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By default, the Internet processes and accumulates hundreds of millions of personal data of all Internet users and thus provides the option of having access to different acts carried out, over time, by a person simply by typing their name. Which, may reduce the privacy of users entirely.

Given this, the recognized “right to be forgotten” is born which is very helpful for people who surf the net, thanks to the fact that they have the power to request the search engine to remove all information that could negatively affect them. In other words, it produces an impact on the free development of any of their fundamental rights.

However, this function cannot be applied in all cases and, for this reason, it is worth knowing what is the “right to be forgotten” and how is its management. Like the steps to take to claim this pattern and other data of great interest that we will detail below.

What is the “Right to Be forgotten” and how does it work at Google?

Also know as “Habeas data”, the Right to Forget is defined as a deletion of personal information through the withdrawal of the same in the different search engines, as well as the links located there. This, in view of the fact that the user supposes that it may affect the free development of any of their fundamental rights, in any way.

In this sense, it consists of the power that any person has to demand that a type of information be erased as long as there is no historical or public interest memory. Thus, it is a privilege that is part of the right to be “de-indexed” from what is publicly available. Taking into account that, “De-index” refers to a request to Google search engines, so that it does not track your information and does not show certain content.

Thus, the “Right to be forgotten” it is equivalent to eliminating information, data or publications from databases and search engines, so that they do not appear in any search carried out. So, ultimately, it is a requirement that is based on ask the search engine or service provider to stop indexing some type of information by name and surname.

Benefits of the right to be forgotten Why is it good to always demand this right?

Thanks to the fact that the right to be forgotten is a concept linked to “Habeas data” and the protection of personal data, the right to honor, privacy and image; of course it is a privilege that reveals a series of benefits for Internet users. Therefore, in this section of the post, we proceed to mention the main advantages of making use of the right to be forgotten in Google:

Benefits of the right to be forgotten Why is it good to always demand this right?

Safeguard your privacy and reputation

Since it is a guideline that is used in order to “disappear” On the Internet, one of the most important benefits of the right to be forgotten is that it allows you to increase your privacy and protect your reputation on the Internet. Since, this mechanism is based on ask search engines to no longer link to images, news, blogs or any post that mentions you.

Therefore, even if the content continues to be present on the website where this data is displayed, you can protect your privacy and delete your personal information by deleting your link in the search for those publications out of context, inappropriate or irrelevant.

Greater advantage to win a professional contract

A large part of the requests made to search engines in terms of the right to be forgotten, They are made by individuals (not even by companies or governments). Well, they make use of this privilege to be able to hide part of their professional information and thereby avoid having any disadvantage while a company is looking to hire them. Since, Google is widely used to verify any type of personal and / or professional data in these cases.

Therefore, thanks to the right to be forgotten, your job opportunities could increase and they will not suffer a low blow, if the results show incorrect or inopportune information. Since, this right will prevent the latter from happening and can help you in your professional career in order to realize a good future.

Doesn’t reveal information about your past

Although for many people this can be a disadvantage, the truth is that for others it is totally advantageous be able to hide your information from the past. Be it data associated with a crime or a crime and even related to his love past. Since this way, they will find a sentimental match more easily, for example.

Control your prestige on the Internet

With all the above and, in short, it should also be noted that this functionality managed by Google also responds to the need of the vast majority of Internet users for control and manage your prestige with the Internet. Since, if there is any harmful information in the search engine about you, you can delete it without much complication.

Thanks to this, apart from being very helpful for individuals in order to take care of their personal and professional information, this function also it is extremely useful for all companies who want to direct their reputation on the net and with it, around the world.

Steps to claim your right to be forgotten in the Google search engine quickly and easily

Now, thanks to the notable advantages that exist around Google’s right to be forgotten, most users want to know what each and every one of the steps that must be carried out to request this utility in the search engine is without any complications. Thus, we proceed to specify these steps, below:

Steps to claim your right to be forgotten in the Google search engine quickly and easily

  • To start, what you should do is find all the information about you on the Internet. Of course, you have to do it typing your name in the google bar.
  • Next, examine all the information obtained in detail and check if the data you want to remove from the search results is protected by the right to be forgotten. That is to say, these they must be incorrect, irrelevant or exaggerated; to be able to delete them.
  • Next, it is time to make the request officially and for that, you have to go to the main page of Google and click on the “Privacy” option.
  • Now, select “Frequently Asked Questions” and in the displayed text, click on “Web form”.
  • Once you access it, you have to fill it with your full name or your identity and facilitate a contact email address. Like add the URLs you want to remove from the web or, whose cancellation is sought to be achieved by the search results they produce. In addition, it is necessary that you explain why you consider that this website is inappropriate, obsolete or irrelevant regarding its results.
  • Finally, to make the process official, it will be necessary that attach a copy of your ID or some document or photo identification that verifies your identity. Which is done to prevent fraudulent requests from third parties who want to suppress legal information improperly.

However, it should be noted that, from the outset, Google received around 12,000 requests from people around the world who wanted to be “Forgotten” by the famous search engine and because of this, it is likely that in some cases the expected answers will not be obtained. Apart from that, the company has not disclosed how long it will take to delete the links.

Added to that, it is important to know that the right to be forgotten in search engines only have it people with nationality or residence in the European Union, to this day.

Is there really the right to be forgotten in the search engine? It seems that not always

Is there really the right to be forgotten in the search engine?  It seems that not always

Given that Google has argued that the obligation to apply the famous right to be forgotten globally can be used by authoritarian governments to cover up human rights abuses outside of Europe, this functionality will not always be supported. Reason why, only users with nationality or residence belonging to the EU, have the power to demand their right to be forgotten on the Internet.

In this sense, although the firm was forced by the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) to eliminate worldwide the list of search results that contained harmful or false information about a person, this was not approved in the dispute between both entities. Therefore, Google decides to introduce a geo-blocking function that prevents European users from seeing the links in the search list.

Furthermore, in order to strike a reasonable balance between the rights of access to information and the privacy of Internet users in their hard work to implement the right to be forgotten, Google also states that will only remove the links in the country of the victim or affection, but not in the others.

Thus, the main idea of ​​this right is that European citizens can force search companies to suppress web pages, only in those cases in which confidential information is shown through inquiries made with their names. Therefore, they may hide private information based on crimes, extramarital affairs or facts that are considered “Inadequate, irrelevant, excessive or obsolete”. With this, more than 3.3 million URLs have already been removed from the search engine.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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