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Cloud hosting is one of the great benefits of the modern internet. Both for individuals and companies, having a corner of the network of networks in which to store important information, make backup copies or take advantage of to have a little more space in addition to the usual physical supports, It is a very important advantage and one of the greatest benefits of new technologies.

Currently there are several companies that offer this tool. We have large firms like Google with Google drive or Microsoft with OneDrive implementing it and offering it to users who register with their accounts in its services; but there are also those who dedicate themselves completely to it, as is the case of Dropbox. This company works for and for internet storage, and it is one of the most recognized for the work it does.

With payment plans and free formats, with a maximum amount of space that can be expanded by inviting other users, its system is so robust that it does not know how to log in to Dropbox it becomes a total disadvantage. If you have already registered on the platform, you have at your disposal a considerable amount of space in the cloud to save as much as you like, regardless of formats or content. A freedom of use that seems ideal for those who may have important data to protect.

Steps to log into my Dropbox account in Spanish

This guide explains step by step what you have to do to log into Dropbox both on PC and through smartphones. In addition to this, it also helps to know other alternatives for logging in beyond traditional email and solves some frequent questions among users. It is usual, with use, run into some incidents or related doubts with the possibilities and capabilities of this system, and here we answer everything.

When entering your Dropbox user, you have different methods available. You can do it with a computer, with an Android or iOS mobile phone or even access using your profiles in other different systems. The Steps to log into your Dropbox account and in Spanish vary slightly depending on the platform you are going to use. So, We are going to explain the different methods so that you can follow the instructions according to the case that corresponds to you:

Enter from computer or PC

To enter Dropbox from your computer or PC, what you have to do is access their online portal and perform a series of simple steps. We will explain them all below so that you can follow them and login:

Dropbox account login form

  • Launch the web browser that you usually frequent. When it loads, go to the address bar and write the URL that we leave you here: https://www.dropbox.com. This is the Dropbox home page in Spanish.
  • When you are already inside, you will see that a menu is displayed on the right side automatically with a registration form and various options. Go to its top and click “Log in”. You will see that the menu changes its content.
  • Now, write in the first space the email address that you choose for your user when registering. In a second, do the same with the access key, remembering that it is important to respect upper and lower case if there are any. When finished, click on “Log in”.
  • You are already inside Dropbox. Yes, before clicking on the indicated button, you checked the box to remember your usernameYou will not have to login to this portal again, as it will automatically detect that it is you and will give you direct access to its free or paid services.

*Note: In case of problems for having forgotten the password to access, there is an option that helps to recover it. In the next main section we will explain in more detail what to do in these cases.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Install and login Dropbox account on Android

On mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the login to Dropbox is done through the APP that is available for Android or iOS. This program is the tool with which all the service that this company provides to users is used. Here are the steps you must take to enter with the mobile application:

  • If you are an Android user, you have to open Google Play Store; If you are using an iOS device, in the App Store. Once inside, look for the “Dropbox“and click on the corresponding button to that is downloaded and installed. This last part is automatic, so once you press the button, you will have to wait for the device to do the process.
  • When it ends, you will have the Dropbox app ready on your terminal or tablet. Now, you have to look for it and open it by clicking on its icon.
  • When run, the main screen will feature the registration option as highlighted. However, you have to press below, in the place where it says “Log in”.
  • In the form that appears now you just have to write email to be able to enter and, below, the password of your user. Once you have written both, click on “Log in”And you are done. Done!.

*Note: We always recommend installing all mobile applications when we are connected to one Wi-Fi network , so the process will be much faster and we will not have problems with your download. Also, know that from your terminal you can manage Dropbox as easily as on a PC. The interface of the app is simple and is fully adapted to touch devices, so after logging in, you will feel quite familiar if you have already used the web version.

From the Facebook profile or Google account

In addition to using an email, you can also log into Dropbox using a Google account. The Facebook option is not available 🙁 so it is completely ruled out. Next, we leave you the steps you have to follow to take advantage of your profile on Google when connecting here:

  • Head to the Dropbox home page through your web browser. As we have previously indicated, you just have to enter this URL in the corresponding bar: www.dropbox.com.
  • Now, in the drop-down menu on the right, click on the “Log in”Above so that the registration form disappears and you are asked for your access data.
  • Instead of filling in the fields with your email and password, scroll down a little more with the mouse and click on the button “Login with Google”. A new pop-up window will appear in which you will be asked for information.
  • Start by entering the email address of your account or the phone number that you have assigned. After this, click on “Next”.
  • The next point to move forward is write the access password that corresponds to your Google username. When you do, hit “Next”.
  • You have already logged in as a user in Dropbox without having to use any email. Unfortunately, and as we have pointed out before, Facebook cannot be used to access; but yes Google.

*Note: After doing all this, it is likely that the inbox of your Google mail receive an email with a notification for having connected to Dropbox. It is just an informational message, so you can not worry and eliminate it. However, if it appears without you having done anything, it is because someone has entered without your permission.

FAQ: Problems with access or login to Dropbox

Many users have had problems with access or login to Dropbox, in addition to running into doubts that arise from habitual use. In this section we are going to review and answer the most frequent ones.

I forgot my password How do I recover my Dropbox password?

Although the most comfortable thing is to check the box so that the system remembers your user profile and allows you to access automatically, you may have to enter from another device and you cannot do so because you have forgotten your login password. If this is your situation and you wonder how recover Dropbox passwordWe are sorry to tell you that it is not possible to recover it; but yes, restore a new one to re-login without problems. To do this, follow these steps:

How to recover forgotten password when entering Dropbox

  • Enter the Dropbox portal through your browser. Remember that, as we have indicated before, it is as simple as write this url and access: www.dropbox.com.
  • Now, proceed as if you were connecting on a regular basis. Press “Log in”In the drop-down menu to remove the part of the record and, instead of entering data (since you can’t), click on the option “Have you forgotten your password?” which is in the lower zone.
  • You have to write the email in the blank space that appears for it. Do it and then click on “Send”So that an email is sent to the inbox.
  • Go to your email and check the ones you have received. When you find the one from Dropbox, open it and, inside, click on the blue button with the text “Restore password”.
  • You will return to the Dropbox website, only this time the form that appears is to establish a new password. Write it in both fields to confirm it and remember that it is better if you combine letters and numbers. This way you reinforce their security. When doing so, click on “Send”.
  • Automatically, you will see that you are inside the central panel of your user in Dropbox. You have now regained access and set a new password.

Is it possible to log into Dropbox with another account?

You can log in to Dropbox with another account and with as many as you want. There is no access restriction, although certain specific requirements must be met when doing so. The first and essential is that each profile you want to access has to be registered with different email accountsotherwise they cannot even be created.

The second is as simple as Sign off to be able to access with the other user profile. To do this, you have to be inside your main user panel on the Dropbox page.

How to log out of your Dropbox PC account

Once in it, you just have to click on your user image, it is usually found in the upper right, and in the drop-down menu that appears, keep pressing only the option of “Sign off”Or”Get out“. So, you will disconnect from your profile and you will have a free way to login with any other registered email.

*Trick: Another option, without having to leave, is to open the private browsing mode of your web browser. It is usually activated by a simple key combination (in Google Chrome, for example, by combining Ctrl + Shift + N). If you do it this way, when you go to the main Dropbox website using the methods we have already explained, you can log in with the account you prefer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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