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The persecution at P2P download websites it continues and it seems that it will have no end neither in this nor in the next decade. This time the victim is RARBG, a website that has one of the largest databases of series, movies, software and much more.

As it is well known, Authorities around the world are on the hunt for torrent download portals as they allow access to paid content completely free, or what is the same, they are a paradise for piracy.

However, the internet gives you the quality of being immortal and this is no different with RARBG, which despite this blow still has things to say. In this article we will explain what happened to this portal and the best alternatives to it to continue downloading torrents.

What happened to RARBG? Not working or have they closed?

Oh noooooo

Well, the theme is the same as always; A highly influential production company is upset about losing billions due to digital piracy, and as RARBG is one of the main outlets for it, it denounced to be shut down. However, death is not forever on the internet, and as if it were a hydra; when you cut one head, two come out instead.

As you may well know, the most popular domain on the web was RARGB.TO, in which all the torrents were found. But this is not the first time that they have faced a blockade since this domain has been blocked in Spain for a long time., so a mirror was necessary to enter from our country, which was rarbg.xyz.

This strategy worked for a long time, but in early July 2019 he was attacked too, and currently has status “ServerHold”, which gives us to understand that very possibly it will be closed definitively in our country. But this is only in Spain, since in Latin America both the RARBG.TO and RARBG.XYZ domains work perfectly with any browser.

This gives us hope since if on the other side of the “puddle” they can still enter the web, it means that on this side we can put into practice certain maneuvers to evade the censorship imposed by the authorities.

List of the best torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to RARBG

While you can still enter the RARBG website without problems With the methods that we have just shared with you, it is good that you know other alternatives to download P2P content since, as you know, this website can be permanently closed for a while if its developers are prosecuted.

For this reason, we recommend that you also closely follow the following portals:



This is the website that is currently gaining more followers due to the fact that it is impossible to close thanks to the IPFS technology, which is like the blockchain; impossible to erase. This website has all its source code on this website so that when a domain is closed, in a matter of minutes they can open another and continue as if nothing had happened.

Your torrents are on the IPFS network as well, and they are currently over 1 million files and possibly hitting 2 million before the end of this year. In it you can find everything, from series and movies, to video games and professional software, with the guarantee that everything will be 100% verified.



This website is known to all lovers of P2P downloads and despite the blocks it continues to be the king of this business. You have more than a decade online, which has given him time to build a huge database with millions of files including series, movies, shows, video games and much more perfectly verified for virus-free content.


Best Torrent1

This website is considered by many as the PirateBay of torrent in Spanish. It made its fame in the past for being one of the websites with the largest database of files completely in Spanish. You could basically find anything you were looking for; from series and movies to games and professional shows. However, after so many blocks they have decided to establish a model more similar to that of a metasearch engine.

It still has its own database, but now when you perform a search you will also see options for other servers. It should be noted that it is a highly persecuted project that has had to change domain on multiple occasions, so it is possible that they will continue to do so in the future.



This is a full-fledged metasearch engine that in the few years it has been online has gained a large number of users. It has everything you could need; access to a huge number of files that is constantly updated, link verification and a very fast server for downloading.

Its use is very simple since you simply have to enter the title of the movie, series, software or video games and it will show you the best valued by the user community.



This is a website that specializes in downloading audiovisual material such as series and movies of all kinds, ready to be seen in the best audio and image quality. Right from the start you come across a billboard of the most up-to-date titles in cinema, and if you are looking for something older you can use its search bar. Very easy to use and quite effective. Besides this, they also have another domain, vivatorrents.tv.



This website is not well known to many, but in Spain it has a good reputation for offering content in Spanish or with its original subtitled audio. It specializes in movies and series, the latter being the most downloaded as it has many little-known, but very entertaining series that you can only find in it.

Its database is not that extensive, but it goes completely unnoticed by the authorities, which guarantees that it will stay online for a long time.



All a legend that has declared an open war to all those who want to close it. This is one of the best torrent search engines that you can have at your disposal. To start with, it gives you access to a database of more than 31 million active and verified links (although it never hurts to read the comments) in more than 30 domains distributed. To use it, you just have to enter the name of the program, musical album, audiovisual or game that you want to download.



Do you remember Extratorrent? Well, after a lot of battling against censorship, it had to shut down permanently in 2017. However, its developers got down to work to create another project, which is this torrent search engine that gives you access to a huge number of links to download. However, it is still in the eye of the hurricane, and may soon have to close its doors again.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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