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Wouldn’t you love have all the information about your next trip unified and easily accessible? Printed tickets, reservations for different hotels, each one scattered around in the mail, suddenly you don’t have internet to check Booking, AirBnB, tourist brochures, uncomfortable plans … Be careful. the answer to your prayers is Google Tips.

Google Trips is a complete trip planner that will delight the most restless who love to move both by train, bus, car or plane to travel the world.

If you are curious about what it is exactly, what it offers and how does it workKeep reading because we are going to tell you absolutely everything you can do, going point by point to achieve it.

What is Google Trips, the Google trip planner, and what is it for?

What is Google Trips and what is it for?

Google Trips is a travel planning mobile application that comes from the hand of Google. This stands out for bring together diverse information about your next trip in a single platform: reservations, places you can see, itineraries, places to eat and drink and many other services.

Among some of its characteristics we can highlight that is available on Android and iOS for free and does not have a desktop version. You will also love to know that you can download your entire plan to have it available without internet, because we know that when traveling you cannot use too much data on the street or, depending on the place, connecting to our own network has a high cost.

*Note: Google stopped providing service through this app. Now there are other alternatives.

This software is used to manually configure itineraries and add all kinds of information. However, something that enchants is the fact that sync with your Gmail email to automatically add data from emails with reservations what have you done, something that the google assistant with your artificial intelligence.

In this way, you are going to configure an entire experience that includes everything you want to do, with complete information, dates, itineraries, services available to hire, suggestions and much more.

How to use the Google Trips app for travelers? Tutorial

App for travelers Google Trips

Now that we know perfectly what it is and what it is for, we can only show you how it works, that is, how you can configure your next adventure in a simple way, step by step, and considering all the options and tricks that the app offers.

Configure the settings

Here you will find, to activate or deactivate, points like export trips from Gmail, keep memory and data settings and configure the type of notifications we want to receive. In addition, you will find all kinds of information related to the privacy policy, terms of service and software licenses.

  • The settings are configured by clicking on the icon on the upper left of the three horizontal bars.
  • You will see the profile photo of your gmail email with which you have started the session. If this is not the case, you will be asked, first of all, to do so to synchronize the information.
  • Let you find the “Help” menu and, under this, with “Settings”. click on the latter.

Choose your destination and create your trip

  1. As soon as you open the application, it asks you where you want to go.
    • You only have to type a place in the search bar and as you do, you will be given possibilities; choose yours by clicking on it.
    • Another option is to click on the cross to close the search and “To explore”. It is an option that appears in the foreground and that gives you examples, in a carousel, of different places. You can click on the one that catches your attention.
  2. In both cases, clicking on the option we will change the window (main window of the trip) and we will go to see a photo of the place and, under this, the different elements that we are going to keep on the trip in question.
  3. You only have to click on “Create trip”.
  4. In the next window you will fill in the most basic data: name of the trip, destination, round trip dates and the possibility of adding more destinations, re-entering the dates when we would be in this new place.
  5. Tap on “Ready”. When you do, the main window of the trip will have changed and you will have as many tabs as there are destinations, so that all the information is ordered by places.

Main trip window

As we say, the main window of the trip includes different aspects to classify all the information about our trip. From here we can modify the previous aspects and take a look at everything that each destination has to offer us.


  • You enter and you find the icon “+”, which allows you to add your first reservation. Press it.
  • Then you will have the different types of reservation available (Flight, Hotel, Train, Bus, Car rental and Restaurant). Depending on the one you choose, you will have different parameters to fill in.
    • Flight. Airline company, flight number, departure and arrival airports, departure day, flight time and confirmation number. You save with the floppy icon.
    • hotel. Hotel name, address, check-in and check-out dates, confirmation number and telephone number.
    • Train. Departure and arrival stations, departure and arrival dates, configuration of the different passengers (adding one by one with the “+” icon), including wagon, seat and class, and, finally, confirmation number.
    • Bus. Stations and dates of departure and arrival, passenger configuration, including their seat, and confirmation number.
    • Car rental. Company, address, telephone number, dates of collection and return, the option to return in a different place, type of car and confirmation number.
    • restaurant. Restaurant name, address, date, time, number of diners, confirmation number and telephone number.
  • Also here the option of add notes (“Notes”). You just have to click on the option, write the note (up to 10,000 characters) and save by clicking on the floppy disk icon (top right).

Things to Do

  • Here you will find an endless amount of interesting points for tourists filtered according to different aspects:
    1. Better sites.
    2. Recommended.
    3. Covered spaces.
    4. Outdoor spaces.
    5. Suitable for children.
    6. More long.
    7. Places from A to Z.
  • You can expand the information by clicking on the information rectangle of any of them. You will change windows and go to another with the name, the icon to save in favorites, images of the place or event, a description, its location on the map, directions to get there, its website, the option to call, hours, rush hours , score and, finally, the reviews of other users.
  • The places can be seen, if you wish, on the map, so you can better locate yourself. You just have to click on a map icon that we are in the upper right area.
  • From here you can add the place you like the most to an itinerary, by clicking on “+”. At this same moment, the place you have decided to add will be placed in a new itinerary that you can continue configuring point by point as we will tell you below.

How Google Trips works

One day itineraries

You will start by seeing some suggestions of itineraries. You can click on any of them and see them in detail, with points of interest set in a certain order that you can see more widely by clicking on them (description, note, reviews, location on the map, peak hours …

These itineraries can be modified by pressing on the pencil icon, top right once we have entered the itinerary in question.

On the top left we have a filter for choose if we want to spend the whole day, the morning or the afternoon, in addition to a specific day of the week. This will help you avoid encountering closed sites.

After doing this filtering, we can proceed to delete or add points of interest:

  • These are highlighted on the map with a blue location icon; you can press them to have more information.
  • You can also choose between:
    • Pin this site, which makes it added to the itinerary.
    • Delete this attraction. If it is not in your interest, delete it and you will not be overwhelmed by so many options.
    • Start from here. Place the beginning of the itinerary in this place.
  • If you are not interested in that point, you can directly click on another and you will know its information and have the same options to include it or not in your itinerary.

If none of the itineraries convinces you, you can create one yourself, before entering to modify any of them. You just have to click on the “+” button. The map with the points of interest will appear and you only have to do the same thing that we have already mentioned, only that this time you do not have pre-established places, but you choose them all from the beginning.

Food and drink

Here you can see restaurants, cafes and bars using various filters as if they are open at the moment, ordered by distance to the place where you are or with the possibility of showing only those that you have previously saved, so you don’t mess around.

At a first glance you will find an image of the establishment, its 5-star rating, the number of reviews it has, whether it is open or not, the average price and the icon, on the right, to save it in favorites.

Clicking on the establishment expands the information, including a map to find out where you are, directions, phone and website, a photo carousel and reviews.

Saved places

Here you will find everything that you have saved in the rest of the menus (food and drink, one-day itineraries, things to do …).

By clicking on the map icon in the upper right area you will see your saved sites located in the city, so that you can get an idea of ​​the distances and, with it, set up the itinerary that best suits you.


Lastly, we have a discount option. By clicking on it we can discover what discounts are in force in all kinds of interesting points for tourists: transport, tickets, menus …

You can browse them one by one and, if you are interested, these discounts they are enjoyed in different ways (hiring the services at the moment, redirecting you to other consultation websites …).

Always pay attention to them because there are very interesting things, including, for example, car rental or the creation of your itinerary, based on your interests) by a local.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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