construction of your page; but it is far from being complex and away from anyone with minimal computer knowledge.

1 – Enter the Wix website

If you want have your own website with Wix, you have to start with the scaffolding. For it, first enter the main page of this company. Open the web browser that you use the most and, in the address bar (it usually appears at the top of this), enter the URL indicated below: You are already inside Wix, in your welcome portal to users.

2 – Access the registry

Start creating your website with Wix

Now, you need to start the registration process to create your user profile and, later, it does the same with the page you want to start building. To do this, once on the main website, click on the central button, the one with the text “Start now”.

Register new Wix account

Wix will redirect you to the section to login. As we are going to create an account from scratch, we must look for the option that is in the central area at the top, we must look at the phrase “New to Wix?”. Next to it is the word “Sign up”. Click on it.

3 – Fill in your user data

Wix account registration form

You will see that now the login field has completely changed to have four fields that ask various data with which to create your user profile. First, you must write the e-mail account that you want to associate with your profile and repeat it (it cannot have been used before on this platform).

Behind this, do the same with the access password. We must emphasize the importance not only of being personal and non-transferable, but also of being complex. It is the key that will prevent access to your user in Wix to anyone outside. If someone sneaks in here, they can, with total ease, completely bring down the web page you make, so don’t be shy about mixing letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and even symbols to reinforce security. When you’re done, click “Sign up” To be able to follow.

4 – Start configuring your new website

Choose the type of website to edit in Wix

After completing the short registration process, Wix will ask you what type of website you want to create. Choose any of the options that appear on the screen, the one that you consider most appropriate for what you want to do. We can choose between:

  • Company
  • Online store
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Designers
  • Restaurants and food
  • Lodging
  • Events
  • Blog
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Portfolio and CVs
  • Others

Select template to edit with Wix

Behind this, the portal will send you to a section full of templates with pre-established designs that you can choose from. In this section, if you want, you can change the category for your website or even take a look at the newest designs, the most popular and loved by users or even search for something more specific through the search engine or filters found in the left side of the screen.

View or edit template with Wix

You can make a preview of any of them by hovering the mouse over it and clicking on “See”. When you are clear about which one you want (without haste, it is better to look calmly at everything that is available), hover your mouse over it and click “Edit.”

Menu tools for editing web pages with Wix

Now, you will go directly to complete editor of your website, If we access for the first time, Wix will provide us with an explanatory video so that we know all its tools and how to use them, we can skip the video by clicking on “Start now. Here you have at your disposal all the tools you want to edit, move, retouch what you want on your page; in fact, you can even switch between the version for PC and for smartphone, to check how the result is also on these other mobile devices. You can give to “Save” the progress you make little by little and, when you finish, click on “To post”.

5 – Publish your website

Choose your own domain or with Wix

After doing all of the above, both editing, configuring and building your website, we click on the button that appears just at the top right in “To post“, a pop-up window will automatically appear in which you will be given the option to use a free domain from or, on the contrary, connect one that you have previously hired. Choose the option you want (taking into account that the free one considerably lengthens the URL) and click on “Save and continue”. If you are just starting out and do not have your own domain, it is recommended for the first option, later we can change this option.

6 – Web created!

Your web portal has already been created and is up and running. If you opted for the option of including to the domain, you will have an online page without having to pay a penny, a good way to start and grow little by little while you learn more about how networks work and how to attract users.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a website with Wix

At first glance, it is true that Wix’s proposal seems to do no more than provide facilities to anyone who decides to use its services; but it is interesting to know how to highlight its negative side as well. Therefore, we are going to explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a website on Wix, there are.


  • Gratuitous: Wix’s biggest claim is that it doesn’t require you to pay anything to open a website with them. You can have a page completely free of charge and make it work in a matter of minutes, in addition, without having to complicate yourself with contracting domains or hosting. Although, obviously, it implies certain limitations.
  • Your editor: The Wix website editor is a tremendously capable tool, yet very easy to use and understand. In a matter of seconds you know where to press to do what you need, and of course you do it absurdly fast. It is one of the best editors you can find. And yes, free.
  • Simultaneous design for PC and smartphones: With the number of different devices on the market, responsive design is something that your website must fulfill yes or yes. The Wix editor includes a button to toggle between the PC and mobile versions to see how your work looks on both platforms.


  • Wix Advertising: Even if they provide you with a free service, Wix should make some kind of profit for everything they provide. This results in the appearance of advertising banners on the pages you create using the free side. If you don’t mind advertising, it is not a problem; but if you want something clean, yes.
  • Their services do not always accompany you: It is true that this company puts at your disposal everything you need and more, but the moment you decide to jump to a platform like Blogger or WordPress, you will automatically lose their assistance and you will have to look for an expert who can help you or, failing that, learn on your own and throw yourself into the job to migrate and do everything you need to get back to work.

The advantages are more numerousBut the downsides may outweigh, especially for those looking to do something great and very professional. If you are one of them, it is better that you opt directly for another option. If you are just starting out, this is a good place to take your first steps, learn more, and experiment.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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