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One of the mobile phone brands preferred by users worldwide, it’s about apple. And it is that this company is at the forefront of technology today, especially for the large number of iPhone models it has launched on the market, in order to satisfy all the tastes, preferences and requirements of its clients. Taking into account that the consumers it has, are thousands and millions from different countries.

In this sense, it is known that one of the most popular models of said technology company, refers to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models. Which, at first glance, may seem absolutely the same mobiles but still, They present several distinctions that it is worth taking into account when selecting any of these models. Especially since the human being is very indecisive when acquiring a device.

Therefore, we want to let you know all the peculiarities that both iPhone models present emphasizing, of course, the most essential. This, in order that if you are interested in buying any of these mobile phones, you can know for sure their characteristics and easily choose the one that seems best to you and best suits your preferences.

Main features of the iPhone 6 phone

Main features of the iPhone 6 phone

Logically, this is about the successor series of the renowned iPhone 5 and it was launched on the market in mid-October 2014, which indicates that it is a mobile that to this day, has been on sale for a long time and of course, is not one of the most innovative options that Apple offers you.

So, compared to iPhone 5, it can be ratified that the iPhone 6 presented novel changes that in a certain way impacted users. In particular, by the largest size of your screen, as well as the remarkable your processor power, the great improvement of your camera, etc.

Now then we highlight its most important characteristics and with which, you can make an accurate comparison around other Apple phones or any brand (even more with the iPhone 6s):

  • Colors: White, gold and gray.
  • In reference to its size, we indicate that the iPhone 6 has an exact weight of 129 g with the following dimensions: 1 x 67 x 6.9 mm.
  • As to your display or type of screen, this device is IPS LCD type with LED backlight and 16M colors. In addition, it has a size of 750 x 1334 pixels. It is also worth noting that has a shockproof screen with a scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, gyro sensor, proximity sensor for auto power off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotation and barometer.
  • Another of the most important particularities is your memory capacity well, we indicate that iPhone 6 has 1GB of RAM Y Apple A8 64-bit processor. However, it does not contain a card slot.
  • As for its battery, this mobile offers 1810 mAh. In short, it has shelf life of up to 14 hours and in the case of stand-by up to 250 hours (3G).
  • For the vast majority of users, one of the most relevant characteristics it’s the mobile camera and in this case, they can make use of an 8 MP main camera with autofocus, dual tone LED flash, touch focus, face recognition, video lux and in addition, a 1.2 MP front camera.
  • Now, referring to the ringtones: It is polyphonic type MP3, adds vibration and 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • More Features: iOS 9, HTML browser (Safari), does not offer infrared port, has GPS with A-GPS GLONASS support, digital compass, NFC, TV output, photo editor, audio and video player and editor, iCloud storage, Bluetooth, integration of social networks, among others.

Main features of the iPhone 6S phone

Main features of the iPhone 6S phone

This device was launched in September 2015, which at the outset means that it is a much newer version than the previously detailed mobile. Taking into account that generally, the versions “S”They maintain the platform of the predecessor but to attract more users and comply with their guidelines, the company adds better features to the most relevant aspects of these devices, in order to conquer the world market.

In this sense, the iPhone 6s is estimated as the serious successor to the iPhone 6, which was classified as one of the best mobiles published in 2014. But well, the 6s manages to bring it down thanks to its processor showing unmatched power, as well as the second generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor, optimization of the main and front camera, the chassis made of an aluminum alloy and the completely improved LTE network.

To learn more about this mobile device, keep reading its most important features below:

