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There is no sector that has not noticed the arrival of the internet and the evolution, or rather the revolution, that technology is bringing into our lives. We always talk about communication, information or even shopping; but transport is also another sector that has been affected by these changes.

Uber is one of the proposals that has been born within this leap in technology. With the great mass of mobile phones and the permanent connection to the network of networks, the premise of this service is to facilitate shared transport to be able to go from one place to another without paying more than the bill.

A mix between the collaborative spirit and the business that can save you on more than one occasion, especially in cities that are unknown. That said, it is not only important to know how to register in this application, but also know how to log into Uber both as a passenger and as a driver to take advantage of the advantages it offers in each area and to be connected whenever we need it.

Steps to follow to access and log in to Uber

Fortunately, this guide serves to explain all the necessary steps in this regard, as well as to solve some doubts and related problems, especially with the failed attempts when wanting to enter the app. We will explain everything to you below, without overlooking any detail, so that you know how to proceed exactly. All steps are listed and ordered for the sole purpose of give you access to Uber.

Once you have registered your corresponding user account, the following is log into Uber with your data. This process is something you can do both through your cell phone (iPhone or Android) and through your computer. Here, we are going to explain how to proceed in both cases so that you do not have a doubt.

Enter and login Uber account android iphone

From the app of the Android or iPhone mobile device

First, you must have the application installed. Access the App Store, if you are an iPhone user, or to Google Play Store, if you are Android, and enter in the search bar the name of “Uber“Choose the first result and, when you are on its page, it performs the automatic download and installation.

We follow the following steps:

  • Now, with the app already installed, look for it in the section where they are stored on your mobile phone and open it by clicking on its icon.
  • The home screen asks you to enter the mobile phone number that you will assign at the time of registration. Write it down and click on the black circle with a white arrow to continue.
  • After entering the number, the next screen that appears asks you to do the same with your username. Write it in the field provided for it and click, again, on the arrow inside the black circle.
  • Once this is done, you will have already connected your account and logged in with your username. The process of logging into Uber is very simple, as you have just seen, and it only takes a few seconds before you can start using the app at full capacity.

*Note: You can also click on “Or connect through social networks” and choose a Facebook or Google account to access. In case you have chosen to log in using social networks, you just have to click on the one you want to use and fill in the username or email, along with the password you have chosen. Once this is done, they will be synchronized and you will have entered the Uber app in a different way.

From the web browser of my computer or PC

Accessing Uber through PC is also quite simple. The first and essential step is to open the web browser and, once inside it, enter the URL of the Uber home page in the address bar: https://www.uber.com/.

Step 1 to access Uber from your web browser

When you’re inside, go to the top right and just to the left of the red button, click “LOG IN”.

Log in to Uber as a passenger or driver

Passenger access

  • In the window that now appears, you can choose to start access as a driver or as a passenger. If you choose the latter, you just have to click on “PASSENGER LOGIN”.
  • Now, you can use Facebook to connect or enter the email or mobile phone number of the account you have previously created. In this case, let’s choose the email. Enter the field enabled for it and click on “NEXT”.
  • It is the turn of write the password. Enter it in the white box and, when you have done it, click on “NEXT”. If you have 2-phase authentication, you will have to wait for an SMS to arrive on your phone.
  • When you have it, copy the 4 digit code in the field that appears on your computer screen and click on “CHECK”. Thus, you will have already logged in to Uber as a passenger correctly.

Driver access

  • If you are a driver, at the time of choosing you must click on “DRIVER LOGIN”. The browser will take you to a page where you can enter the phone number or email of your account.
  • When doing so, you must proceed the same with your username. Enter it and click, again, on “NEXT”. Thus, the login is complete and you can access the panel where you can manage all your trips and other Uber elements for professional drivers.

FAQ: Problems with accessing or signing in to Uber

It is common for doubts or questions to arise when wanting to enter our Uber account, as well as problems related to the password or the user account. Whatever the case, here we are going to review the most common ones and solve them in detail.

I forgot my password and I can’t connect to Uber

Uber account password recovery

  • If you have forgotten your password, Uber has a section dedicated to recovering it. Open your web browser and enter this URL to enter it: https://auth.uber.com/login/forgot-password.
  • Once inside, Enter your email in the field that is available and click on “NEXT” To advance.
  • To verify your identity, the team of this app will send an SMS with a 4-digit password to the mobile phone assigned to your user. Read it and copy this code in the field that appears on the screen and, right after, click on “CHECK”.
  • Now, the email account linked to your Uber user will receive an email with which to reset your password. Go to your inbox and open it to click “Reset your password.”
  • You will then access a section in which enter your new password twice to restore it completely. Congratulations, You can now re-enter Uber.

I forgot my Uber username and I can’t access it

In case of forget your username, or rather the email account, you can proceed with the login as we have previously explained in the tutorial, but opting for the option to enter your associated phone number.

In this way, the procedure continue with sending an SMS to your mobile phone with which to confirm your identity and, also, enter without major complications.

In case this option is not useful for you, you can also opt for use social media. As we explained previously, when starting the app, you can click on “Or connect through social media” to proceed using Facebook or Google.

Although these alternatives are also valid. If they are also not helpful in solving your problem, the last option is contact the Uber team. To be able to do this you have to enter the following URL in the address bar of your web browser: this.

In this way, you access the company’s contact form to assist in these types of situations. Enter your first and last name, your phone number, two recent trips you have made with Uber, the email of your account and explain all the details of your problem.

As a last point, you must indicate a contact email and click on the white box of “I am not a robot“To finally click on”SEND”And finish the procedure. Soon the company team will contact you to try to help you.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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