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The keyboard is one of the most important and used tools on different devices, such as mobile devices, computers and laptops. In computing it is known as a “Input peripheral”, (a device that enters information).

the same allows you to enter a large amount of data, both for calculations, and for writing, they can even be used for games, graphic design, in short, the keyboard has a wide variety of uses. That different keyboards have even been created, in order to facilitate different tasks.

In this article you we are going to explain all the functions of a keyboard, and how many exist, plus you can know the reason why they were created.

  • What is the computer keyboard for and what are the main functions?
  • How many types of keyboards are there and what are their functions?
  • What is it and what do the f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f11 and f12 keys do?
  • How is a keyboard structured?
  • How many keys does a keyboard have?
  • What is and how to get the third function of the keys?

What is the computer keyboard for and what are the main functions?

A computer keyboard is an input peripheral (input peripherals are devices that allow data or information to be entered into the system), as regards computers and laptops, it is also known as hardware since it is part of the physical elements that make up a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Among its main functions are: Write words, numbers. Either to be used in a word processor such as, for example; Word or for accounting data such as; Excel.

Keyboards can also be used as keyboard shortcuts: These allow a more experienced user to enter certain properties or tools of the operating system or programs, in a faster way, with just pressing a set of keys.

Another frequent use also occurs with games. Where players use different parts of the keyboard to perform extensive functions within the game, ranging from character scrolling to interacting with objects.

How many types of keyboards are there and what are their functions?

There are a wide variety of keyboards, and these can be cataloged from their functionality and type of connection and a combination of these which can be considered a sub category. These over time are updating their technologies, thus improving the user experience and quality of the devices.

Ergonomic keyboard

They are designed to provide greater comfort to the user, helping him to have a more comfortable position, of the arms and hands when writing in keyboard.

ergonomic keyboard

Multimedia keyboard

This keyboard adds special keys, which can have direct and diverse functionalities. In the beginning, the first keyboards of this type, contained simple functions, such as pausing and playing a video or audio, raising and lowering the volume. But over time, more features have been added. Such as: opening the browser, email, help panel, USB ports and more. The interesting thing is that different keyboards of this type have been created. Some being; ergonomic, other touch panel and wireless.

multimedia keyboard

Flexible keyboard

It is similar to any classic keyboard, as it contains the same keys and functions, its peculiarity and utility is its flexibility, commonly made of silicone or in some cases soft plastic. These keyboards can be used on almost any surface and being silicone they are fully sealed. What makes it a great tool to use in laboratories, since it allows a total disinfection of the device.

flexible keyboard

Numeric keyboard

This keyboard is a complement to the keyboard commonly known as QWERT, since in cases such as the ergonomic, virtual and projection keyboard. This section is not included. Basically it contains the section of the numbers that go from 0 to 9 and all the basic mathematical operations.

numeric keyboard

On-screen keyboard or virtual keyboard

It is a keyboard that we can observe mainly in portable devices such as mobiles or tables, but it is even available not only in computers One in all. It is also included in laptops and classic computers, it is only necessary to perform a few steps to activate it. Its functionality is the same as any conventional keyboard. Only if you do not have a touch screen, its use must be done with the cursor or a joystick.

screen or virtual keyboard

Mechanical keyboards

These keyboards they look similar to a conventional keyboard, its big difference lies in how it works, unlike a normal keyboard which contains a “membrane” on the inside of it (this can be seen when opening the keyboard). Mechanical keyboards contain a kind of “switch”Or switch that works individually for each key.

