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Books in digital format are becoming a worldwide trend. At the beginning of the decade, many people refused to give up the paper and the comfort of reading physical content, but over the years this has changed. At present there are so many ways to do virtual reading Pleasant that more copies are already sold in this modality than in physical, which shows the change.

That is why illegal download pages have emerged for this type of content that have become very famous. This is the case of Quarry of Downloads, a website where you could find the best-selling copies of stores like Amazon Kindle completely free. However, like all other websites of its kind, have been closed or censored for copyright infringement.

Fortunately for you, there are many other options. Here is a list of the best alternatives to Cantera de las Downloads so that you can continue downloading those copies that entertain you so much and nourish your being with wisdom. We will also explain what happened to the popular book download page.

What happened to “Quarry of Downloads”? Are they not working or have they closed?

Every good fanatic and passionate about reading knows the website “The quarry”, Which today is on the lips of many, since said site that offered very good quality books and various information for free, has closed without explanation.

sad about the closure of the Quarry of Downloads

It can be said that its closure is due to technical failures, however we cannot confirm this fact since according to the statement of its owners they do not intend to speak anything on the subject, which urge their users to voice their concerns or comments on their personal Facebook accounts.

Many of the users have been commenting on other networks and websites about their annoyance and sadness due to the closure of this. But don’t worry, now there are sites that you can use for what you like so much (read), keep reading that we will show you later.

List of the best alternative websites to Download Quarry to download and read ePUB online and for free

There are a lot of users who prefer download your books in ePUB format than in PDFThat is why in the alternative pages that we bring you you have the possibility of downloading your books in this format.



If you are a fan of reading you should know this site, since it has a large amount of content of different genres (historical, science fiction, romantic, humor, poetry, politics, psychology and philosophy) that you can read completely free. We recommend that if you go for the enjoyment on this page, make a user registration, because in this way you will have access to a greater number of books and in effect they keep you aware of each new item in their library.

It has one of the best-designed interfaces on this entire list, with a classic style that allows you to access content quickly. Its database is one of the most extensive, and allows you to access exclusive content if you create a user and are part of their community.



This site has more than 4,000 copies on its platform to which you can access them without any difficulty. If you don’t know the name it doesn’t matter, because in MegaEpub You can find it since they organize each book by categories such as; Biographies, Science, Science Fiction, Social Sciences, Classics, Comedy, Comedies, Comics, Chronicle, Short Stories, Popularization, Drama.

Most are by well-known authors, and if you look for translated books on this site you will find the best. Its interface is quite sober and easy to navigate, with many categories so that you can filter the searches and you can access the content more easily.



As its name says (Gutenberg Project), this is a project for the benefit of the world. It has a huge variety in its contents with over 58,000 e-books, all for free. This page gives you the benefit of downloading the copies or simply reading it online. There you will see the best literature in the world with an emphasis on past works, whose copyright has long since expired.

You do not need any type of payment, since it is totally free, although they ask for a collaboration of the amount that is to maintain their services (it is not mandatory). Nor does it require specific applications or programs to read since you only need the web browser.



This is a place where you can enjoy more than 35,000 free books for your reading. Although the detail for Spanish speakers is that this site is 70% in English and 30% in Spanish. You can use ManyBooks to download free titles in different formats like ePub, HML, PDF, RTF and others. You can also see that this site gives you the opportunity to upload books which makes it stand out more among other pages.

Its database is one of the most extensive you can find on the web., with copies that are among the best sellers of Kindle, others that have been on the market for some time and of course the classics that should never be forgotten. Without a doubt, this is the ideal place for millennial readers.

Internet Archive (Archive.org)


Not very famous but a good place to see and download texts. In Internet Archives (Archive.org) you can find titles that are not currently online, as well as other types of information. This is part of the extensive community that seeks to benefit people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to download books with accessible formats for them and in a totally free way.

Its database is quite wide and varied, and its interface allows access to each title in the simplest way using the search bar or simply filtering by different categories. In addition, it has a volunteer program to help them digitize works that are currently in physical form. Undoubtedly one of the few brands that still has the will to do good to society.



If what you are looking for is a page in which you can read a large number of texts on different topics and most of these contents are in Spanish, you can end your search. It has a huge Hispanic community that leave their opinions and experiences of each specimen. What you need to start downloading is just registering, which will also allow you to access exclusive catalogs.

Its database in Spanish is one of the most extensive, where you can find best-selling copies and the classics of a lifetime. Further, each and every one of the books they offer is 100% verified, so you won’t find any files infected with malware.



This is a site that adapts to the student or the reader for fun, since it has a huge amount of totally legal titles because it does not accept any pirated or similar book. If you know the benefits of this page, you will take great advantage of it, and you will download the books in any format (ePub, MOBI, HTML and PDF).

This is one of the few legal websites that are active. The downside with it is that its database is much more limited and less up-to-date than the other portals that we present to you. However, if you get the hang of it, you can access it without worrying that it will be closed in the future.

Google Play Books

google play books

Here you can find both free and paid books. If you look in the free section you will see an immense amount of audiobooks and eBooks of different genres such as romance, magazines, comics, historical and more. Before starting the book you will be able to see in their comments the evaluations of the other people.

The only way to start reading is to have been registered, since as you know it is a Google service, but you may already have it under control because you can access with the same username of your Google account or your Gmail.

Amazon Kindle


With amazon you can enjoy a limited number of books in Spanish, English and French. One detail that makes it very different is that it has a minimum number of free books, although if you buy them you will surely enjoy a greater number and a good reputation. This is without a hard time the site with the best database of all, since the most sought-after authors of the moment publish their copies here.



It is a page in which you can read online or download. This is divided into two sections, one for reading and the other for audiobooks. It has a basic catalog which has texts that are not very current or with out-of-print editions.

If you are looking for catalogs in Spanish you will see interesting titles, although this is very limited since most copies are in English. To download them you will not need any type of registration, and the process to do so is quite simple and intuitive.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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