Restore Backups in Gmail  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

As the days go by we accumulate different types of documents such as photos, videos and audio files on our phones, tablets or computers personal without thinking about what would happen if these teams were to have a fault.

A good recommendation is make a backup using Google account, which is very reliable and offers storage guarantees, avoiding having a bad time by not having access to things we need, especially important documents and files from work, university or personal activities.

Making a backup is not complicated, but if you don’t know how to do it, in this course we are going to teach you each of the steps you must take, you will also learn how to restore and even migrate emails from one account to another.

How much storage space do I have for Gmail backups?

Google storage space

The backups that are made in Gmail they go inside the free 15 GB storage in the cloud that each user who creates an account has. Before June 2021, many of the files that were saved were in the unlimited space offered by the company. After this period, if any user runs out of space, the only option is contract one of the monthly or annual plans offered by Google to expand storage.

What are the benefits of backing up with Gmail? Reasons to do it

Google Drive on Android

Making backup copies is one of the ways to protect files, but also allows you to always have them available to work, facilitating the search for any of the members of an organization in cases of emergency.

Now we list some of the reasons you have to make an online backup:

  • No information is lost: In case of failures, theft of a device or any unforeseen event, you will have your documents available.
  • It’s automatic: With proper settings, you can tell the system how often to save files.
  • Access from anywhere: The document we need to see can be opened no matter where we are.
  • Quick pairing: You can view the files you upload on any connected device without having to do anything additional.

What data can I save in a Gmail backup?

In Google Drive you can make a copy of everything you want as long as you do not exceed the free limit established. As for the emails, you have the option to save them all, including those marked as spam or in the trash. The same applies to important folders, pictures, videos, or audio files on your computer.

The same happens in the case of using a mobile device. Backups have the possibility of store the various documents and files you have selected to back up.

We show you the steps you must follow to create a backup on your device quickly and easily

Have you ever thought what would happen to your files if your computer gets infected or a major failure occurs? If there is no backup, they will most likely be lost. And creating a backup in the cloud or on a removable device is not complicated.

We bring you the steps you must take both on your computer and on Android to protect your documents:

From files and folders

Upload files to Drive

In the computer, you can easily upload the files you have stored as well as the different folders, to keep them in a safer place.

The way to do it is as follows:

  • In the computer, enter the browser and open the address
  • In the left sidebar, in the upper corner press the function “New”.
  • Once you click there, two options appear: “Upload file” or “Upload folder”.
  • Choose the option what do you want.
  • Select the file or folder from the computer and at the bottom of the screen it will show you how the process is going.

In case you are going to upload a file or folder from an Android mobile, the steps you have to take to complete the task properly are the following:

  • Opens the application of “Google Drive”.
  • Press at the symbol “+” which is to add files.

Upload files to Google Drive from Android

  • Mark on “Upload”.
  • Search and select the files you want to back up.

Of photos, videos and music

Upload images to Google Photos easily

We tell you now the ways you have to upload any photo, video or audio file from your computer to have them saved in the Google cloud.

The steps you must take are the following if you want to do it starting from the browser:

  • Opens the direction
  • You have to log in again to verify your identity.
  • In the upper right bar click “Upload”.
  • Select photos of the computer you want to upload.
  • Tap on “To open” and they will start to load.

A second way to do it from the computer is by downloading and configuring the desktop application, for which you must follow the following route:

  • Download the Google Drive app for desktop.

Google Photo Download Site for Windows 10

  • Install the app on the computer.
  • After finish installation, log in with your credentials Google.
  • Select photos or videos those you want to back up.
  • In the end select “Done” and “Save”.
  • Although remove any of the uploaded files from your computer, These will will keep in the cloud.

Learn step by step how to restore a Gmail backup to any device quickly and easily

You may be thinking that bring back what you have sent to your Google account it’s very complicated. But the reality is that it is not like that and now We are going to show you how you can do it from a mobile device.

Go for it:

On Android

By default, and once the phone is configured, a backup is being made to Google Drive, backup that serves to put the smartphone back as it was before performing a factory reset.

The steps you must take are the following:

  • When you turn on the phone after restoring the default settings, it will ask you to enter a Google account.

Google Photo Download Site for Windows 10

  • Place the same one that you were using before restoring or on a previous phone.
  • Tap on “Menu” which are the three vertical points located in the upper right part.
  • The option appears “Synchronize now”, click on it.
  • In a few minutes you will have all the data synchronized.
  • Default, it will recognize the apps you had before as well as the contacts, calendars and personal data among other things.

These are the steps to follow to migrate a backup from one Gmail account to another

The possibility of transfer all files from one Google account to another and even download them to your computer. This is very useful especially when we just created a new profile and there are things that we are interested in rescuing.

In this particular case, we are going to pass the data from one Gmail email to another:

Log in to your account

The first step we must take is to go to a web browser and look for the Gmail account to log in with our username and password, then we take the following steps:

  • In the upper right corner, tap on the option “Setting”.
  • Then check the box “See all settings.”

Accounts and import on the Gmail web

  • A new tab will be displayed, there select “Accounts and import”.

Import mail

Already inside the import mail box, it tells us that we can do it from any clientincluding Yahoo! and Outlook, but in this case we will do it with another account of Gmail.

To do this we doing the next:

  • Within “Accounts and import” you are looking for the option “Import mail and contacts ”.
  • Then we look for “Import from another direction.”

Import from another email account in Gmail

  • When loading selection, we write the address from which we are going to import the messages and mark in “Continue”.
  • The new tab informs that you have to log in to the other account, click on “Continue”.
  • Once the account is verified, we accept the respective permissions.

Choose what you want to import

After import permits are granted, the “ShuttleCloud Migration” tool has access to the saved messages on our account and start doing your job.

To do this, the following steps must be followed:

  • We choose what we would like to be imported, between “Contacts”, “Emails” and “New emails for the next 30 days”.
  • After selecting, click on “Start import”.

Additional data to import the account in Gmail

  • There will begin the process that it may take a long or a short time depending on the number of files that have to be transported.
  • When the action ends, it will be possible see in the new account the information that was requested to have everything perfectly configured.

This Import tool is very useful since Google does not allow merging two accounts into one, but using this trick everything is possible.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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