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Our email is, along with bank accounts, the tool that we should treat with the most suspicion, since here we keep very important information and in many cases confidential. Its protection must be maximum, and the security data must be within the reach of very few.

However, It usually happens that for various reasons our Gmail account has been blocked, which represents a headache if for reasons of time we need to have some information on hand.

In this text, we will show you in detail why this happens, the reasons why your Gmail account may be blockeda, as well as the types of ban and the step-by-step guide on how to save your accounts, without forgetting what can happen if you can’t get it back.

What are the reasons why my Gmail account has been blocked?

May There are many reasons why the Gmail account can be blocked: from entering a wrong access data to trying to remember forgotten passwords or keys, for this reason the company shows several ranges and depending on the error, Gmail will give you the way to recover it by following the established procedures.

Let’s see next:

For security

Password usage at Gmail login

Is one of the most common reasons why the Gmail account can be blocked, this occurs by entering the wrong data at the time of logging in, such as the misspelled username, do not place “@”, skipping the point, or trying to enter multiple times with the wrong password.

If any of these mishaps occur, the system will automatically lock the accountas it will consider that another user is trying to breach Gmail data and for security reasons, no one will enter it until the person who owns the email provides the true information.

For violation of the terms of use

The Gmail’s terms of use policy is very extensive and covers several items that must be taken into account, the lack of any of these may lead to the temporary or permanent suspension of the mail service.

Use your account to organize criminal activities, Violation of copyrights such as the use of patents, trademarks and trade secrets, identity theft, promoting child pornography and commercial and banking scams through emails are crimes that lead to the suspension of the account for terms of use.

Spam and bulk mail

How to mark mail as spam

The Sending spam is another reason why Gmail can lock your account, and it is that in many occasions sending massively and followed information that is mostly commercial, tends to become garbage for the users who receive it, so it is not accepted or requested by the recipient. This fact causes the system to automatically lock the account, by representing an electronic commerce crime in many countries.

Malicious software

Sending some kind of virus or suspicious files is reason to close temporary or total account, since these files being destructive in nature, can cause great damage to complete systems which represents a violation of Gmail regulations.

Identity fraud

Impersonate in Gmail

Use another user’s account without your authorization, or impersonating another person is a fault that is also penalized, and a reason for the suspension of the email account Gmail. That is why great care must be taken in this regard, and especially with access to your data such as the password and the user.


All kinds of threats and intimidation are strong reasons to suspend the account immediately, that is why Gmail is constantly monitoring messages that may be considered in this way or that have these characteristics. People can also report that they are harassed in this way and Gmail reviews every request from its users.

Types of sanctions in Gmail What are all the types of ban and how long does each one last?

Ban type in Gmail

The ban is the suspension of the account for a certain period, in this sense, Gmail is very rigorous with its controls and policies, therefore It obliges all its users to comply fully with them to avoid inconveniences.

The types of ban are:

  • Partial or temporary ban: This case occurs when a minor infraction has been violated, this usually lasts between five to 30 days approximately. It should be noted that if you repeat the fault several times, you run the risk of the definitive suspension of the account.
  • Indefinite ban: It happens when the fault is repeated or very serious, in this case you can lose your Gmail account permanently due to violation of the established rules.

We teach you how to recover your Gmail account if it has been blocked by an excess of login attempts

It is common that the Gmail account is blocked by trying to access it several times, we insist with the wrong password and for not verifying we make the same mistake, in the next point we are going to show you how to recover your account in case this happens in a simple way.

Go for it:

  • What first step you should have at hand all the data you may need to carry out this process, such as the email name and password exact, then enter the Google help center.

Google account recovery

  • Enter the email address to recover with your password or failing that, the phone number, this must match the number found in the database record. Then you click on the button “Following

Possible messages from Google to recover account

  • Enter the verification code received either by text message or by email with the previously entered password.
  • Completed these steps, you will be able to log in with your Gmail account, after changing the password to update the corresponding information.

Ways to regain access to Gmail

  • In case of not remembering any of this information, Gmail will ask you several security questions In order to verify your identity, these questions would be from the account creation date, other devices used with that email or old locks, among others.

Gmail gives you the option to observe the number of unsuccessful attempts that you had until the account was blocked, this is in the section of “Report failed attempts” at “Control Panel”, Remember that this has a limit and when exceeded it can cause many problems.

Learn step by step to recover your Gmail account if it has been banned for violating the terms of the platform

To the be banned our account for incurring violations of the terms, It is likely that we have skipped a step in terms of regulations or in reality there is a violation of the regulations, but the really important thing is that despite this the account can be recovered.

The steps are the following:

  • The first step to enable account is to go to Google support center for these cases.

Google help center to recover Gmail accounts

  • Locate yourself at the point “How to request that we reinstate your account”And fill out the corresponding form in the google help section.

Request to reestablish Gmail account

  • Must be fill in the entire form indicating that you use an account with a Gmail domain and an alternative email address where technical support
  • By last, you must indicate any data or information that helps you solve the problem, in order to define the reasons for the suspension and thus make the account recovery easier.
  • Notably Before doing the whole procedure you should carefully read the terms and conditions of use, so that you are aware of the fault committed, and thus avoid future setbacks.
  • click on the button “Send” and your recovery request will already be in process.

What will happen to my emails if I can’t get my account back? Will I lose all that information?

As we have already commented and depending on the fault or violation that has been incurred, you can lose the account Gmail indefinitely, that is why when detecting any anomaly, Gmail will send a notice so that you are alert in the first place that you are committing an infraction, and that you must back up all your information because you can lose it.

Once this warning is known, it is important to move your emails to another address as soon as possibleOtherwise, you could lose everything if your account cannot be recovered and, worse still, be left without the information that is relevant to you.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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