DOES DISKOKOSMICO CLOSE?  How to enter? + Alternatives ▷ 2021

Diskokosmiko came to an end although many of us miss him, We have to assume that it will not return again, since its closure seems definitive, but so that you do not miss out on enjoying good content or being able to save your documents or files in a cloud, Below we leave you a list that will surely help you.

In this list we mention the best pages to download content and upload documents for free, although many of them offer a Premium service in case you want to have more benefits in its use.

To who Internet Step by Step We will show you what are the qualities of each of the pages that we mention in the list and why they are a good alternative to Diskokosmico.

What is Diskokosmiko and what is it for?


It is a free cloud storage service, very similar to those of or KBAGI. With it you can save and back up in a safe place all the information you want; from documents and software, to series and all kinds of audiovisuals. The reason it became so popular is because you could access content that other users posted as public, which made it a huge clearinghouse for information.

Diskokosmiko For a long time it was very recognized, this website was very famous thanks to the fact that it offered its users the opportunity to upload all kinds of content, including videos, series, movies, documents, among others. This enormous variety propelled the fame and recognition of the web, making it one of the most popular in the past years.

All these characteristics also made it one of the best seas for content piracy, since there was no type of restriction for uploading copyrighted content.

What happened to Diskokosmiko? Is it not working or has it closed?

Despite its great fame, it was forced to close. At first it only seemed a simple suspension of its services, which in many networks commented on its relaunch or reactivation, however none of the comments were real, as their services were not reactivated anymore.

Many considered its new launch, since this page had many failures lately and it was said that it was due to the high traffic it had, causing a collapse in its servers, to the surprise of its users is that it did not return.

List of the best alternative websites to Diskokosmiko to save and download content in the cloud

The following list shows different pages that are a good alternative to Diskokosmiko, which are in operation today. Many of these are pages which we can upload and download all kinds of content, others are just websites where you can watch or download content such as series or movies.

This is a website that offers the possibility of uploading any type of content like Diskokosmiko. This is a cloud with convenient storage, available at all times. Photo, video, series, document, presentation and other files can be uploaded. You can also download files posted by other people, all your downloads are fast.

This website has a very easy-to-use interface, as well as an internal search engine that allows us to find everything we need, It does not have any limit when uploading content, which makes it much more attractive to its users.


Mediafire, is one of the most popular pages. Offers an online storage service that allows all users to upload or download content for free and without any virus, Its use is already very common by the cyber community, since it has a good ease of use and quality.

It also offers security in all the content that we upload to the site, In addition, we can share the links so other users can download the content that we upload.

Mega is a website that allows all its users to store documents and files in a cloud, which always offers availability when downloading them. This gives a link that can be shared so that another can download those images, films or documents that we have uploaded, its interface is very simple although it confuses many.

This website is one of the most popular when we talk about virtual storage. It has a free version and a Premium version, so that users can adapt to the one they like the most, Being the premium version one which has no restrictions or limits, unlike the free one, it can also be used anonymously if we wish..


Like other things that Diskokomsiko offered was the opportunity to download series and movies uploaded by others, here we bring you this alternative. Goovie is a website that allows you to download series, movies and documentaries, its billboard has the most requested content by its users, which makes it really impossible for you not to enjoy its services.

This website is organized by content categories, so it will always be easy to find what we are looking for, thanks to its integrated search engine it is easier to find interesting things. Each film or series has a brief description to inform the public what type of content they will see. It has a very acceptable image quality.


This is a website that increased in popularity after the closure of Diskokosmiko, since it has a huge range of content allowing users to enjoy any of them for free, its billboard of contents is always updated, with the latest in movies and series. Its main objective is to offer people the opportunity to see content for free and of excellent quality.

Its page interface makes its use really simple, the audio and image quality of all its contents always try to be the best, so that it catches users in it, including that its contents are mostly dubbed into Spanish.

cuevana 2

This is a website dedicated to the distribution of cinematographic content, where you can also find novels, series and documentaries. Cuevana has made great strides in terms of designing a good interface, guaranteeing all its users an excellent stay during their visit to the web., their billboard of contents are not the most current, but they do have excellent image and video quality.

Its contents are organized by category divisions, and it has a very simple search engine that will facilitate the life of any user who wants to do a quick search. Cuevana allows all users to enjoy its content online or if you want to download it, at no cost.


A website with excellent design quality, which offers a service to all audiences where any content from the cinema, novel or documentaries can be viewed and downloaded for free, all with good image and sound quality. All the contents that this page has for download are made in mp4 format, and it does not have excessive advertising, which makes it much more interesting for the cyber community.

Its contents are organized by categories of movies, series and anime. His billboard is always the most up-to-date at the moment, and has not presented many failures in system crash or something similar.


This is another site that allows all internet users and fans to download and view content for free, offering an always updated billboard, with good picture and sound quality.

But if what you are looking for are not movies but series here you can also do it, since pelispedia increasingly broadens the range of its contents. It has a fairly simple interface in terms of use, offering users of any age the power to make full use of the page.

It is a place not very visited but like the others it allows download and watch movies for free Although its contents are not always the most current, you will surely enjoy everything that this website offers you.

Your goal is to give the audience a moment of distraction, and for this reason they always try to have content with excellent image and video quality. Each content has a brief description so that people have a minimal notion of what they are going to see.


And finally we leave this great site, Gnula, what you will love it because it offers you the facility to download movies and series of all kinds and for all audiences. This website has an excellent design and organization of its contents, guaranteeing the user to easily find any movie or series they want to see.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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