Cyberbullying – Cyberbullying  What is it? + How to prevent it? ▷ 2020

Cyberbullying it is a criminal act that can lead its victim to suicide. Most of the people involved in this type of act are youth (both the aggressor and the victim), and this is due to a lack of communication with their parents.

If you notice or believe that your child may be facing these types of acts, we recommend that you read below, as we will explain everything you need so that you can take quick actions and prevent any accidents.

Remember that bullying affects the mind first, and even if it is virtual, it can bring unpleasant consequences. As responsible for these young people we must be attentive to any situation.

What is cyberbullying? The new form of digital bullying


We are currently witnessing many cyber attacks considered cyberbullying, but this goes beyond a simple comment on social networks. This type of attack makes use of all telematic means, such as mobile telephony, online video games and the Internet.

His principal object is to disturb the tranquility of the victim causing psychological stressIf it is not taken care of in time, it can present many risks. Let us remember that each person is different, and that our mind works 24 hours a day, so the victim can react in any way.

The reality is that these types of attacks are mainly received by young people, and only by a small adult population. Different cases can be seen, which is an attack by adults on children, or also by minors at both ends.

In most of the recorded cases shows a level of aggressiveness in both parts, both in the aggressor and in the victim, being a characteristic quite alarming in minors.

This cyber attack totally haunts the mental tranquility of the young person or child, where can respond in a very aggressive way to such threats. The affected person is driven to commit acts of desperation, even attacking another person or even killing them.

According to studies carried out by INTECO, it is considered that the aggressor drains his entire family or environmental situation through the Internet, harming another person.

What are the main causes that can make you suffer from cyberbullying?

This is very serious, so that we must always know what its causes are, to be able to stop them in time, and then it is not too late. Let us remember that psychological damage it is one of the strongest.

Social networks and the Internet

Every day social networks on the Internet grow, and so does the number of users. These us allow us to communicate through instant messaging with anyone; but just as it is very beneficial, it is also used to persecute people, and send messages considered cyberbullying.

High traffic by youth and children

We support that the virtual world is for all ages, but in a moderate way, assuming that young people spend a lot of time in this medium, interacting with many people and absorbing unfit personalities and behaviors.

We must know that in this world we can find many things, as well as many people, so we must control that our youth go to the right places.

Lack of parental and teacher control

Everything must be controlled, and parents are the main controllers of such access to Internet, but today it has been observed that many representatives give freedom without control to the youth, allowing them to engage in unpleasant activities.

Parents should guide their children, so that know how to distinguish between the good and the not so good.

Lack of education in values

This is one of the main characteristics of an aggressor, both in the cyber world and the physical world. Teens they unconsciously comply with what is known to psychology as the butterfly effect, where the minimum they receive can cause a great disaster down the road.

For this reason, experts in youth education express that young people should be included in conversations where all values ​​are mentioned, and that these can be practiced at home.

Who are the people most vulnerable to bullying on social media?

cyber bullying

Of 100% of a population affected by cyberbullying, 75% are young people and adolescents. This is because it is young people who use social networks the most. According to surveys carried out by schools in Spain, children and adolescents spend more time on their phone during recess time than in other activities.

The networks social networks have covered a large part of human life, there are people who can spend up to 24 hours in them, and it is because we have allowed us to connect with the people we love but we are not close.

Even so, and recognizing that it is a very useful tool even for personal entrepreneurship, it must be controlled; because since the Internet is the one that mostly instructs us, It also happens to be one of the potential influences on our behavior.

A clear example of the above is seen in the game of The blue whale, promoted in 2016 by a young man who took advantage of the fact that many of his players felt an emptiness or lack of love to lead them to do very satanic activities, to the point of making them feel that to win the game they had to commit suicide.

Such a game was one of the main world alarms, where discussions were held about what is influenced by Internet and how social media developers can prevent these acts.

Consequences of cyberbullying What harm can it cause to its victims?

