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When our mobile device is slow, we suspect that it has a virus, it got hung up on the logo and does not enter at the start, or it restarts regularly for no apparent reason, The most recommended is that you do a hard reset, and return it to factory values, this guarantees that you solve any operating problem, due to installed applications or viruses that may be affecting the correct operation of the device.

Contrary to what is believed, Restoring the factory settings of our smartphone, resetting it or formatting it is not that complicatedSimply follow the step-by-step instructions in detail to guarantee the correct application of the different restart processes that we can choose.

In this tutorial we will explain the different processes that you can apply to your Motorola mobile, to make a reset and return it to factory settings. You must follow the steps to the letter and always keep in mind the following recommendations to avoid losses and annoying damages.

Steps to restart and restore your Motorola phone and return to factory settings

There are several methods and several options to restore our Motorola mobile to factory settingsNext, we will explain step by step the safest and most efficient ones, which you can also do from the comfort of your home, if you apply these steps as we explain them right away.

Recommendations before performing a Hard Reset to our mobile device

It is extremely important that the cell phone counts with more than 50% battery, or is connected to the charger, as well as it is advisable to make a backup or backup of our data such as contacts, multimedia content and application data.

We can also move important data from the internal memory of the device, to the removable memory and thus protect it from being eliminated by the restoration processes of the devices.

Restore Motorola to factory settings from settings

  • With the smartphone turned on on the home screen, we press the Menu button.

Motorola Menu Button

  • We scroll up to “Setting” or “Settings”, and we enter there.

Motorola settings configuration

  • We scroll down until we find the option “Backup and Reset “.

Backup and Reset

  • We select “Reset Factory Data “.

Factory Data Reset

  • Then we select “Reset Phone “.

Reset Motorola Phone

  • The device will begin the process, which may take more or less time, depending on the amount of data we have stored in it.

Do a hard reset to a Motorola mobile from the recovery mode

This option is used when the device is locked, or when we cannot solve the problem, applying the previous method, it is a bit more complex and we must be careful to do it well, so as not to generate severe damage to the software of our device.

  • With the mobile off, we press the combination of buttons at the same time. Power On and Volume Down for a few seconds, until we see a menu of options on the screen.

motorola hard reset buttons

  • We scroll down this menu with the Volume Down and select with the Turn on the mobile key, the option Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode Motorola

  • We will see the logo of Android or Motorola with an exclamation point, we proceed to simultaneously press the button Power On and Volume Up until a menu of options appears on the screen, among which we can read Wipe Data / Factory Reset.

Power and Volume Up

  • We go down to the option Wipe Data / Factory Reset with the Volume Down key, and select it with the Switched on Of the device.

wipe data factory reset

  • It will ask us for confirmation in which we must choose the option YES-delete all user data with the button Volume Down and select it with the Turning on the telephone.

reboot system now Android

  • The Wiping process will begin and when it is finished it will return to the previous menu, in which we must scroll to the option Reboot System Now with the up and Volume Down, and select it with the button Switched on of the Smartphone.

reboot system now

  • The process begins which may take a few minutes, once finished, the mobile turns on in a current way and it will be ready to configure it as if it had just left the factory.

Access Recovery mode in Motorola from an application

There are several applications available to perform a Hard Reset to our device, they are normally used when we are missing a button on the Smartphone, or it is difficult to enter Recovery mode by applying the combination of buttons from the previous method.

Next we will explain step by step, how to restore our mobile phone from the application Quick Reboot which is one of the most complete and reliable:

  • Download and install the application from the Play Store, You can also do it from the links above.

download and install quick reboot

  • Access to the application from the mobile device.

quick reboot enter

  • We will find at the beginning of the application several options among which is “Recovery “.
  • We select the Recovery option and we hope that the application applies the process, once the mobile is restarted, it will be ready to start configuring it again.

recovery quick reboot

Applying any or all of these options, You will be able to solve any operating problem that your Motorola mobile presents, and restore it to its factory condition. Always remember to make a backup copy of your most important data and ensure that the device does not run out of battery during the process, to avoid damage and loss of important data.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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