“I’M GOING TO BE LUCKY”  Google Button Tricks and Pranks ▷ 2020

I’m going to be lucky it was one of those tests in which Google continuously worked to understand how the user works, what interests you and to what extent, among many other things.

In this case, we are talking about a resource that already disappeared as it was known in its origins and that happened without pain or glory for years, leaving, in fact, the network quite poor in terms of information about him.

We are going to take care of telling you what it is -or, rather, what it was-, how it works compared to conventional Google search and what tricks and thanks it offered and offers you.

What is and what is the Google button “I’m going to be lucky”?

Let’s start by indicating what was the button in its beginnings:

The origin of “I’m going to be lucky”

If you enter www.google.com, and only if you do it in this way (that is, it is useless to open Chrome and that’s it, you have to type the address www …) will you find two buttons under the bar of the seeker. One of them is precisely “I’m going to be lucky.”

This started out being an option to go to the number 1 result that the search engine offered when you did a search. That is, when you put anything on the bar and hit Enter, hundreds and hundreds of results are returned for you to choose from.

Pressing this button you saved the step and you went directly to the first of the results that the search engine gave you in relation to.

how it works i'm going to be lucky

In the image we see that, by typing “Internet” and clicking on the button, the search engine takes us directly to the wikipedia page which describes what the internet is, which is the first one you would find if you did a conventional search (except for advertising, of course).

This involved many things:

  • The first one is that there was a monopoly of the stage. By always entering the first search, it received more traffic each time, becoming more famous and, with it, staying in first place. A real blow to SEO!
  • This, in turn, meant that internet was not really useful for those looking for promotion, because whoever started never had the opportunity to be seen or to go climbing. This initially did not seem really relevant but as online marketing began to gain presence, the situation became totally inconvenient.
  • On the other hand, although on many occasions it was right, it cannot be denied that the results were not too specialized, since they moved according to what was most consulted, which, in turn, we have seen that it was conditioned by the button itself. Thus, we entered sites that did not really respond (or not as much as we would like) to our needs.
  • Yes, the information to which one had (and still has) access is of higher quality. Before you could have more doubts but with the amount of efforts that Google makes to position the pages based on their quality, it is more than evident that the first positions will be taken by very successful sites.
  • The user skipped a very good search point for companies and for Google itself. And it is that, with this button, they don’t see the ads that appear above the results (or any other, obviously). Thus, they did not click on them, companies did not get customers and Google could not charge for clicks.
  • This, in turn, implies that companies fail in their SEM campaigns and fewer want to use this resource, assuming even less revenue for Google. In 2006, Google was estimated to have lost more than $ 1 billion. Interestingly, a former Google employee points out that maintaining this option means that, for Google, the user is ahead of advertising, that people work there for people.

Function enrichment

As time passed, the function of this button changed:

In fact, this option is not translated literally in our country as a result of the language change, which means that it loses part of its meaning. Attending to its version in English “im feeling lucky”, we see that it is something that makes mention of how we feel. This is “I feel lucky.” So it does not make us strange to think that Google worked to offer the user results based on their sensations and feelings.

There was an enrichment of this button produced after thinking in what different ways the user could feel and, with that information, launch different results for searches. This is, an extra point that could become part of your algorithm.

Because, if you read information on other sites, you will realize that this button is spoken of as a mere function without more, but let’s not forget that everything, absolutely everything, what Google does (and so many others) is part of a compendium of tests with very different objectives. Thus, it was reached the point of believing that knowing the feelings of people when they did a search could be a success when it comes to throwing one or the other results.

To make this option work a scroll of feelings was created Among which you could choose and that is how Google took you to the results it considered.

One turn of thread

In the year 2012 Google Instant is introduced, the option that shows the results as we type our search. It supposed that the user got used, even more, not to press the button and get carried away by this new function, which is still a suggestion based on the search for people.

Even so, we have to say that the option is below the suggested searches, and that we can use it, although, again, it is again a mere shortcut to the first result that would appear in the search engine, as in its origin (although there are some nice things that we will see later).

how it works i will be lucky2

But nevertheless, if you press “I’m going to be lucky” without doing any search, the button shows us “doodles”, an extension of his website where he tells us about this resource. With this, Google offers extra information (mostly commemorative) to the user that appears when we open the search engine.

