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The contents audiovisual became one of the preferred elements by the website visitors. This is related to the ease of learning that these films have and also to the techniques of marketing they use.

If you want to be at the forefront of your website and get many visits, You will need to have videos that attract the attention of your Internet users.

For this, you must use an online editor to work professionally, without having to have advanced knowledge. A good idea is Magisto, which we will analyze below as well as other editors.

What is Magisto and what is this online tool for?

Magisto is an online platform that allows video editing in a few minutes, using a smart editor that supports content analysis quickly and accurately. This succeeds in identifying the most important parts and offering the user the indicated tools to get a better result. Further, music from different categories can be included to create an atmosphere according to objective by which the video is edited.

In this way, an edition is obtained with themes of relaxation, motivation, joy, melancholy and festivity, among other things. Born in 2009, but it was launched two years later with the first application for computers. In 2012 launched apps for operating systems iOS and Android and an extension for Google Chrome. From the 2019 the company is part of the multinational Vimeo, so its growth is guaranteed.

What are the features and functions of the Magisto online editor?

What are the features and functions of the Magisto online editor?

With Magisto you can create videos based on templates of different themes. For example, designs to use on women’s day, in a new website launch, to announce news or to make an invitation to a party. You will also have the option to create motivational videos of fitness, produce ads for the platform Youtube and run promotions in Instagram. If you prefer, you will be able to use social networks or any other marketing technique you need to increase the sales of your business.

Among the most outstanding features of this online tool, it can be mentioned that it is a video editor that has two types of paid subscription. It has an artificial intelligence that allows to obtain the best final result in three steps.

But this is not all, according to the experiences of marketing that has the online tool allows customers who use this editor to achieve upload your videos in an efficient way to improve interaction with your visitors. Too you can use the platform’s native player that helps save resources and in this way a much faster loading of the page is obtained as a result.

Magisto tricks to get the most out of this online video editor

Magisto tricks to get the most out of this online video editor

Being a so complete tool, you can get from Magisto the greatest benefit when edit videos.

That’s why we show you some of the tricks below:

Use the library of values

In case you do not want to upload your own photos from your computer or from the cloud you can use the library of values which has the most information in which you can find more than 28 million documents.

Highlight Tool

If you are looking for a photo of the video to appear for a longer time, you should use the function “Highlight” to produce a more welcoming and striking effect. To do this, go to the menu represented by 3 dots, click on the thumbnail photo, then on “Media” and finally in “Highlight”.

Incorporate important audio into video

In case you need to tell a story through an audio you will have to create roll B. Then you can relate it to the photos from the film. You can do this by going to the start menu and then choosing the option “Enable B-roll”.

Edit and save your drafts in a few steps

When you are satisfied with the result of the video, you will have to go to the home page of the online editor and choose the option “My movies”. Then select it and click “Save movie”. If you are looking to edit it, what you should do is follow all the normal steps and then press on “Ready”.

Add texts

This online editor allows you to add texts during the process. For this you will have to go to the draft you want to edit by clicking on the image thumbnail, clicking on “Edit” and finally in “Storyboard”. To incorporate the words you will have to click on the icon “T”.

Turn on or mute the original audio

To perform this task you will have to go to the option “My movies” You will find it at the top of the page, click on “Edit”, then choose the option “Graphic script” and finally click on the clip to modify the audio options. Enable or disable by clicking “Stop silencing”.

Change the soundtrack in just a few steps

If what you are looking for is to change the music of your movie you will have to go to the top and click on the option “Editing style”. Next, you will have to click on “All the music” and modify the changes you want.

Rotate your photos

In case you need give an orientation to images or video clip 90 ° You can do it in a very simple way, you just have to go to the thumbnail of the image and select it. Then you will have to go to the menu and select the option “Rotate”.

List of the best alternatives to Magisto to edit videos online

In case you decide to use an application other than Magisto, you can find it in the following list:

VidTrim Pro

This is a paid application that is available for Android with which you can use the different functions you present for professional video editing. The best of all is that you can do it in a few steps and in a very simple way.

Supports different video formats, which you can compress and then convert to MP4. If you prefer, you can include audio from the library, leave it in its original state, or delete it. It is characterized by do not request too many permits like other applications, you only have to grant it access to the content library of your mobile.


With this online video tool you will have the option to choose different professional functions to create unique results. If you don’t have previous experience, don’t worry because this platform is very intuitive and can be used by anyone without great experience with this type of editing.

You will have the possibility of creating content for advertisements in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, you will have different templates that will help you choose the videos with the best image quality and with the most suitable melodies for the subject.

In three steps you can obtain an edited video with unique characteristics, as if it had been created by a professional. If you are one of the people who does not like to register to access this type of online tools, this site is ideal for you. You will only have to upload the file and then edit it, without having to enter any email or bank account. You will be able to create advertisements, birthday cards, incorporate old film effects and many other tools in a very simple and fast way.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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