Recover Steam Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Video game lovers they know very well what we mean when we refer to Steam, since it is one of the most popular platforms in the universe of online fun. Not in vain every day more users are added to the millions of fans who have already been entertaining themselves with the more than 20,000 games available on the platform.

Now, like practically everything in cyber space, this platform is not exempt from certain problems. That is why we have prepared this installment dedicated to help you solve some of them in case they arise.

Specifically, we will be talking about what you should do in case you lose your account if you forget your data, as well as the steps to follow to recover it if you have been victim of robbery or hacking.

Steps to recover my Steam account if I have forgotten my access data

To start, it is best to get used to keep your data in a safe place and easy to remember.

But in the event that you ever have to deal with this issue, take note of the following:

If I forgot the username

In this case, you must contact the Steam Support page, in which they will ask you for some information to help you solve the problem. Please have the phone number you registered with handy when did you enter to the platform.

If I forgot the password

In the same Steam support enter the link “have you forgotten your password?“As you do, you will see a new screen appear with several options. One of them is to confirm that you have entered to recover your password, which is where you should click.

After that, they will ask you to enter your username, and if you do not remember it, you have the option to do it through email associated with it. Once you have clicked on the button Search for, what follows is to choose “Change my password“and enter a new one following Steam’s security requirements. To finish you just have to confirm the new password and that’s it.

If I can’t access my email

Although some users have found it difficult to solve this problem, we tell you that it is enough to enter the product key of any of the games you have purchased on the platform. Anyway, you can do it using the phone number associated with your account.

Can I lose my Steam account if it is inactive for a long time?

If you have registered in Steam and you haven’t entered for some time To play on the platform, the safest thing is that this question will haunt your mind. From now on we tell you that you should not have those kinds of worries, since there has been no case in which such a thing has occurred.

If you see that try to enter again the response time becomes a bit long, our recommendation is that enter Steam Support, From where they will send you a code so you can continue to enjoy the games available on the platform.

Steps to recover my Steam account if it has been stolen or hacked

What other STEAM products can I return besides video games?

As mentioned above, Steam users, like any other website, are exposed to security risks. Such is the case of the real possibility of suffering some type of cyber attack for steal data from Gamers. We must never forget that attackers have a great arsenal of resources with which they can harm us.

For this reason, we invite you to follow the following tips, which we are sure will help you avoid being another victim of this scourge, as well as help you recover your account if you have already been the victim of an attack:

Verify that my equipment is clean

This is a tip that is valid for all the activities that we carry out on a daily basis through the Internet. A periodic review of our equipment, together with the installation and update of an antivirus, always it will be a barrier that separates us from the attempts of intruders.

Change Password

Change your account password on Steam it is a decisive step in preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. You should keep this in mind especially if, for convenience, you are using the same password in your email and your account. If what you need is to do it to recover your stolen account, you will have to go to help site to retrieve it, or go directly to Steam support. There they ask you a series of questions to verify that it is your account.

The steps to follow are those:

  • In the Steam Client select Parameters (Preferences on Mac).
  • There you must click on “Change Password”.
  • They will ask you to enter your Current password.
  • Immediately An email will be sent to the email associated with your Steam account, with a 5-character code that you must enter in the corresponding box.
  • Then enter the new password and confirm.
  • At the end They will send you another email to confirm the success of the operation.

Turn on 2-step verification

Following our security tips, now we have to explain what the 2-step verification within the platform. The first thing you should know is that it is about the application Steam guard, which we must maintain activated for obvious reasons.

It is simple to do:

  • Log in with your user data
  • Head to “Parameters”
  • Select “Account” to see your current status of security
  • To activate the tool, click on the button “Manage Steam Guard account protection”
  • Select the method that best fits your frequently used device

Can I get my Steam credits back if the thief uses them and how to do it?


This may be the million dollar question. But don’t worry, security politics of the platform administrators have shown that they are dealing with the problem. In this sense, we see that Steam trading cards will now not be delivered ipso facto to players.

This means that they will be distributed only between players of proven legitimacy have been playing each game for a long time. And even so, they will be receiving the prizes retroactively. So the best thing you can do is worry about quickly recover your account in the event that it has been hacked, for which we have given you the instructions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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