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The Greek language is undoubtedly one of the most important historically speaking. So much so that it forms a prominent place in the history of Europe, since some of the languages ​​of these have diverse words related to Greek lexicons. Writing in it can be very useful, that’s why one of the most common questions asked by Internet users is how to put the keyboard in another jargon, and in this case, how to do it in this one.

If you are studying this dialect or even if you already master it and have contacts with people of Greek nationality and do you want to talk to these, Or if you have decided to travel to the country and need to communicate in some way, you may be looking for a way to put it into practice on one of your devices. If so, we have the solution for you.

In this tutorial we are going to explain you step by step, how you can configure it on your Android, iOS, Windows and MAC devices, without having problems when making these changes, so you can enjoy this essential feature for you. Remember that you can go back to the original writing language whenever you want, so pay close attention to each procedure so that you can perform them without presenting any difficulty.

What does a keyboard look like for typing with Greek letters and characters?

It should be noted that the processes are the same for any other language, the only thing that varies in this case is the writing and the complexity that it may have when writing. If we are using a Spanish keyboard, the differences with one of these are not so great, that is, it is not something that is very difficult. It’s just a matter of learning the locations to become familiar with the letters. This is from not having a in Greek.

Here are some letters of the Greek alphabet. At first it can be difficult to get used to if we use a peripheral for writing in Spanish, but over time it will be a walk.

  • The ς end is on W.
  • The υ is in the Y.
  • The θ is in U.
  • The η is in H.
  • The ξ is in the J.
  • The ζ is in Z.
  • The ψ is in C.
  • The ω is in V.

All this is executed at the moment we configure our peripheral with a Windows operating system.

So you see a greek keyboard:

this is what a virtual greek keyboard looks like

And this way it looks when it is hold down Shift.

this is what a virtual greek keyboard looks like other letters

Programs and applications to change and put your keyboard in Greek language

There are a large number of programs that will allow you change the writing style of your device from Spanish to Greek, in an easy way and in a short time. This only in case you do not want to use the basic tools that your own team has at its disposal for you.

Change for Windows PC

Windows is one of the most used operating systems in the world and one that has many tools that can facilitate and help the lives of its users. This one has a lot of compatibility with various programs, even though in this case there are no ones that allow changing the language. But this is not a negative thing, since it has very simple functions that accept modifying it, and in a matter of minutes you will have achieved it.

To do this you just have to follow the following steps.

  • Enter the bar “Language”, it is in the bottom right of the screen, on the taskbar.

language bar in windows

  • You click on it and select “Language Preferences”.

language bar in windows language preference

  • You click on “Add language”.

language bar in windows language preference add language

  • Search for the jargon you want to add, in this case “Greek” and press “Next”.

add greek language

  • Then you will press “Install”, to add the language to your computer. In this way the process will be completed, then you must Wait a short time while the language is downloaded and installed.

add greek language download and install

Use on Mac computers

Mac is an operating system designed by Apple, being very reliable for all users who have tried it. Changing the jargon in this is very simple, just follow the steps that we will explain below. Like the previous one, we will do it from the equipment settings.

  • Enter the “Apple Menu”.
  • Go to “System preferences”.

Mac system preferences

  • Click on “Language and region”.
  • Then on the button “Add”.
  • You will add the language that interests you, in this case “Greek”.

Put on your Android mobile

In Android there are different applications that allow you to change the language of the keyboard of your device, without having so many complications to do so. You can modify it from the same device or through any platform. We will explain both cases to you.

Change the language of the peripheral to write directly from the device, in case you use Gboard:

gboard keyboard

  • Login to “Settings” or “Settings”.
  • Then go to “Language and inputs”.
  • Look for the option “Input methods and keyboard”, choose “Virtual keyboard”.
  • Tap on “Gboard”.
  • Now select “Languages”.
  • Locate the option “Add keyboard”.
  • Search for the language you want to add, which in this case would be “Greek”, and press “Ready”.
  • To change the language, just you must keep the space key pressed for a few seconds and then choose the one you want to use.

You can also use Fleksy keyboard with GIF & Emoji, which is an Android application that allows modifying the hardware language, Among its different options is Greek. It has many functions that you may like, you just have to download and install it.

Fleksy with GIF & Emoji

There are more platforms to change your keyboard in Google, you can search them if you want and try them, we decided to add this one, since in our opinion they are the ones that comply without problems with what we need.

Put on iPhone

iPhone as the main contender for Android also allows modifying the hardware language, without presenting annoyances at the time of doing so, and like Google, it has many applications that its users can use for this task.

Gboard is also available for iPhone, you just have to install it directly from the Apple Store. Another tool that you can find is Fleksy. There are many others that you can use, and some of them are available for iOS and Android.

To change it and install a new one, you just have to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the “App Store”, Find the application you want to install.
  • Then tap “Get” and click on “Install”.
  • Verify your authentication as a user using the method that seems best to you.
  • Then you go to add keyboard new.
  • For this go to Setting” > “General”> “Keyboard”> Keyboards> “Add new keyboard”.

add new keyboard on iPhone

  • By last, select the app that you installed.

To transform the keyboard you just have to:

  • Press and hold the icon emoji (the one with the smiley face) or the globe icon (browser).
  • Locate the keyboard you want to use.

To change the language in Gboard you just have to:

  • When changing the language, press the Emoji icon or the globe.
  • Choose “Settings”> “Language”.
  • Touch “Add language”.
  • Select language you want to add.

This functionality must be identical or similar in other applications.

Write in Greek with virtual online tools

On the internet there are different web pages that will make it easier for you to write in Greek, for example, you can use google translate, to translate what you write in Spanish to Greek.

In the same way you can use this online virtual keyboard tool, which is a page with a virtual keyboard. It can be configured to the language you want.

Another option is to go to: translitteration.com/transliteracion/es/greego/greeklish, this allows you to write with the use of mouse, having the facility to show us or compare each letter, that is, according to the Spanish alphabet which letter of the Greek language is this, for example φ equals F.

Finally, there are two more interfaces among many that may exist, but we have tested these and they seem to us that they comply with the necessary:

  • lexlogos.com/clavier/ellenike.htm
  • es.online-keyboard.net/keyboard/griego.html

Use the tools that you like best, If you know others that are better or reliable, you can share them to continue improving and being able to write in this dialect without the need for a physical keyboard in Greek.

Letters of the Greek alphabet and their equivalence

Greek letter

Capital letter

Lower case


Alpha Α α a Beta Β β b Gamma Γ γ g (soft) Delta Δ δ d Epsilon Ε ε e (short) Dseta Ζ ζ ds Eta Η η e (long) Theta Θ θ th Iota Ι ι i Kappa Κ κ k Lambda Λ λ l / ll Mi Μ μ m Ni Ν ν n Xi Ξ ξ cs Ómicron Ο ο o (short) Pi Π π Pi Rho Ρ ρ r / rr Sigma Σ σ / ς s Tau Τ τ t Ípsilon Υ υ u (French ) Fi Φ φ p Ji Χ χ j Psi Ψ ψ ps Omega Ω ω o

* If you are viewing the web from your smartphone, slide the table to the right to see all the data

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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