FIX Easy and Simple Keyboard  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Although keyboard errors are not very common, they can cause great annoyances, and these can lead to it stopping working, in those cases, there are methods that can be applied to fix them.

In many circumstances the problem with the keyboard is that some keys don’t work, and this leads to making certain errors and believing that the malfunction is due to a bad configuration in the system.

However, you should know that this is not the case, there are faults or damages that occur to this in some components that prevent the keys from working as they should. That is why in this tutorial we are going to explain to you, step by step, how you can diagnose these failures and how you can solve them.

What are the possible reasons why my keyboard no longer works?

There are different causes that generate failures in your keyboard or keyboard, each of them can be generated in different ways, but you should know that there are some methods that can be applied to prevent them from being generated, or failing that, from getting worse the current status of the device.

Among the causes are:

  • Excess dirt: Dirt such as dust, hair, food residue, or other small solid items can damage membranes and even component circuits.
  • Humidity: If your devices are in a place with high humidity, it can cause errors in the circuits, creating what is called sulfation, (which is basically oxidation of the electronic components or the circuit of the same). This process interrupts or cuts off the current flow directly, preventing the system from working properly.
  • Wet the keyboard: In some cases, the incident occurs that a drink is spilled in them, for example, coffee, tea, water, etc. If you are lucky in the first instance nothing fails, and just letting it dry solves it. But if it is a repeating event, this will damage the keyboard board.

Solutions or methods to avoid keyboard failure

Just as there are different causes that can damage a keyboard, there are also methods that can be used to help prevent these damages before they become critical and you have to perform a repair or in its severity change the device, since it cannot be repaired.

Among the solutions are:

  • Avoid having your equipment in a place with a high concentration of dust, even eat on it, in case you can’t avoid it, Regular maintenance will help prevent damage.
  • Humidity It is a great enemy of electronic components, because it accelerates and causes sulfation. To avoid this, the ideal is to have the electronic elements away from places with high concentrations, or in ventilated places, in order to avoid that it is concentrated in the same place. And as in the previous case, the best tool to avoid it is perform preventive maintenance.
  • In case the keyboard has gotten wet the best thing at that time is to disconnect it or immediately turn off the device (this in case it happens on a laptop). In the case of a membrane keyboard, once it is disconnected, proceed to open carefully until the part of the circuit is obtained, clean the area and wait until it is completely dry. Once clean, check the condition of the circuit and if no damage is observed, close and test it.

How to fix the keys that do not work on our keyboard?

In case ya keyboard present faults and it is recognized that they are not due to a keyboard misconfiguration, it only remains to perform a circuit repair. This procedure is highly delicate, This is because if it is done carelessly without correctly fulfilling the steps, you can generate totally irreparable damage to your equipment.

In case you are not sure, it is better to take it to a specialized technician and that it carry out all the necessary repairs.

Repair material and tools

Before starting the repair there is a list of items that you must have in order to perform this task:

  • Digital multimeter: this element will allow to verify the state of electrical continuity of the circuit. Either by measuring its resistance or by measuring electrical continuity.

digital multimeter

  • Spade screwdriver (stick) and flute screwdriver (cross): this to be able to remove all the keyboard screws.

slotted and blade screwdriver

  • Cleaning fluid for electronic components: This liquid is used specifically to clean electrical components, since after use it evaporates completely, which facilitates its drying. If you can’t, you can use acetone (nail paint cleaner) or pure alcohol.
  • Cotton or fabric: This must be completely clean to use it together with the cleaning liquid.
  • Electrically conductive paint (Electric Paint): Otherwise, a graphite pencil or the lead of a mechanical pencil with a very soft hardness can be used.

electrically conductive paint

  • A needle and an extra fine brush: this only in case of acquiring conductive paint.

Procedure and steps to repair a keyboard

The steps to correctly fix a keyboard are easy to execute, even so, you need to be very careful when performing them, this because a mistake will cause irreparable damage.

  • Open the keyboard, For this use the aforementioned screwdrivers to remove each screw in it, then open the case.
  • Once opened, you must remove the membrane from the keyboard, remove it carefully, once this is done you will see that it is composed of different parts, the one that interests is the one with the printed circuit.

membrane of a keyboard in parts

  • Performs a total cleaning of the membrane with the circuit cleaner liquid or one of the alternatives and wait until it is completely dry before carrying out another task.
  • Look carefully and in detail at the circuit, in order to discover segments that are damaged, sulfated or with dirt in it.

damaged PCB segment

  • After looking at the damaged parts the continuity of the circuit will be checked using the multimeter and placing it to measure resistance or continuity, both are valid, it is only necessary to place it in some of the nodes.
  • Measurement will be done from any node (the circles with multiple connections) to the segment that is faulty.

check bad circuit of a keyboard

  • To make sure that the error is there, in the place where the circuit damage is seen, the measurement is also carried out. The multimeter does not present electrical continuity, it will show as value 1 (in case you are measuring resistance) and in case of measuring continuity it will not give any beep or sound.
  • Now we are going to repair the damaged segment, with conductive paint or graphite. In case of using paint, use a needle for the circuit lines, as it is important that they are as thin as possible. It is important that you do not touch others, this will cause a short circuit if they join. Remember to use little paint.

circuit repair with conductive paint

How to check that the keyboard has been repaired?

For this it is necessary to use the multimeter again, you have to take into account that if you are not an experienced user in electronics, or in the tool you are using, it is best to place it by measuring resistance, “Ohm”.

Thus we will observe which places have better electrical flow, the closer to zero the measured result is at that time, the better.

  • Now check the area with the multimeter, you will perform the same tests previously explained. If everything is correct, it should give you a value other than 1, the closer it is to 0, the better the continuity of the circuit. Before checking, wait until the paint is completely dry.

Checking the repaired circuit of a keyboard

  • Now, re-arm the keyboard membrane. Once you have it ready, check the status by connecting it to your computer. If everything is correct, all keys should work.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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