  • Colors: White, gray, gold and rose gold.
  • Specifying its size, this mobile reveals a weight of 143 g with dimensions in mm of 3 x 67.1 x 7.1.
  • The iPhone 6s display is IPS LCD type with LED backlight, 16M colors, capacitive touchscreen and an exact size of 750 x 1334 pixels. Which also contains a barometer, multitouch support, gyroscopic sensor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, proximity sensor for auto power off, accelerometer sensor for auto rotation and shockproof ion-x display.
  • In reference to your memory, which is absolutely essential to verify when purchasing a phone, has 2 GB of RAM and a 64 bit Apple A9 processor. However, as in the case of the iPhone 6, this device does not have a card slot either.
  • Its battery capacity is 1715 mAh and just like the other mobile, it also has 14 hour talk time and a stand-by of up to 250 h on 3G.
  • As for your camera, it is from 12 MP the main with f / 2.2 aperture, dual tone LED flash, HDR and contains a 5 MP front camera.
  • The ringtones are from polyphonic type MP3, with 3.5 mm audio jack, vibration and accept customization through downloads.
  • Other details: iOS 9, HTML browser (Safari), allows messaging by SMS, MMS, Email, IM, iMessage and Push Email, does not add infrared port but offers lightning port, NFC, the famous Siri personal assistant, iCloud storage, photo editor, video and audio player and editor, hands-free, TV output, predictive text input, noise cancellation with dedicated microphone, integration with social networks, etc.

Comparison between iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S, which is better?

Comparison between iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S, which is better?

Once the particularities of greatest interest of both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s are known, it is necessary proceed to make a concrete comparison based on the most important details of each one. Which is done with the aim of selecting the best of them.

Hardware and design

Since it is a direct succession of an iPhone model, external hardware does not show very noticeable variations. Simply, the distinction of the 6 with respect to the 6s, is the display of the letter “S”On the back of the mobile and also the rose gold color that is only available for the iPhone 6s (no other model offers this color).

Now, highlighting the design of the two devices, these were made of 7000 aluminum but the quantity of the specific material, is evidenced to a greater degree in the iPhone 6.

On the other hand, thanks to the latter’s 3D Touch screen, the 6s is shown as a lighter mobile but only 0.2mm. Added to that, the 6s was designed with an additional microphone than the ones contained in the iPhone 6.


Both the iPhone 6 as well as the 6s work with the iOS 9 operating system, but highlighting more advanced characteristics of the second, it can be distinguished that unlike the 6, adds Touch ID fingerprint sensor which is built within the Home button. Which, was carried out in order that the mobile works faster and more reliable For the users.

And also showcases 3D Touch technology, to support the ability to seamlessly interact with all the applications that the developers have prepared for you and enable more personalized touch screen control via commands.


This aspect is one of the most notable to differentiate the iPhone 6 from the iPhone 6s, since it is about Apple’s transition to offering all of its customers an overall better camera.

Taking into account that the first only promised 8 MP in its rear camera and instead, the 6s has a total capacity of 12 MP that ensure high quality photos and last but not least, allows you to record videos in 4K format (A highly requested specification in recent times).

In reference to front or front camera, also present a great distinction, because a jump from 1.2 MP to 5 MP is evidenced, which confirms a resounding optimization, especially for video calls, which are one of the most widely used communication mechanisms today.


Although it seems a bit illogical, iPhone 6 takes the lead in battery life. Since, it is known that this offers a total of 1810 mAh and unfortunately his successor only features the 1715 mAh capacity.

Which, It has been considered the main weak point of the iPhone 6s but to compensate for this, the technology company kept the shelf life at the same level and also, provided very efficient energy consumption control for the 6s.


It should also be noted that iPhone 6s has higher performance than iPhone 6. This, because the 6s has 2 GB of RAM and an A9 1.84 Ghz 2 cores processor; which means that its performance is fully certified. But instead, the iPhone 6 It only has 1 GB of RAM with an A8 1.4Ghz 2 core processor. The latter being less powerful around performance.

Comparison chart

Iphone 6
iPhone 6S
Differences (iP6S vs iP6)

138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (+0.2) x (+0.1) x (+0.2) mm

129 g 143 g + 14g

Apple A8 1.4Ghz 2 cores Apple A9 1.84 Ghz 2 cores New model + 0.44Ghz

P. graphics
PowerVR GX6450 4 cores PowerVR GT7600 6 cores New model +2 cores


Main camera
8 MP 12 MP +4 MP

Sec camera
1.2 MP 5 MP + 3.8 MP

1810 mAh 1715 mAh -95 mAh (promises that it will not affect the autonomy compared to the iPhone 6)

* If you are viewing the web from your smartphone, slide the table to the right to see all the data

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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