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Identity on the Internet is a topic that you must understand in order to know what data can be obtained from you on the web. This will help you create a reliable digital identity according to the elements that make it up.

So that you can perform this task without errors, we have prepared this article. You will find all the information related to the components of digital identity and the difference there is with the physical one.

You will also know the types of virtual ID and how companies do to know that you are a real person. After reading everything you will be a true computer expert.

What is digital identity and how is it different from physical identity?

What is digital identity and how is it different from physical identity?

Digital identity, also known as Identity 2.0, is the public information on the Internet about a given individual. This data can be obtained from social networks, comments, friends and any other element that can be obtained from the web. Instead, physical identity is related to the legal aspects of a person. They include the real name, the dress, their tastes and their body gestures, among other elements.

What are the elements of a digital identity?

To have a digital identity on the Internet, several factors are needed, so we will show you each of them below:


This aspect is a bit related to branding. That is, everything that is published on the web and follows visual patterns thought in advance generates an identity. This leads to the creation of a digital image, which aims to be quickly recognized by users.

Way of writing

In general, the way of writing has a significant influence on digital identity. This is because creative writing aimed at a digital story is a good distinctive element of the person, that is, the texts are exclusively made for a digital format and with the editor’s own style.

Way of expressing yourself

This digital element is the ability of a person or website to express ideas as clearly and legibly as possible. Getting this type of element in digital identity is not easy, not all people have this developed aspect anymore. Studies have shown that you can express more than how we are according to the use of techniques.

Themes of interest

Themes of interest

It is a digital element that is related to covering topics that are of interest to the person himself. That is the individual participates only in topics that catch their attention and they awaken another type of motivation. This makes it much more efficient when it comes to participating in reviews.


These are the principles that a person or a company has in its organizational culture. This element of identity represents the current way you have to think about certain issues. In addition, it is linked to the behavior in general and how is the type of treatment you have with other people.

Social networks

Social media platforms significantly influence an individual’s identity. This is because they upload content that is of interest to the person, using a specific language and image. The RRSS generate a plus to efficiently obtain an identity.

Email addresses

For many people this element seems insignificant, but it is the opposite. Is directly related to the maturity of the person because it shows by means of the ID if it shows a professional, friendly profile, etc. It is important to take this variable into account because it is a great generator of identity knowledge.

Types of Virtual Identity What are the different profiles on the Internet?

There are different types of Virtual Identity. If you want to know what are the different profiles that you can find on the Internet, we show them below:


It is a character or name invented to be used for a certain objective. It is common to find this type of identity in activist societies and groups, which must maintain their anonymity the maximum possible.


This type of identity is the one used on the Internet and coincides with the data registered in legal bodies. The use of this type of digital ID occurs in companies, since they must operate online with their clients and need to execute their rights and obligations required by law.


This identity is directly related to the Internet and with software used in private and public areas. This is the name given to the set of elements that a person uses to be characterized on the web. While, in a software digital identity is related not only to the assigned ID name, but also to established permissions to access subnets, digital signatures, etc.


This type of identity is given by including in the activities carried out on the different platforms, the name and the real data of a person. In this way, pseudonyms and any other element that allows reliable information to be diverted is set aside. It is used more than anything when companies request the true identity of their customer. But you will see this topic in more detail below.

Know Your Costumer How do companies make sure you are a real person?

Know You Costumer How do companies make sure you are a real person?

One of the main problems for companies is making sure that the virtual identity belongs to a real person. It is because of this that they use the technique Know Your Costumer, which consists of requesting different types of documentation that allow to prove the veracity of the data.

Further, They ask the interested parties to validate the email, the telephone number and even access to the web site by means of a verification code that is sent by SMS, emails or through the mobile app. With this class of actions you can confirm manually and by computer that you are dealing with the real interested party.

Learn step by step how to create different digital identities

Given the way of writing, expressing oneself on the Internet and the use of emojis allow creating a virtual identity It must be taken into account that with the analysis of the metadata and it is possible to determine the true identity of the person.

For this reason, if you want to correctly create different digital identities, you will have to follow this step by step:

Create a strategy

What you should do first is create a solid strategy to have several Digital ID. For this you will need to raise the general objectives of your activities, establish the audience you want to reach and determine by what means you prefer to do so. When you have this ready, you can continue with the next steps. But You must bear in mind that this is the most important stage and to which you should dedicate the most time.

Unique username

Yes create a unique username on the different platforms you interact with, this is surely not the right way to create different digital identities.

For this reason you should keep in mind some tips:

  • Do not have a unique user in all the social networks that you want to use. If you manage to match your username on social networks with your web domain you will achieve a very complete digital identity and easy to detect if you use it for different projects. On the other hand, if you consolidate this set of elements for each activity that you want to carry out, you will achieve a good result.
  • Search available web domains to put your name user and be able to target your audience.
  • You must bear in mind that if you use the same name it will generate more trust and credibility in social networks and on the Internet. So you must know well the steps you must do.

Way of expressing yourself and writing

Have the same way of expressing yourself on all social networks and places where you want to create a different digital identity will be a point against. You must write in different tones, without making spelling mistakes, but expressing the idea sometimes directly and sometimes not so much.

Use emojis

The use of these graphics in the text generates a unique style to your identity, because you are going to use emojis, try to do it correctly. That is, for some Digital ID he writes with a wide use, for others not so much and for the rest he avoids their inclusion.

Compare the results obtained

Compare the results obtained

It is advisable to do a feed back of the actions that you have been doing to know precisely if you are being efficient in creating different digital identities. For this, it will be necessary that you include digital tools that help you investigate the metadata and big data that you are leaving on the Internet. If you see that you are on the right path, continue in the same way, otherwise correct the deviations and return to your original plan.

To measure your results you can use:

  • Interaction analysis of social networks.
  • Online tools to know the metadata.
  • Organic traffic of your website in interactions. This will lead you to know if your audience detects the different virtual identities.

Is it legal to have multiple identities on the Internet or can I go to jail?

Make a identity fraud, have multiple identities or creating fake profiles can have criminal consequences, since the usurpation of identity and the falsehood in it is considered a crime, which is regulated by laws in any country. So you can go to jail depending on the crime, damage you have caused, recurrence and legislation applicable to a specific case.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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