Usually it works based on the day we are in. Thus, the company The Pony Express commemorates with a game of obstacles, the anniversary of the death of a famous writer with a minigame based on his works, the 30th anniversary of the launch of PacMan with the game available to the user in the browser, etc.

Well, by pressing the button without entering any search concept you will enter www.google.com/doodles/ and you will be able to take a look at everything that the company has been creating every day of the year to commemorate dates and events and to cultivate and entertain the user.

Differences between “I’m going to be lucky” and “Search with Google”

search with google and i will be lucky

These are the two options that the user had (and has) if, As we have indicated, we enter www.google.com:

  • One of them is “Search with Google“, button which serves to carry out your search in a conventional way, as it happens if, instead of pressing it, we simply press “Enter” on our keyboard. This assumes that you will find hundreds of thousands of results sorted by pages, with their titles, meta descriptions, advertisements at the head, search suggestions at the end of the page, number of searches, etc.
  • The other button is the one that concerns us today, “I’m gonna get lucky“. This, as we have seen, what it did, at the time, was, if we pressed it after entering a search in the bar, get into the first result. This made we were not aware of all the information that Google gives in the search engine (other options, advertising, etc).

Thus, one allows us to know all the information that the company makes available to the user and that is related to your search, which, in our opinion, is very positive, since it allows you, among other things,. Consider which result can best meet your need.

The other avoids the whole process in between and takes us to a page that Google knows is related to what we want to find (and possibly offers us) without any extra flourish or step.

What is better? What’s worse? It depends on who, of course, although we, considering that information is power, we cannot fail to see the benefits of conventional search. Perhaps, for this reason, this button has undergone as many changes as we have seen over the years.

Tricks that you surely did not know when using this Google search button

tricks I'm going to be lucky

As we have said, the button returns to its origin and works by taking us to the first web in results. However, there are some searches that do some funny things that we want you to know about and try:

  • Google Gravity. The interface crumbles and falls and, in addition, we see different doondles and “secret” functions of Google.
  • Google Anti Gravity. Gravity tries to do its thing and an antigravitational energy fights in the opposite direction; the result is a totally cluttered interface but one that allows you to continue searching if you wish.
  • Google Sphere. All the options in the Google interface move as if they were orbiting the logo.
  • Google Epic. The interface goes, with a modified logo, it grows without control,
  • Google Tilt. The browser interface looks crooked.
  • Funny google. A new interface allows us to customize it by entering the name that we like the most so that it replaces “Google” in the search window.
  • Crazy google. Finder interface crashes and breaks apart.
  • Google Klingon. We see an interface reversed in all the ways this is possible for this to occur. Also, secret options are shown again.
  • Rainbow google. It shows you the Google logo with a colorful sign that says “RAINBOW”. In addition, the search buttons change, showing different colors and flashing.

If you read us often you will have noticed that some of these searches we have already shown in our post about google tricks. We advise you to take a look if you are interested in these curiosities!

Jokes that Google has prepared for us when you search using the I’ll be lucky button

jokes I'm going to be lucky

We end with a point similar to the previous one but that differs from this for two reasons. The first is that the answer is always given in the form of an error. The second is that the jokes correspond to somewhat controversial issues as well as typical of day to day.

To see them, you already know:

  • Type in the URL bar “www.google.com”.
  • Press “Intro”.
  • In the search engine, introduce any of the phrases that you are going to see below.
    • Decent work.
    • I can’t find the fucking page.
    • You cannot find a serious and reliable mechanic.
    • Can’t find parking.
    • Can’t find a compelling candidate.
    • You cannot find decent housing at a reasonable price.
    • Can’t find Bin Laden.
    • Weapons of mass destruction cannot be found.
    • Those responsible for the prestige disaster cannot be found.
    • Can’t find Wally.
  • Don’t press “Enter”. Just keep the phrase typed and click on the button “I’m going to be lucky”.
  • Have a laugh with the results.

Learn step by step how to use the Google “I’m going to be lucky” button

To use the button I’m going to be lucky with Google you will have to do this step by step:

  • The first thing you should do is Enter your trusted browser and write the address of Google. For this you will have to enter “Google com” and then press Enter.
  • Then, write the keywords you want to search.
  • If you have activated Instant, make click somewhere empty of the page.
  • Click on the button I’m gonna get lucky and you will enter the web located in position number 1.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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