DOES MEJORTORRENT close?  How to enter? + Alternatives ▷ 2021

BetterTorrent is one of the most representative brands in the world of torrent downloads. In this portal you can get millions of downloadable files using this well-known method based on a P2P protocol that allows you to download large amounts of data in a short time. However, it stopped working a few months ago, leaving its users in the air.

Unfortunately, in the real world It is not legal to download movies, series and programs for free. This is a serious violation of copyright, which means that portals that offer this type of content are persecuted by the authorities and temporarily or permanently closed. Being so popular, BetterTorrent is one of the main targets of executives determined to enforce the rights of their brands, which is why it is constantly attacked.

In this article we are going to present you a list of portals that serve as an alternative to MejorTorrent, so that you can access them when you want to make any download using files and torrents seeds. In addition, you will know the main risks of using this method so that you can take the necessary measures to avoid being harmed.

What happened to MejorTorrent? Not working or have they closed?

sad for the torrent pages that close

For some years now, US and European authorities have been taking measures to sanction those portals that offer paid content for free, either through downloads, online playback or streaming. This didn’t cause much of a stir at first, but when in late 2017, the Civil Guard of Spain and the FBI published a list of portals that had been closed, the seats of the developers of such projects shook.

By mid 2018, There were already hundreds of portals closed by the Civil Guard, among which was MejorTorrent, leaving millions of users completely orphans when it comes to downloading content via P2P.

Although months later the developers of MejorTorrent announced that they would continue with a new domain, it is clear that these last little due to the strong persecution of the authorities, so it is convenient that you know more portals.

List of the best torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to MejorTorrent


Following, I mention the best alternative download platforms that are operational at this time, although we warn you that you should not trust yourself too much since all these pages will eventually have problems with the authorities, so it is convenient not to fall in love with any of them.

Did you know that ISO Hunt has been serving its users with free torrents for 15 years?. The original website was abandoned due to the action of the judicial authorities a few years ago. The main page offers torrents in different categories, including movies, games, and software. The portal works with funds generated through advertising that you can avoid by using the ad blockers extension. ISO Hunt is famous for anime downloads, but in general you will find content of all kinds.

Rarbg started in 2008 as torrent sites. This web portal houses all kinds of files, movies, music, games, operating system distributions. A first impression, the user interface of this website is very clean and easy to use. Everything is organized in the form of navigation bars. In each category, you can search for the desired content you are looking for. You may want hire a VPN when you access this website due to bad reputation of sharing records with advertising companies.

The site has millions of usersbut it still uses contextual ads. Which is a bit annoying. Even if you use an ad blocker, the second click on any button will take you to the desired section.

Excellent if you are looking for movies. In it you will find a great variety, with a unique audio and video quality. It is a site that is up to date and contains the latest films and television shows. Movies generally include multilingual subtitles. All its content is organized in the form of genres. Their home page is very clean and easy to use. They don’t have a lot of ads on their website. Although you can use ad blocker.


It is one of the largest torrent communities on the internet with millions of torrents in its files. These range from movies, games, software, music, and many other niches. ExtraTorrent has its own exclusive VPN client that protects the privacy of its users by guaranteeing anonymity.

A feature that makes it stand out from the rest, is that it respects the copyright of the original owners and the response to DMCA notices that you receive on your website. A year ago, ExtraTorrent lost its original domains, but it continues to manage to fulfill the great community that they have created around them.

I hit the market about five years ago, It is characterized by having its database updated to offer first-class files to its community that grows more every day. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you have already visited this site, I recommend that you do it again. They have rethought everything, which is much better than their previous design. Now there is a search bar in the center of the page where you can search for whatever you want.

You can download movies, tv series and applications. Everything is like any other torrent site. The actual download links are in front of the torrent title. This is where the status of the file you want to download is displayed. It is a good alternative, we recommend it. ( (

Popcorn Time is the Netflix for lovers of torrent files. It is not a torrent site but an application available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This allows you to search and watch movies directly from streams.

It is like streaming the movie from the torrents which is also downloaded to the device Is it complex? Totally. It is the easiest way to watch your favorite movies. This app automatically searches the best torrents in 720P, 1080P and 3D, and then shows the number of seeds. You can select the format you want to see.

It also has a built-in torrent client and a VPN. There are no more ads than the one in this app. You can enjoy movies and TV series uninterrupted. It easily meets all your needs if you torrent just to watch movies, it is the best alternative.

It looks more like a torrent search engine. Use invite followers and classifies them according to their stability and speed. This site includes the latest trends in downloads and torrent websites, you classify them into different categories, including games, movies, software, music, and sports.

Overall, the home page of this site is very user friendly. With the ad blocker installed, you will not see any traces of advertising. This site recommends using a VPN client. It is also a bit slow due to the volume of traffic it handles.

We are still not sure if this is the original website of Kickass Torrents or if someone else has copied your design. The layout and user interface of this page are completely hidden. At the first impression, there is no doubt that this is the real Kickass Torrents website. But obviously this is the copy because there is no official announcement from the developer team.

The owner of this website boasts of saying that the quality of the files on your website is one of the best currently available. You can search for movies, music, software, games, and e-books. It invites its users to protect their privacy and not to connect with hackers and ISPs.

Zooqle’s torrent indexing service is primarily for movie lovers. Index the movies using the API (Application Programming Interface) of the database “The Movies Database“(TMDb). This site also accepts donations and advertisements to operate its website. Announcements they are not very annoying and they can be easily blocked using blocking software. You can watch all the latest movies available through the BitTorrent protocol.

The website aims to protect your privacy and security. They only store the data that you enter when you register. Passwords are stored in the encrypted database using one-way encryption.

Torrenthounds suffered most of the attacks by regulatory authorities and survived while still serving the best torrents in the community. You can download movies, music, games, and software from this website. This portal claims to have 80 million files in different categories. It also has its own torrent client and recommends users to use it to download the files.

The problem is that it is slow and takes too long to open. I suggest you install an ad blocker, use your own BitTorrent client and visit this page only when the VPN is installed on your computer.

Is it dangerous to download torrent series from these websites?

torrent danger

Downloading Torrent is not safe at all. The risks that you run every time you make a download of this type are great if you fall into the hands of a malicious portal. As it is a P2P network in which two computers connect to execute the download, it is possible that someone could enter your computer taking advantage of it to obtain important information stored on it.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of infecting your computer with viruses that can seriously affect its operation. To do this, it is enough to have the bad luck of downloading a contaminated file that spreads malware all over the computer.

These are just a few dangers, but the reality is that there are many more. That is why before making any download you must take the following precautions:

  • Ad Blockers. The best thing that has happened on the Internet in recent years is the ad blocker. Unregulated advertising companies pollute the internet. Mainly with their cheap, fake, scam and dirty ads. Address blockers help you block servers and the links that transmit them.
  • Use VPN: Virtual private networks can do little to protect the security of your data, but they are an effective tool for managing digital identities. You can guarantee the confidentiality of your information by using these tools.
  • Always read the comments: In them you can read the opinion of other users who have already downloaded the file and can give you indications of how reliable the download is.
  • An Antivirus: In this way you will be able to establish a protection that blocks any file contaminated with virus before it spreads throughout the computer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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