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Every time we talk about the components that make up a computer, we will find these two elements both hardware like software. It is important to bear in mind that the entire computer system is made up of these two elements, when we refer to hardware we are talking about the physical components of a computer, that is, everything that can be touched, that it’s tangible.

Whereas, when we refer to software we are simply talking about all those elements that a computer requires in order to function, but in this case the software is intangible, they cannot be seen or touched. That is, this goes within the computer system, whether programs, games, applications, among many others.

It is important to mention that both tools go hand in hand, that is, neither of them can work alone, if this happens simply the computer doesn’t work, in such a way, that the operation of either of them is extremely important for the computer. That is why here we will explain a little more about what each one is about and its importance in the computer world.

What is software? Types and examples

What is software?  Types and examples

Software, as we mentioned above, is everything that is intangible, that we can neither touch nor see and that is inside the computer system. In addition, it is who allows computers to perform specific system tasks so that it can begin to function.

Some examples of software would be the following:

  • Antivirus
  • Programs
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • The server
  • Media player
  • Applications

In other words, the software works like code which gives the instructions to the hardware so that it knows how it should work. In addition, it is programmed with a simple and easy-to-use interface for the user, which allows people to interact in an easier way with the computer system.

It is also important to mention that the software is divided into three types, which are:

  • Of application
  • System
  • Programming

System software

System software

This system software is composed of a set of programs whose objectives are manage the resources available to the hardware to be able to coordinate their tasks, such as disk drives, printers, scanner, mouse, among others. As well as offering an interface to the user so that he can interact with the equipment system.

This system software is made up of the following components:

  • Operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Device drivers
  • Program loader
  • Desktop environments
  • Programming tools
  • Boot managers
  • Basic input and output system

app software

app software

These are the ones that allow users to carry out different jobs on the computer, that is, to use spreadsheets, texts or video games.

And it is made up of the following elements:

  • Database
  • Video game
  • Office applications
  • Educational programs or software
  • Business software
  • Numerical calculations

Programming software

Programming software

It is used especially to be able create programs, that is, the programmer is responsible for creating different programming languages, such as text editors or compilers, in order to carry out this type of process.

This software is made up of the following elements:

  • Text editors
  • Code linkers
  • Compilers
  • Debuggers
  • Integrated development environments

What is the hardware? Types and examples

What is the hardware?  Types and examples

Hardware is specifically related to the physical aspect of a computer, that is, with all those elements that are tangible that we can touch and see, such as:

  • CPU
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse or mouse
  • Monitor
  • Cables
  • Webcam
  • HDD

It plays an extremely important role in the computer, since without it nothing in the system could run. In the case of hardware, they tend to have a longer useful life than software, despite their wear and tear because they are tangible objects, they usually support longer periods of time. So much software and hardware have to work simultaneously so that the computer can work. Otherwise none of this would be possible.

There are currently several hardware types which are the ones that help connect each piece of the computer so that it can begin to function correctly, in such a way that here we present the different types that exist today.

  • Input devices or peripherals: Microphones, stylus, mouse, webcam, keyboard, scanner, among others.
  • Output devices or peripherals: Speakers, horns, printer, monitor.
  • Data ports: serial port, parallel port, ethernet, firewire.
  • Removable data storage: optical disc drive such as CD-RW and DVD. USB flash drives and memory cards.
  • Computer case: The CPU, RAM, sound card, video card, among others.

Main differences between the hardware and software functions of the computer

As we have already seen so much the software as the hardware They are two important parts in the life of a computer, with the absence of some of them two it could not work. Therefore, both go hand in hand and complement each other. In this way, here we explain what are the main differences between the two so that you can further detail each of them.

Comparison chart



They are all those intangible elements of a computer, that is, what is within its system that cannot be touched or seen. They are all those tangible elements of a team, that is, the physical part. The types are input, output, and input / output. The types that we can find are system, application and programming. Hardware components are subject to physical deterioration. Which can deteriorate over time, such as the keyboard, mouse, CPU, among others. They do not suffer physical deterioration but they can be affected by applications such as malware, viruses, among others that can cause damage. These items generally have a shorter shelf life. Being the physical part of the equipment, its cost is much higher and they are usually renewed more frequently. These usually have a lower cost, although that will depend a lot on the program or application that you want to install. It allows an ease to uninstall and install which will allow you to be changing them more frequently, in many cases you can get them for free.

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