Download Locked Attachment in Outlook  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

In our step-by-step guide we will explain you in detail how to download blocked attachments from Outlook. We will tell you why an attached document is blocked in Microsoft mail and how you can fix it.

If you want to learn to download an attachment sent by your contacts, but what was blocked by Outlook mail, you will have to pay attention to the tricks that we will teach you.

When you put our advice into practice, you will retain control of all your conversations. So if you want to find out what’s going on around you, take a look below.

Why is an attachment blocked in Outlook?

Why is an attachment blocked in Outlook?

Keep in mind that the large number of files sent daily through Outlook Can cause irreparable damage to the privacy of users. To keep your security and that of your contacts protected, Outlook blocks attachments that you send in your emails every time you send executable files or database. This is because the spread of viruses is generated mainly through these two types of files.

Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, Microsoft’s mail cancel the delivery of the attachment and recommends using One Drive to store these kinds of files. You will then need to send the recipient a link so they can download it. While it is true that, it is not the only solution (we will see it in detail later), using the cloud is the most used by users of Microsoft. For more resources, continue reading the other points.

If you don’t want to have a headache every time you send an email with an attachment, We will show you below all the extensions of the file names that Outlook blocks. This means that, if your file has any of the following extensions after its name, it would be better not to send it, because Outlook will bounce it.

Pay attention to the following list:

  • .ade
  • .adp
  • .app
  • .asp
  • .aspx
  • .asx
  • .bas
  • .bat
  • .cer
  • .chm
  • .cmd
  • .cnt
  • .com
  • .cpl
  • .crt
  • .csh
  • .der
  • .diagcab
  • .exe
  • .fxp
  • .gadget
  • .grp
  • .hlp
  • .hpj
  • .hta
  • .htc
  • .inf
  • .ins
  • .isp
  • .its
  • .jar
  • .jnlp
  • .js
  • .jse
  • .ksh
  • .lnk
  • .mad
  • .maf
  • .mag
  • .mam
  • .maq
  • .sea
  • .more
  • .mat
  • .mau
  • .mav
  • .maw
  • .mcf
  • .mda
  • .mdb
  • .mde
  • .mdt
  • .mdw
  • .mdz
  • .msc
  • .msh
  • .msh1
  • .msh2
  • .mshxml
  • .msh1xml
  • .msh2xml
  • .M: Yes
  • .msp
  • .mst
  • .msu
  • .ops
  • .OSD
  • .pcd
  • .pif
  • .pl
  • .plg
  • .prf
  • .prg
  • .printerexport
  • .ps1
  • .ps1xml
  • .ps2
  • .ps2xml
  • .psc1
  • .psc2
  • .psd1
  • .psdm1
  • .pst
  • .py
  • .pyc
  • .pyo
  • .pyw
  • .pyz
  • .pyzw
  • .reg
  • .scf
  • .scr
  • .sct
  • .shb
  • .shs
  • .theme
  • .tmp
  • .url
  • .vb
  • .vbe
  • .vbp
  • .vbs
  • .vhd
  • .vhdx
  • .vsmacros
  • .vsw
  • .webpnp
  • .website
  • .ws
  • .wsc
  • .wsf
  • .wsh
  • .XBAP
  • .xll
  • .xnk

Learn how to download a blocked attachment in Outlook

Learn how to download a blocked attachment in Outlook

If want to download a blocked attachment in Outlook Because the extension is in the list that we showed you before, pay attention to these tricks that will help you share the files safely.

See below:

Modify the file name

Consider that, if you are the one who receives the email, you should ask the sender to perform the steps that we mention.

Check out:

  • The first thing you should do is right click on the attachment you want to send so that a pop-up menu is displayed.
  • Then select the option Copy that will appear in the box.
  • Later go to your computer desktop and press the right mouse button again to choose the tool Paste.
  • Choose the file you just pasted again and right-click and then press Change Name.
  • Finally, change the name of the file taking into account the list that we show you beforehand so that it will not be rejected again by the mail of Outlook.

Save the attachment to the cloud

Save the attachment to the cloud

A good way to keep your account and your contacts safe is upload the attachment to One Drive, Google Drive or in any other virtual storage provider that is secure. In all these servers you will find the function to share a link, so it will be a matter of finding the corresponding icon to get the link. Later you must send the link that you just obtained in the body of the message to any recipient.

Compress the attachment

Another practical way you have to send data that can be blocked by Outlook mail is use a tool that compresses the file size. This prevents the Microsoft server from detecting a potential security threat. You can choose between different options, although the most common are WinZip, WinRar and 7-Zip.

If use the Windows 10 operating system on your computer, you will have another alternative. You will have to right click on the file and then select the option Send to. Then choose Compressed folder (zipped) And that’s it! You can now send the attachment without it being blocked.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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