Online Reputation  What is it? + How to take care of it ▷ 2020

One of the things common to all of us Internet presence, regardless of whether we do it personally, institutionally or business, we must always be attentive to take the best care of our online reputation.

In the specific case of the brands, a good or bad management of such parameter will be producing results encouraging or catastrophic as the case may be.

That is why we have decided to dedicate this post to bring you all the information on the subject, hoping to help you clarify your doubts and, above all, advise you so that the reputation of your brand is always away from controversy.

What is the online reputation of a person or a brand on the Internet?

How to fix a bad reputation crisis on Instagram and avoid losing followers?

If we wanted to clarify the concept of online reputation graphically, we would have to place two opinion groups on a scale. But that may not lead us to a definitive or conclusive result. Which we can achieve, at least perceptively, by affirming that online reputation, sometimes also called digital reputation, is the term used to talk about the image, degree of acceptance or prestige of a person, a product or a brand on the Internet.

It is widely accepted that the climate of opinion of consumers. In this sense, it is an obligation pay due attention to each opinion posted on the Internet about our brand. The good or bad opinions from customers and users, even in the case that the latter may not have solid footholds, there is no doubt that they can influence the level of turnover, that is, in sales.

But there is something that should not be lost sight of, and that is that sometimes it can be the internal problems of the organization that cause one or another crisis for your image and reputation. There are not a few brands that have suffered a decrease in their credibility after a failed launch, inappropriate advertising of products, or frequent breaches of delivery times. They all are risk factor’s.

Also, of course, it must recognize that no matter how hard a company tries to build a good reputation on the Internet, there is always the risk of being a victim of bad propaganda campaign. A simple bad comment or any other information that is made viral, has a great potential to damage the brand’s online reputation, which may have its origin in a dissatisfied user or customer, or in a directed action from any of your competitors in the market.

It is for the latter, among other things, that we can assure you that it is a topic for others complex, and for that very reason difficult to handle completely. But it is not only companies and organizations, since also each individual, especially those professionals, they must know how to take care of their online reputation. There are few cases in which people who are looking for work, they have stumbled on the impassable wall of a bad reputation produced by leaks about your private life, or problems in previous jobs.

Egosurfing The importance of knowing what is said about you and your brand on the Internet!


With everything exposed so far, you should already be clear about the importance of knowing everything that is known about you or your company by way of public In Internet. To do it, nothing better than to get used to the practice of egosurfing regularly. This will allow you to take the necessary measures in favor of a better handling the online reputation of the brand, and your own in a personal sense.

Why is it important to take care of your brand’s reputation in every way?

The degree of importance of take care of digital reputation, is given mainly by the growth expectations of each brand with Internet presence.

If you still have not noticed it, we invite you to pay attention to questions such as the following:

  • Users look for the best options: To do this, it is logical that they take their time visiting pages of businesses or suppliers that offer what they are looking for, and if there is something they usually focus their attention on, it is the comments and opinions of those who have already passed through there. If the acceptance levels of your brand are not the most convenient, they will surely look elsewhere.
  • Contagious loyalty: Each of your clients satisfied by the attention and services you provide, it is undoubted that it will be your best advertising channel, since it will be spreading positive messages about your brand among its friends and followers in social networks.
  • Visibility: The engine Google takes into account positive evaluations when positioning a page in the first places of the search engine results, which becomes a fundamental aspect for the SEO of your brand.

10 Tips to take care of and improve your brand’s reputation on the Internet and social networks

Online Reputation What is it, what is it for and why is it important to take care of it on the Internet?

With what you have seen so far, you should already be clear that the Online Reputation your brand is something that deserves constant attention; and also, that you should take care of take care of it and make it better in the event of a crisis resulting from an eventual unexpected episode.

To guide you in this task, we leave you some practical tips that will help you, so that your company can navigate calmly in the unpredictable world of the Internet and social networks:

Check the current status of your online reputation

To do this, it will be necessary to work thoroughly in a Investigation process. Although at first this may seem somewhat overwhelming, from now on we inform you that it is a process as simple as place your brand name in the Google search bar.

That will help you know what is the position of your brand in the search engine, after which you can start to drill deeper. In this case, it will be necessary write down the name of the company followed by the term “opinion”. Based on the results of the research, it will be possible for you to make an analysis of what your strengths and weaknesses, with which you can put together a strategy that leads you to correct the latter.

Don’t lose sight of the competition

This is something that will also force you to research, at least periodically, at other players that move in your sector, either offering products that you sell, or services that your brand also provides. You have no idea how useful doing things like this have been for many, since there can always be something that they do and you are overlooking it.

Make your brand popular

A brand with great presence in the online world will always have best reputation, since the public perceives that no company with negative ratings would dare to expose himself too much, mainly in social networks. So the best thing in this case is that you don’t waste time, and from now on start creating presentations as soon as you have on hand. Live Launch Videos, presentation of the facilities and the work environment, help a lot in this regard.

Keep communication channels open

From the moment we decide to make the brand present on the Internet, it is necessary to maintain open communication channels with customers and users, while always be attentive to those channels. This will allow you, apart from increasing the attraction of potential customers, to address the concerns of those who are already loyal and respond to any request for information.

Respond promptly

When one of your clients or users sends you a complaint or needs clear any doubt, you should respond as quickly as possible, and also effectively. If you don’t, think about the risk you run reputation online when they decide they make their frustration through the networks, with which you would be at risk of falling into a crisis.

Practice honesty

When you run a business that distributes products manufactured by third parties, you may sometimes be tempted to go to vendors of products from low quality, something very common when looking for prices below the market. That in itself may not be a big problem, but if you advertise them as something on the level of the best in the market, your reputation will collapse, since customers will say that you are using misleading advertising.

Be nice to your customers

Good treatment with people is one of the keys to the growth of all types of businesses, since clients tend to base their opinions about them depending on how they feel they are well or badly served. So you need to keep an eye on the way your employees are addressed to the public, regardless of whether the visits arrive in person, as well as through online channels.

Practice empathy

If you are a good observer, you will have no problem understanding the attitude changes that are achieved when we agree with others. Before any complaint, try to take the place of whoever makes the criticism or claim, and from there you will be in a better position to make him see that he has been understood, with which everything will be channeled into a better environment.

Establish close relationships with the public

If there’s one thing you already know, it’s that monopoly brands are a thing of the past, so you will always have competition whatever your field of action is. This makes brands that are closer and more accessible to customers, that is, they have greater engagement thanks mainly to feedback, achieve greater prestige in the online universe.

Learn from negative opinions

When you open your mind and are willing to accept that you are far from perfect, believe me you can turn every negative review into a learning lesson. As annoying as they may be, you can take advantage of them to go correcting what needs to be corrected, and the same person who claims, without realizing it, may be giving you a great service for free …

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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