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In Spain and Latin America, piracy became something very everyday. Perhaps it is the rebellion of this society to pay for content that it thinks should be free, or simply the limitations of some countries to access payment methods that allow you to enjoy them, but the fact is that without a doubt these regions are where piracy is most seen.

In that sense, there have been a huge number of portals dedicated to giving users their dose of pirated content, since advertising on them made them a very lucrative business. We had The Pirate Bay, RojaDirecta and more recently DailySport, a free streaming platform with soccer sports broadcasts.

Today, apparently the platform has been 100% locked or closed, which has users upside down without being able to see their sports content. Today we will explain in depth the causes of Internet censorship to DailySport, and above all the best alternatives you can find to continue watching your sports events live.

What happened to DailySport? Is it locked or have they closed forever?

What happened to DailySport?

The free transmission of paid content is illegal, surely you already knew this and it should not surprise you that illegal portals such as DailySport get banned. As much as you think that the Internet should be free and free, the reality is that behind each job there is a team of professionals who deserve a decent salary that a company must pay.

For this reason, production companies are increasingly putting more pressure on operators to persecute these types of platforms since they lose a lot of money every year. With DailySport, which has been active since 2020, they began to pursue their domains blocking them within Spain. Almost a dozen domains of this brand were banned from Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and other Internet and telephone companies in the country.

From Latam you could continue entering the platform, but by losing a large part of the public in Spain, their advertising revenue fell too low, in addition to the fact that its developers have surely been contacted by the authorities and received a legal ultimatum. This made them decide to completely close the project.

If you enter the website through the domain dailysport.work, the last available to date, you will see a message that says: “Hello Dailysport users, the web closes forever. Thanks for your support #dailysport “. In this way, a platform comes to an end that, although it had a short time to live, knew how to fill the void left by Rojadirecta or PirloTV.

How does the blocking or censorship of the operators of pirated streaming platforms work?

How does the blocking or censorship of the operators to pirate streaming platforms work?

It is a fairly straightforward process that lies in the SNI server or Server Name Indication, which is responsible for grouping a group of websites under the same IP address. This means that each connection must query that server, and When performing the respective handshake with TLS to verify if the connection is secure and uses HTTPS protocol, the operator can easily know the portal we are trying to access.

This makes all streaming platforms or pirated downloads that use HTTPS, which are practically all, are easily identified and the attempt to connect with them is blocked. That is why when trying to establish a connection with one of these banned websites we see the message “Contents blocked at the request of the Competent Authority, communicated to this Operator “ Or simply “The connection is not private “.

Today it is impossible to enter for the simple reason that there is nowhere to enter. The reality is that DailySport has closed permanently and there is no longer any website on which the platform works. Previously, it was possible to enter through the use of a VPN that changed the IP address to that of a country in which it was not blocked, but it no longer works because the project was canceled forever.

List of the best alternatives to DailySport to watch football on the Internet in high definition

While the DailySport platform has closed, this does not mean that you will no longer be able to watch sports online in high definition. Fortunately, there are some completely legal platforms that allow watch football, NBA or Euroleague basketball, Tennis, Formula 1 and all disciplines broadcast on TV.

Next you will know the most important ones in which you can enjoy the greatest number of sports:

DirecTV Sport Play


An option for Latin Americans and Americans. The TV company DirecTV, owned by AT&T, is one of the largest television companies in the world. This has a digital platform on the web and mobile app that allows you to view its content in streaming format completely free.

In DirecTV Sport Play you can see especially soccer, both from LaLiga of Spain as the Premier Legue of England. To access it, you only have to be subscribed to one of its satellite TV packages, which will include access to other sports streaming platforms such as ESPN Play.

beIN Connect


The streaming platform of the Mediapro group, available only for Spain since 2015 being one of the most prominent platforms to watch sports, especially soccer in Spain and other major leagues in Europe. It is one of the most complete platforms to watch current Spanish football.

When hiring the service, which has a cost of between 7Eur and 14Eur per month, you can see 4 screens simultaneously from a single computer, or connect from 4 different devices with the same user. In addition, you will have access to other types of programming beyond sports.



One of the cheapest platforms to watch sports online, but at the same time the most limited. It is an initiative of the Atresmedia group that groups together a series of open television channels with some programs and transmission of paid events in the sports field. Its most complete plan has a value of less than 3Eur per month, although it does not include sports such as football or tennis, if you can see social gatherings such as The Chiringuito de Jugones.



One of the most complete platforms to watch sports today with content from Motorcycle GP, Roland Garros, Olympic Games, Cycling and Dakar, NFL, NHL, NBA, America’s Cup, Euroleague basketball or the English Premier League. Although his main course is boxing, with broadcasts of this sport of the highest level.

It is also one of the cheapest platforms today to watch sports with plans from 4.99Eur per month, although some events may be subject to additional charges.

EuroSport Player

Eurosport Player

One of the most complete platforms to watch sports in Europe. In it you can enjoy multiple disciplines such as football, rugby or cycling. All these events can be seen live, but the platform also saves them in video format so that you can watch them when you have time in case you have missed one.

Among the benefits of this platform, is being able to change the language of the audio, as well as change the angle of the main camera for any of those available in the field or place where the event is held. The price is 7Eur per month, but if you pay for a whole year, you will get a discount of more than 50%.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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