Internet Troll  What is it? + How to Identify them ▷ 2020

exist people who are dedicated to generating a negative reaction through aggressive comments about others. Its main objective is that the members of a community lose the thread of the conversation they had.

These people are called trolls and are characterized by having their identity reserved and acting in different discussion groups, analysis and even in gamers rooms.

In this article we will explain what a troll is and why they engage in this disturbing activity. In addition, you will find the best tips to avoid these harassments and we will tell you how you can track a troll.

What are Internet trolls and what is their intention?

What are Internet trolls and what is their intention?

Trolls are people who are dedicated to creating conflicts between participants and they do so through comments they make on social media or newspaper posts. They also perform on discussion boards and in video game chat rooms. They are characterized by having their identity reserved, since the avatar and their username they use do not represent their true personal data, and systematically provoke or annoy others.

Its purpose is that the members of a forum confront each otherFor this they use techniques that manage to divert the topic of conversation that was discussed until their malicious intervention. They do it to provoke and obtain their own benefits, whether personal, political or just for fun.

Impact of trolls How much damage can a troll do to our brand?

Trolls can have very negative impacts on a commercial brand, be it that of a person or a company. This is due to their ability to install unfounded negative concepts in different environments.

You must not forget that the objective they pursue is harassment. Therefore, when they act in groups, they can attack on different Internet sites and achieve brand demotion through comments that include fake examples and experiences. In some cases trolls They take completely unreal news to justify their comments.

Types of trolls How are these individuals classified and how is each one characterized?

Types of trolls How are these individuals classified and how is each one characterized?

The individuals who are responsible for annoying and provoking others in different virtual environments can be classified into:

Single action

This type of trolls is characterized by acting only one time so your comments are very provocative and generate a general malaise in the community. In this way the answers they get are out of focus and users are usually very angry.


Trolls that are dedicated to sending messages with disruptive tones are one of the most common and at the same time efficient that exist on the Internet. His tactic is to write messages that are out of context so that community participants lose the meaning of the conversation and thus lose time, get upset and pay attention to the troll.

Among the most common themes used in this type of technique are the Racist comments, sexual content and also tend to misspell the names of users with a mocking tone. Another theme that is common to find is when they use the method of spoiler, that is, to tell the end of a movie or series before other people have reached that stage.


This class of trolls are those who are identified by attracting attention in a group of users with disorienting messages causing negative reactions among the participants. Among the most used topics are those who ask for help on impossible problems that are real, there are also those who report intentional errors and those who write false proofs of issues not yet resolved.

Fake news

Is a method widely used by trolls who want to cause discomfort in people and generate a certain rejection about certain issues. These goals may vary if the trolls seek to gain political gain on a large scale. An example of this are those newspapers that publish false news about a certain ruler.

Trolls and online anonymity How to identify and track one that affects my online reputation?

Trolls and online anonymity How to identify and track one that affects my online reputation?

As we mentioned before, a characteristic that trolls have is that keep your identity anonymous, so they always use avatars and usernames false. Because of this they feel comfortable and unpunished and can generate any type of provocative comments. Identifying or tracking a troll is not an easy task, since the most effective way is do it through the IP.

But there is a big complication with this, they can use a VPN server and thus avoid geolocation of the device with which they make provocative comments. Another way you can have to find out the real identity of the troll is to ask the forum moderator or administrator for their email password recovery. This will allow you to investigate the identity of the email provider.

But you must bear in mind that this is a long road and that many times you will not have the result you expect. You will have already realized that it is very difficult to track a troll, so we recommend that Actions directly in Google to use the right to be forgotten tool when your online reputation has affected you.

Tips to protect yourself from trolling on social networks and the Internet

Then, you will find some tips that will help protect you from trolls on the Internet. Pay attention and if you find another particular technique that we have not detailed, we recommend that you use it, because how many the more tools you have, the more protected you will be.

Follow these steps:

Ignore them

It is the main and most efficient in the mind that you have at your disposal. Every time you see an off-axis comment, you should bear in mind that there are people who get benefits from these types of tasks, so you will have to ignore them in order to continue with the thread of the conversation.

Notify the group

Another tip to keep in mind is to inform within the forum group that you have found a troll and who makes certain comments. It is also convenient to inform all the other groups in which they participate about the technique that a provocative user has.

Communicate to the moderator and report it

In addition to notifying all chat participants of the existence of a troll, You must also inform the moderator or person in charge of that group to be expelled from it. If the comments are very disturbing, you can report it to the police.

Avoid confronting him

In case you realized a little late that you are interacting with a troll, avoid continuing to do so using phrases from negotiation techniques. This will cause the troll to be confused and thus not continue with its activity. Never confront him because this is what he wants.

Do not take into account the content of their messages

By this we mean that you should not take anything personal, since the aim of the troll is harass and provoke a discomfort in your person. So he will use aggressive, misguided and even racist phrases that could disturb you.

Don’t reply to private messages

If for any reason you receive private and non-public messages, avoid answering them and immediately block the user who sent you those annoying chats.

Read all the community rules

When you are about to enter a new community The first thing you should do is read all the regulations you have on this subject. This will help you quickly determine what the forum’s policy on trolls is.

Get advice from an expert

You should not forget that cyberbullying is a crime in our country, so it will be necessary for you to consult with experts who can help you take more serious paths and thus detect the troll and stop harassment messages.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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