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Videos are an art in motion that captivates the viewer and although they have always existed, over the years they have been perfected in all aspects; in color gamut, audio, editing, even how information can be conveyed. That is why as society evolves, they do so with themselves, because each time there are different ways of innovating. Nowadays it is a super effective tool for many people, whether for work or even for studies. They are commonly used for infinities of things, one of them to make themselves known publicly, transmit content or for recreation.

Possibly at this time you are checking your mobile or computer and see some videos that you would like to be able to combine them and create a single material. Either because you want to edit a family tape, design funny messages, express an idea or anything else. Even though there are thousands of publishers, you may never find the one to do what you want and spend hours trying to find the one that most closely matches.

This is why in this article below you will see a series of programs and applications with their respective references, to personalize your videos and join them in a single clip from any device. So you can choose the one you like the most.

Steps to join two or more videos into one without using programs online and for free

You are searching the internet trying to get a website where you can make your creations without having to download the program and make it free. With Movie Maker Kizoa you can make your tapes online and without problem.

Logo Kizoa program to edit videos and photos online

Movie Maker Kizoa (Online Program)

This website is not only useful for editing videos, since if you also need to take photos you can do it in a very simple way. When you enter the platform you are It does not ask you for some kind of registration, but it will do so when you want to save your creations.

When you want to edit, you just have to import the video, wait a few seconds while the films are loaded and the errors that may have are cleaned up. After that, you just have to start designing. When it is finished you can upload it to YouTube or save it on your computer.

To know how to make your creations, in this part we will explain them in simple steps:

  • You just have to enter the official page to start editing online:
  • Once there we press the button “Start“to dive into creating a complete and unique video clip.

Kizoa online program

  • Now we proceed to choose if you want create your video from scratch or choose a template already pre-established by the program, if you don’t have much knowledge we recommend choosing the template, so it will be easier for you at the beginning.

create your video from scratch or choose a Kizoa template

  • When uploading it you can choose where you are going to import it, if from your computer or a social network. This is a pretty good option since you can use your photos and Facebook clips to make your video montage, or if you prefer to upload them from a previously selected folder on your computer.

 select photo from Kizoa

  • Then you must wait a few seconds until your photos / videos finish uploading. If you wish, you can append all the ones that you are going to edit and join.

Upload files to Kizoa

  • As they are annexed, You will be asked if you want to cut them to advance the process. You can say “Yes“if you want to start the process before everyone has been uploaded to the online platform and reduce time.

cut video kizoa

  • Upon completion of the import, You will only have to start to make the union of all of them and apply the effects that you want to add, It really is very simple since this online tool gives you enough options so that the result is optimal and almost professional.
  • Later you will have to export it to your computer in the format that interests you the most, .AVI, .MPG or .MPEG etc. and thus be able to upload it to your social networks, record it on a CD and simply have it on your PC for later viewing.

Best online apps and programs to join videos on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac

If there is something that I really like it is the fact of sharing things through photos or videos, Either because of laughter or because you like to give away part of a personal experience. That is why nowadays people are always looking for a way to communicate a bit of their life with others and what better way to do it than with a multimedia file that you have created yourself.

That is why we have brought you a series of online tools so that when you want to do it, you can do it on your own through platforms that provide good quality and give the expected result of an optimized work.

Clipchamp Create (Online Program)

Clipchamp Create

This is an online video editor, which in addition to allowing you join, cut, fit, divide and perform other basic functions, you can create all the tapes you want and you will not have any limitation when making them. Its most outstanding advantages is that it does not contain a watermark, you can add the audio perfectly and it supports up to + 40k.

Of course, when you want to enter the page, it will request a registration so that you can access its platform, this can be done with your email or with Facebook. The page has a free version and a Premium version, But don’t worry, the first one is great and super complete when editing.

Merge Video (Online)

Merge Video

On this platform you can not only combine your tapes, but you can add the audio you want, remove it if you prefer and you can even cut it. When uploading it you can do it from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or download it from a web page. You just have to wait a few seconds for what you have selected to edit to load and you can start working magic. It is easy to use and does not ask for any registration at the time of entering or using it.

Wondershare Filmora Editor (For Pc and Mac)

Wondershare filmora Video Editor

It is a program that allows you to join and cut videos, plus you can add text, filters, music, animated elements and everything you want. Equally It has an effects store, so you can add the visuals that you like the most. It also contains a library of songs so you can give it a unique touch and look even more professional.

With filmora you can change the extension so that it works for you on all networks such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. It supports a wide variety of file formats, some of them are MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, MOD, TRP, M4V, TS and others. This apps works for both your PC and Mac.

Movavi video editor (For Pc and Mac)

Movavi video editor

This is one of the best programs where you can customize and design videos with images, even edit audios on a time scale. The moment you are going to join, whether there are two or more that you want to unify, they retain their quality. Brings a wide variety of filters, titles, special effects like slow motion or chroma key, with which you can make it look like the work of a professional. When you decide to save it you can choose the AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV format, among others. These apps are useful for your Windows and MAC.

VidTrim Video editor (App for Android)

VidTrim Video editor

These apps not only serve you to edit videos, but in turn helps you organize the gallery of your mobile device. It is available on the Android operating system and includes classic editing options, such as merging, frame capture, cutting, effects and infinities of things for you to personify your films. In the same way, it accepts you to extract audios and convert them to Mp4.

Magisto (Apps for iPhone and Android)


With these apps you can merge your videos easily and quickly. With just one click you will be able to make your photos and videos become one and with a very professional finish, even more so if you are a person who knows little about editing. Magisto gives you the possibility to use an option in automatic to stabilize, face detection, filters, editing, cropping, among other tools. This app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

iMovie (App for iPhone)


If it comes to editing multimedia content, this is the best of all, because it is one of the most complete options when combining your videos. It is made up of a very simple and intuitive platform. With just a few sessions you will be able to master the app in seconds, since It has the necessary tools for you to make a wonderful editing to your files. It also brings copy and paste tools, titles, cutouts, effects and filters.

Animoto (Online program for mobile device)


It does not matter the device through which you enter the page, it works for you anyway. This website is a very interesting option since If you like working from your cloud and not having to download any program, you can do it without any problem. It has a wide variety of tools so that you can make a combination of your audiovisuals with excellent quality and thus you can apply effects, cut, paste, add titles, filters and other things. The only thing is that you have to register and it only gives you a free service for 15 days.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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