Install PCI Wireless Network Cards  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If you are here, it is because your computer did not come integrated with a card that allows you to connect to a wireless network, and you want to get one and know how to install it. Today, you we will explain the steps to follow so that you do a correct installation and configuration of this card so that you can enjoy it.

Although before you go to the steps, you better know what is a wireless network card and what is it for, so in the first section of this post we are going to leave you a brief explanation of this.

If you are looking for the best wireless network card manufacturers, we offer you five of them, which are highly recognized by the world, so We recommend that you take them into account.

What is a wireless PCI network card and what is it for?

what is network card

Wireless network cards also known as Wifi cards, serve to send and receive data, via a desktop PC without the need for cables. These cards are inserted into an expansion slot or slots that are directly integrated to the main card, others call it as Motherboard.

These cards are integrated into a slot or cabinet so that it remains fixed and thus, failures in use are avoided. So that these cards can receive a wireless signal they need a receiving antenna.

Not all computers have wireless network cards. Although these, it increasingly falls into disuse due to the great appearance of USB wireless network cards.

What are the benefits of installing a wireless network card in your computer?

Using wireless PCI network cards is very important to many computers (still), and they bring with them many advantages that benefit us:

  • We do not need physical cables. As we know, this allows us to connect to Wi-Fi networks, so we do not need to connect through meters of cables, which anchor us to a single place.
  • When we install an Internet connection through a wireless network they are usually cheaper, than to buy rolls of cables to be able to achieve a connection to any place in the house.
  • Installation it is much simpler.
  • Offers a greater mobility and greater reachIn small areas, a network can be installed that covers up to 100 meters from the transmitter base.
  • We can connect three or more computers at the same time to the same network.

Steps to install a wireless network card in your computer quickly and easily and have Wi-Fi

Install a wifi network card, it’s not very complicated, however many people prefer to pay a technician to install it, when actually they can do it themselves. It is always better to learn how to do things, to depend for life on another, that is why we are going to explain the steps to follow so that you can use your wireless network card.

Let’s install the card

To begin we must turn off our computer and unplug it from the power outlets, and we will have to disassemble the case, or computer case. Many computers come with a screwed down case, so if this is your case you should use the correct screwdriver for this.

Note: it is necessary that locate all the necessary points where the screws should be removed because if you don’t and leave one there, and try to remove the covers from the box, you can damage any part, so we must handle this very carefully.

Many computer technicians recommend wearing latex gloves, because in this way we avoid static damage some components of the PC. Others also suggest running a plastic (soft) cell brush over the card to remove static from card.

Taking into account the recommendations, and after having disassembled the computer, we locate an available slot on the motherboard, there we will insert the card gently until it fits properly.

If in your case the antenna is connected to the PCI adapter you must unscrew it before installing on the equipment, to avoid fractures in the piece. Already having the network card connected, we put the box back together of the computer with its respective screws, we connect the antenna to the network adapter and make sure that it is at a 90º angle.

90º angle ensures more frequent delivery and delivery the signal also increases the optimal range of wireless performance and operation.

Let’s configure the software

We verify that the computer parts are in place, we connect it and turn it on. We look for the CD that came in the network card, because there are the necessary drivers so that the equipment can recognize hardware installation and that is, part of it.

If we use Windows as our operating system, the hardware we just installed will be recognized, although the system will recognize that it does not have enough drivers to use it. The same operating system will open a window that says “Found New Hardware” and we insert the CD.

When the computer reads and runs the installation CD will show us a series of steps that we must follow for the drivers to be installed on our computer. Although if you do not have the CD you can download the Drivers from the your manufacturer’s official website.

After we finish with the installation of the drivers on our computer, we will have to turn off the computer. Turning it off may take a few minutes because the operating system will be adapting to your new configuration.

To finish we turn on the computer againAs when we turn it off, it may take a few minutes for the equipment configuration to finish.

Connect to a network

With these steps we can install any network card, and so that you can connect to a Wifi network, we click on the networks icon located at the bottom of the desktop. A list of available wireless networks will be displayed, we will locate ours and we enter the password so that the connection can be established.

If you are using Windows 7, your computer It will ask you what type of network is the one you connect, and we choose “Home network”. With this you will be connected to your wireless network, and even if you turn off the computer and turn it on as many times as you want it will connect automatically.

List of the best manufacturers of PCI network cards that you can install in your PC

Now that you know how to install a wireless network card, it’s time to introduce you to the best manufacturers of these hardware:


It is one of the network card manufacturers most important in Europe. It has a personalized service where we can consult 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, any inconvenience or prices of your products.

Offers a huge amount of card for wireless networks of all kinds, so within its range of products we can find PCI cards. Thanks to your personalized attention, we can consult among the different cards that offer greater compatibility and better performance with our equipment.

We can find PCI cards at a price from 10 euros onwards, and buy them from their website.


LR-Link is a company that grows every day and offers a number of products for wireless networkingAmong them are the PCI connection cards, considered to be its strength in the market. Such cards boast the features, which are supported on almost all devices, and have a wide reception of networks, with a considerable range.

In its Web page we can find a personalized chat with a company agent who can help us, from giving us suggestions to offering us the best products that are available. Is, has an extensive network in the international market. Offering a huge amount of export of its products.


Intel is one of the most famous company in the world, because it offers us any type of product, as well as software that allows our computers to function properly. Many of the people prefer to have a card installed from this company than from any other due to its enormous prestige.

We can find personalized attention regardless of the country we are in, through its website. As well as we can attend a registered store buy a wireless network card and check its specifications through its page, and even download the necessary drivers for configuration.


Microsens is one of the very little known company in the technology area, but that is not why we say that it does not have a good quality of products. Really offers large amounts of products and services. We can consult any question from the help and service center


EtherWan It offers us different products that allow us to establish a connection to the Internet through cables, or wireless networks. For wireless networks we can find network adapters, known as PCI connection cards, although we can also find these same cards but with USB connection.

Such cards vary in reception signal and information feedback. Their website it has a fairly orderly structure, which allows us to find everything we are looking for in a matter of seconds.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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