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One of the most used platforms in terms of digital messaging is Gmail, which it has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. But, this does not mean that it is perfect, since it can undoubtedly present disadvantages.

One of the problems is the return of sent emails that end up being rejected. In these cases, we surely think that it is our fault, but the truth is that it may be due to an error of the recipient, the platform, DNS and others.

So in this article we will introduce you to the possible causes and solutions to solve this problem that prevents you from sending messages from your inbox.

What are the main reasons why Gmail does not allow me to send my messages?

As we just told you, there are many possible errors that cause that you can’t send emails.

Here is a list of the most likely:

Recipient does not exist

This is one of the most frequent reasons within the platform, and it lies in having entered the recipient’s email incorrectly and it is not assigned to a user. In this case the message will not be sent, and if it is sent it will not be received by any user.

This gmail address was not found

Your message is SPAM

If this is the case of the return of your message, it is quite likely that the reasons are due to some link or text included within the content which was rated by the server as suspicious and marked as SPAM.

Message rejected by the recipient’s server

This error is usually seen when the emails are from another server, which temporarily have had any eventuality and was unable to receive the message.

You have reached the limit of messages sent

Few people know that this platform has a daily limit on the number of messages that can be sent, as well as the number of people to whom the message will go, so if it is exceeded automatically you will be warned that you cannot send more messages until the next day.

The daily sending limit allowed is 500 messages, so if you send the same email and exceed the amount or send more than 500 messages individually, you will run into this problem. The goal of this is to avoid mass messages and protect users.

The recipient has reached the limit of received messages

As in the previous case, the limits also apply to receive new messages, so this notice may mean that the person receiving It has already reached its maximum with other emails. So we must wait until the next day to send it or if we have another form of communication, request a new email.

Learn step by step how to troubleshoot bounced messages in Gmail

Now let’s get into a more interesting aspect and We will teach you how to solve the problems mentioned above so you can send your email without problem.

Go for it:

Check the recipient

Another reason why a message can be rejected is because of the email address, either because it is misspelled, does not work or does not exist. If it is due to a recipient not found, it will throw us an error (550). In this case what you should do is verify that quotation marks, periods, spaces, misspellings and other details are not included. Always correct the recipient’s email address and the problem should be fixed.

Don’t send unwanted advertising content

If by bad luck your message is considered as SPAM, There are two solutions that you can apply to be able to send it without problem. The first thing is to eliminate those possible websites or use other terms that are not considered spam.

Now, if your case is not the previous one, do not worry because there is another reason why Gmail returns them and this is to add many recipients in a single email, since he takes it as a not very organic way of communicating. In case you need to do this, it is preferable that you create a group of contacts or send different emails to small groups of people.

Try later

If the error is caused by the recipient’s mail server, the solution here is to try to send it later, but if the problem persists we must check the spelling of the email. Otherwise, we would be talking about an error on the server where we want to send the message. However, we have two possible solutions, The first is to write to the platform’s customer service to ask when the service will be operational again, the second is to ask the person to provide us with another email address.

the message could not be sent, try gmail later

Create a new account

If you have reached the sending limit of your email and you do not want to pay to improve your account and increase your space, what you should do is simply open a new Gmail.

Here are the steps you must follow to do it:

  • Enter the official page and on the right side you will find a blue box called “Create Account”.
  • Following fill in your details such as name, surname, the email address you want to use, password and other information of interest.
  • Now follow the steps indicated to optimize your account and enjoy Gmail services.

Check your internet connection

If none of the above problems is your situation, it is very likely that your problem is the failure of your internet, so We recommend that you check if you have access to the network or if you can link to another. If everything is fine and you continue to have faults, you should contact your provider to solve it.

a gmail error has occurred

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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