These are used especially in the gamer community, due to the high requirement that is needed and the intensity of work that are submitted by its users. At first they can be annoying since they generate more noise for each keystroke, but once you get used to it they will be comfortable for you. Another detail is that depending on the model of mechanical keyboard you use, it will be necessary to apply more or less force to the keys.

mechanical keyboard

Projection or virtual keyboard

As its name suggests, it is a keyboard that can be projected onto a flat surface, and it works with infrared technology, which detects which keys the user is pressing, and then transmits it to the device with which it is coupled. Its technology connection is via bluetooth, can be used with any device that is compatible.

virtual or projection keyboard

Keyboards per connection

Technically this is not a type of keyboard, but a sub-category of it. Since over time the technology with which keyboards have been connected to computers has been changing, among the types of connections we have the following:

connection type on keyboards

  • Keyboard with Parallel connector: This keyboard is obsolete (out of stock)
  • Keyboard with DIN or PS / 2 connector: The DIN connector was used in few computers, quickly being replaced by the PS / 2, also known as “Mini DIN”, it is similar to the DIN connector, but with a smaller size, in very few cases they are still used today, but they are already disappearing. These are characterized by being round and containing several pins inside.
  • USB connection keyboards: These can be classic USB connection or miniUSB connection. They are the connection most used today in keyboards that come out on the market.
  • Wireless keyboards: They are keyboards that have no cablesAt first they used an infrared connection, but as time passed and technology improved, they started using Bluetooth connection. This makes it a more comfortable tool, as cable discomfort is avoided.

Many of the above-mentioned keyboards can be wireless technology or use cables. There are even some that they mix both types of connection. (Whenever it is by wiring it will be USB)

What is it and what do the f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f11 and f12 keys do?

The function keys are a tool that can be used in different programs. This may vary depending on the configuration that the manufacturer has included or the one that the user has programmed into the system.

  • F1: Opens the help window of the program or application that is running.
  • F2: You can change the name of a file that you have already selected.
  • F3: Open the search assistant.
  • F4: If you use it in the Explorer browser you will see all the pages you have visited lately.
  • F5: Refresh screen.
  • F6: It is used to move with the keyboard according to where you are working.
  • F7: It has no action in Windows, but it can work in some program or application that you are using.
  • F8: If you restart the computer and press this key several times, you can enter the system variants (Safe mode).
  • F9: It does not perform any action in Windows.
  • F10: It is used to move between the Toolbar of any application.
  • F11: Maximize the window to 100% in any program.
  • F12: No action on Windows.

How is a keyboard structured?

A conventional keyboard, is divided or structured into 6 areas. They perform one function or may perform different functions. The functions may also depend on the program being used.

structure of a keyboard

  • Function keys: They are the F1, F2, F3 to F12 keys and are used to perform a specific function according to the program.
  • Control keys: They can be used individually or in combination with numbers to enter functions, even do certain actions. The most used in Windows systems are Ctrl, Alt, Esc and the key Start Windows. On computers with macOS X operating system one of the most used keys is
  • Keys to type or alphanumeric: In this area are all letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks.
  • Numeric keyboard: They are used to enter numerical data quickly. The keys and symbols were grouped in the same way as can be seen on a calculator.
  • Scroll and special keys: They allow you to scroll through documents or web pages and edit texts. These keys are: Del, Start, End, Page Up, Page Down, ImpPt and the arrow keys. With the key ImpPT, , you can take screenshots. Generating images of what you are viewing at that moment.

How many keys does a keyboard have?

There is no exact number of keys that a keyboard can contain, since this number can vary, depending on the type of keyboard. For example, from a numeric keyboard to an alphanumeric keyboard, the difference in the number of keys is noticeable.

  • An alphanumeric keyboard can contain from 102 to 105 keys.
  • Apple keyboard including numeric keypad has 109 keys.
  • The numeric keypad, can have 17 or 18 keys.
  • An ergonomic keyboard that does not contain the numeric part can have 87 keys.

What is and how to get the third function of the keys?

The third function on keyboards is one that cannot be accessed by pressing the shift key, commonly activated using the key. Alt or AltGr. An example can be pressing ATL Gr + 2 (The one on the w) and the symbol will come out @. If the E key in combination with AltGr keys (AltGr + E) the symbol will come out €.

This depends on the nomenclature that the keyboard uses, be it Spanish or Latin American. As well as the language that the operating system has programmed. You can see here how to put your keyboard in spanish.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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