Hyperlink or Hyperlink  What are they and how to use them? ▷ 2020

Hyperlinks are one of the tools most used to connect one site to another (bridge), very common when creating documents and nowadays for the web pages. There are many types of hyperlinks, which differ according to their functions and environment where they are located.

So that you know everything about this topic, we recommend that you read below, because you will find information on how they are, what they are for and how they are usedIn addition, hyperlinks nowadays have the function of positioning our website through the relationship with the SEO.

This tool for websites is known as linkbuilding, its function being to indicate to Google (only a reference) if our page is worth being in the first index of results or not.

What is a hyperlink or hyperlink and what is it for?

What is a hyperlink and what is it used for in computing and the Internet?

Hyperlinks are those that direct us to another place or documentThese are also known as link link, or links. Its main function is to refer to other documents and even websites, called a specific point.

This is structured with a data network and an access protocol, which allows us to access the reference resource with a simple click. It is a tool widely used to present the low references cAs if they were dating.

They are very fundamental for the operation of the www (World Wide Web), since it is thanks to its different protocols that it allows access or visit to the destination address, so that we can view it, or if we want to download it.

They have infinities of uses, from a simple presentation, even to divide our website, but since computer systems are not perfect there are some hyperlinks that they can break on the way, these being the ones they call broken links.

This tool has become a fundamental piece since thanks to its protocol allows access or visit to the destination address contained in it, thus allowing to visualize a new information or download it to your computer. Therefore, these links have a large number of uses that vary depending on their objective, whether to be part of a presentation, split the web page or send the reader to another URL.

What are the parts of a hyperlink and what is the function of each one?

The bonds are composed in three fundamental parts, as it is the bookmark, link title, and target anchor. This is how here we are going to explain what each of them consists of:

Origin marker or anchor

This part is known as link, and it is when the user click on it and automatically sends it to the indicated position or destination.

Link title

The link title is the part that acts as main marker since it is he who define the link.

Marker or destination anchor

Finally, the destination anchor is the one who allows the jump to the indicated destination, in this case the most common destination is a Url, as it happens when you want to enter the website of internetpasoapaso.com where the world wide web lets invoke the website so that it can be viewed by the reader. In this case, elements such as images, text, audios, videos, among many others that may appear there.

What are the ends of a Hyperlink?

All hyperlinks or links are formed by two extremes as mentioned above, which They are the origin anchor and the destination anchor. This is how the origin marker is the one that is associated with those that are highlighted in web browsers or digital documents and that usually are underlined and blue.

When the reader selects that link in their point of origin this offers you access to a only destination and which is the one that is inserted in it, it can be a page of the same website or just send it to another page. In the case that the hyperlink stops working or no longer redirects the user to the URL address contained in it, it is because said link presents a failed to track address these are called broken links, that is, they no longer work or are not operational.

What are the types of hyperlinks that currently exist?

Types of hyperlinks How are they classified and how does each one work?

Hyperlinks can be of different forms, and when we talk about shapes we want to refer to types, since they are classified according to their functions and their environment.

The most common are the following:

Of text

Text links They are that send the reader to a digital text document or web page where you specify a part of the text, either a note at the end of the document. This is how they end up creating a network of meaning between two or more reading texts to which the user can one-click access.

Of image

These hyperlinks are very similar to those mentioned above, but instead of lead the reader to a part of the text they send it to a image in specific either within a website or in a digital document. There are also cases where a image contains a link and which sends you to new resources how they end up being the billboards.

Hyperlink to email

This type of hyperlink has a command to open and send messages by email, it works as a kind of shortcut, so it is very useful on many occasions, such as to report bugs or other things.

Specific functions

It is responsible for activating all lThe mechanisms already pre-established to perform a certain function within the computerr, the same can be print a document, save a file, change the font size, change the font, among many other functions.

Hyperlinks can also be rated based on the location of the resource, where we group them as follows:

Local or internal hyperlink

Links or searches only those files or documents with a local address, that is, it is located on the same computer, or on the same website.

External hyperlink

This is the opposite of the previous hyperlink, because it is the one used to search or direct us to a site or document outside the web or PC.

Linkbuilding, what is this hyperlinks strategy and what is it for?


One of the most used and practical tools of online marketing is link building, since it is Its function is to improve our positioning in Google or any other search engine, This complies with an artificial intelligence, which allows us to obtain and improve the incoming links to our website (and outgoing).

Today there are SEO professionals who specialize in “linkbuilders“, to offer us link building services, such are very useful to attract good traffic thanks to the location in the search engine indexes.

This new marketing strategy was born because search engines as they are Google, DuckDuck Go or BingThey focus on this most of the time, it is what is known as SEO Onpage and SEO Offpage, where the latter is the one that is responsible for positioning by external factors, being totally the opposite of Onpage.

For him marketing everything is important and everything is related to each other, so no, we can put aside or ignore the links that may or may not position us in search engines.

How does links for Google work?

Its function is closely related to the PageRank concept, which is a ranking from 0 to 10 that search engines especially Google they score on websites, awarded based on the amount of incoming links that the site has.

This valuealong with the quality of the link, (length, coherence, keywords), indicates the importance of the site. This is a great reference, because the more links we have, the better our PageRank will be. But these also work in reverse, that is, if we copy on our website, links from sites or blogs with high traffic (important), since this tells Google to position us in its first index.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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