This kind of emotional stress, can bring many eventualities with not very pleasant consequences, so if the young person suffers from some of those mentioned below, you should go immediately to a specialist, so that you can be treated on time:

  • School absence: When the child or young person feels threatened, their main action is to flee from these people, as a way to escape from the problem.
  • Consumption of substances harmful to health: Such stress causes anxieties, and people who suffer from anxiety attacks tend to be driven to consume substances that harm their health.
  • Depression: Because they feel so threatened and cannot find someone to drain all those feelings with, they tend to be depressive, and this should be treated immediately, because people who suffer from depression often commit suicide.
  • Low self-esteem: When the situation of the young person or the child is so frequent, we see that they show emotions that make you feel inferior to others. Mostly it can be detected by listening to the affected person speak.
  • Change of actitud: He shows a change in attitude, because he does not want to involve anyone in his problems, showing himself aggressive and lonely.
  • They move away from their parents: When the young person feels that his parents will not be able to understand him or that he can act in a way that he does not want, he prefers to scare them away with aggressive actions against them.
  • Suicide: This is a consequence of everything mentioned, and in this phase there is no going back.

How to protect yourself or your children from cyberbullying on social networks?

To be able to respond against cyberbullying, and protect the people we love we must guide them with the following tips:

Don’t panic

Bullies always seek to frighten their victim, causing fear to isolate himself from others and thus achieve his goal. As parents we must give our children enough confidence so that they do not act incorrectly in this situation. Here family communication plays a vital role.

Block all means of communication with the harasser

Today almost all social networks allow us to block people who threaten us, so we must activate this function whenever we feel cornered by someone. Remember that the media are the main tools to communicate between people.

So we must instruct children to learn to take care of themselves of those people that we do not know, and still want to communicate with us and know our personal information.

Protect our contact data

cyber bullying

We must protect our personal data, because the harasser will always look for our contacts, in order to contact us anonymously. Whenever we are in public places We must not dictate our home address or telephone information, or social networks.

Let’s improve the privacy of our social media profiles

It is advisable increase the privacy of our social networksIn this way, no person who is outside our contact information will be able to communicate with us without us allowing it.

Let’s use strong passwords

We have to understand that one of the main goals of the aggressor is seeking to humiliate his victim, so there are more and more attempts to hack other users’ accounts in order to make publications quite humiliating of people.

Report inappropriate content

We can use our social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to report those people who post offensive or inappropriate content. Such a complaint implies completely blocking the person.

Report the harassment to the competent authorities

This should be the primary thing to do when the situation gets out of hand. When contacting the authorities we must report everything that affects us and how it attacks us, they will legally protect us and apply the corresponding penalty to the harasser.

Can you report bullying on the Internet in Spain?

If we have any suspicions that someone is being the victim of cyberbullying, we must know which institutions to go to at the moment.

It is really difficult to prevent the child or adolescent from accessing the Internet. The web and all its services themselves are not bad, but as we know it is a world and therefore we can find anything, also people who upset the peace in torment and the safe in insecure.

For this we cannot take cyberbullying as something simple and temporary, so measures must be taken in the face of such risk. In Spain, state institutions have been adapting to these new threats, so we must go to them at the first sign of online harassment.

Such institutions are the Technological Research Brigade of the National Police and the Telematic Crimes Group of the Civil Guard, which offer different services to protect the victim.

What is the maximum penalty for the different types of digital harassment in Spain and the European Union?

Harassment is a crime, considering that the aggressor creates an insistent and repeated persecution against the victim, altering your daily life, and this is regulated in article 172.ter of the Penal Code.

In the aforementioned article it has been established that the aggressor must be punished with a prison term of 3 months to two yearsAccessory penalties may be applied in the case of special victims, such as minors.

The penal code names three types of harassment:

  • Generic harassment with freedom
  • Sexual harassment against sexual freedom
  • Harassment in the workplace

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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