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If you are not a supporter of install the programs on your computers or you simply don’t have enough space, and yet you want to use them, the best thing you can do is find your web version. It should be noted that not all programs have a version of this type.

Nevertheless, Skype yes it is one of those. It is a completely multiplatform application that allows you to enter from practically anywhere. The particularity of its web version is that it helps you stay connected no matter where you are.

So that you know in depth about the subject, we will talk to you in this post about Skype Web What is it, how does it work and how to connect in the online version from your browser?. Besides, we share some details regarding its interface.

What is Skype Web and what is this Microsoft platform for?

What is Skype Web and what is this Microsoft platform for?

In a simple way, Skype Web is the version of the platform designed for the web. It gives users a complete Skype experience, effortlessly but from within the browser. That means that the person You do not have to install the application on your mobile or on your computer.

Here you get practically the same functions that you have when installing the app, so if you prefer not to install it on your device, you will not have major limitations. You just have to log in to and enjoy with a fully functional Skype app, created for explorers.

What are the features and functions of the web version of Skype? How is it different from desktop software?

Sometimes, versions designed for the web are usually not as secure or do not offer the full experience For the users. Nevertheless, this does not happen with Skype Web. Contrary to what many would expect, this includes basically the same features as the mobile app or Telegram Desktop.

In summary, the following features of Skype Web can be highlighted:

  • End-to-end encryption: your chats are end-to-end encryption standard in the industry.
  • Synchronize conversations: allows you to quickly and easily access your chat and conversation history.
  • Compatible with multiple browsers: is available to explorers Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • Call recording: You can have a record of the special moments of your Skype calls through this functionality available for the web version.
  • Notifications panel: you have the possibility to click on the bell icon to keep an eye on the reactions of your messages, mentions in group conversations, etc.
  • Search inside the chat gallery: allows you to explore the multimedia elements that you have easily. You just have to select the type of item or search for all of them.

Skype Web interface What are all its sections and what will I find in it?

Skype Web interface What are all its sections and what will I find in it?

In general, the interface of Skype Web it is very easy to use. But it is normal that, as a new user, you find yourself a little lost at first. So the first thing you should take into consideration is that important items are located in the left column. In that section, you have access to a search engine and the categories in which you find your chats, call history, notifications, contacts, etc.

Next, we explain in depth about each section:


The browser is displayed as a bar on the left side of the Skype Web screen. Specifically, it is located at the top of the left column. Here you can write a name to locate a contact with which you want to communicate. You can also place the name of a particular group or message for easy location.

Recent Chats

In the same column on the left side, the different recent chats you have. At the beginning, you will not have any but as you chat with your contacts, the list will grow. From there too you can start a new chat, organize conversations according to different factors, etc.


To access the Skype Settings menu, all you have to do is press on the three-point button that you get in the same left bar, specifically at the top. In the drop-down menu, select on Setting and you will have access to the different sections available to modify.

These are:

  • Account and Profile: change all your profile data such as image, username, mobile, email, location, etc. In addition, it allows you to change date of birth, obtain Skype credits, see payment options, etc.
  • General: change the general language of the web app.
  • Appearance: customize the appearance of Skype web according to your tastes, that is, you can change the color, mode and even the accessibility in the design or appearance. At the top, you can see how it looks through a preview window.
  • Audio and video: adjust and test your camera, speaker and microphone settings.
  • Calls: see your caller ID or activate call forwarding. Besides, you can activate the option to add subtitles to read what others say to you, as well as allow only calls from your contacts.
  • Posts: configure everything related to Skype chats, from read receipts to previewing links. It also allows you to modify things related to downloading photos and text size.
  • Notifications: As its name implies, it allows you to change everything that has to do with Skype notifications in the browser, which ones you want to show and sound, and which ones not.
  • Contacts:: you can manage the contacts that you have blocked, privacy options, such as whether or not you prefer that other people appear in the search results when they take a look at their contacts through the Skype search engine.
  • Help and feedback: send feedback to Skype or enter the platform’s troubleshooter.

Contacts and Messages

This is the last section you have access to within the main screen of Skype Web. They are two areas that are displayed when you select a contact. In this sense, you must choose a conversation or contact and, right next to the section “Everything” below the person’s name, you will find the windows of Contacts and Messages.

Learn step by step how to register and start using Skype Web to enjoy the platform from your browser

Learn step by step how to register and start using Skype Web to enjoy the platform from your browser

In case you dare and want to try the web version of this platform, we share a step-by-step guide about how to register and start using Skype Web to enjoy it from the browser. To get started, first you have to make sure you have a Microsoft account, since it is through it that you can start. Consequently, if you don’t have one, you simply have to follow the registration process that is indicated when you go to create an Outlook or Hotmail email.

In this sense, the step by step is:

  • Go to Skype Web.
  • If you have account, sign in to Skype.
  • A screen of create an account from Skype.
  • You can create your account using a phone number.
  • In case of not wanting to give this information, you can create it through your email address. To do this, click on Use an email address instead, and you will go to a screen where you have to enter the name for your new email.
  • You should write an email finished in , or Make sure that the address you choose is not busy, otherwise it will not let you continue.
  • Now is the time to create your password. You simply have to write the password you prefer, which must meet the minimum requirements established by the platform.
  • Tap on Next.
  • Then it is time to give your name, surname and date of birth to proceed with the creation of your profile.
  • Fill in the requested fields and always make sure to click Next to continue.
  • At the end, a procedure is shown where you must prove that you are not a bot, writing a series of codes.
  • Skype will open. There, select your profile picture and read the introduction to familiarize yourself with the platform. In addition, you can configure your camera or import contacts and that’s it. You can now start using Skype Web.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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