Smart WiFi Routers  What is it? + Advantages and Manufacturers ▷ 2020

For no one is a secret that, the router it is the most relevant element of a home internet connection (and anywhere). Since, it is defined as a hardware device whose main function is connect a multitude of computers to each other, using the wireless network. Hence, various machines are able to be linked to the same Internet network.

However, on many occasions, routers do not offer efficient operation, despite the fact that the operator hired by the user provides an optimal service. Therefore, other more powerful solutions must be used to ensure excellent Connection to network, beyond changing the router delivered by said operator.

One of those solutions, consists of using a Smart WiFi Router. Which arose in order to improve the Internet connection to the maximum through a variety of customization, monitoring and optimization features and options. To know what they are about, what are their advantages and some of the best manufacturers out there, we invite you to read this post.

What is a Smart WiFi router and what are these devices for?

As its name implies, a Smart WiFi router refers to a smart router that has certain extra functions that, commonly, traditional routers provide. Thus, it consists of a wireless router that is able to optimize connectivity of the home for the daily life of the users. Therefore, this device serves to get a great improvement around the internet connection and go beyond what, traditionally, common routers provide from their settings panel.

This, in order to better manage the connections in order to achieve to minimize problems. In that way a Smart WiFi router is classified as a type of appliance wireless which, mainly, arises from the needs of users regarding their connection to the network. Well, it takes care of provide them with more adequate control, effective administration and various tools to optimize connections for speed, stability and security.

How do these routers improve on classic WiFi routers?

How do these routers improve on classic WiFi routers?

Since essentially routers of type Smart are concerned with optimizing the operation of classic WiFi routers; users wonder in what aspects do they achieve this improvement. Since, in this way they will be able to sustain a clearer distinction and with it, choose to purchase a device of this type.

In this sense, we proceed to name and detail a series of improvements that can be obtained by using a Smart WiFi router at home:

  • Wireless network security at home: In general, around 6 or 7 devices are connected to the Internet at home through a router and this destabilizes the security of the network. However, with smart routers you can eradicate serious security problems because enhanced protection will become vital. Well, they are devices suitable for detect and avoid dangerous traffic.
  • Stronger WiFi coverage: It is usual that there are certain areas of the house where the coverage of the traditional router does not reach and for this, Smart routers have also been designed. Therefore, they avoid looking for other solutions that amplify WiFi coverage, thanks to the fact that they are capable of operate on different frequencies simultaneously Y project the signal evenly in all directions.
  • Greater control over the network: Most Smart WiFi routers include apps that give you total control over who is connected to your network and even allows choose who can access and who cannot, as well as blocking the network from any user completely and receiving alerts of interest on the mobile. Thus, you will powerfully control your network without having to look up the MAC addresses and check them one by one.
  • Simpler solutions to problems: In traditional routers, solve connection problems it is usually a difficult and complex process. However, with these intelligent routers, solving any kind of fault is easier because they show on the screen what the problem is, generate performance reports and offer recommendations to optimize the user experience.

What are the advantages of a Smart WiFi router? Reasons to do it

What are the advantages of a Smart WiFi router?  Reasons to do it

Because a router Smart WiFi has the ability to present notable improvements over commonly used WiFi devices, of course, it guarantees excellent benefits to its users.

Hence, the following reasons why it is recommended to use a smart router at home:

  • More wireless quality and speed: Today, most Smart WiFi routers can broadcast in dual frequency, ie WiFi and WiFi +. For that reason, they ensure optimal signal quality and speed from any device (laptops, mobiles, tablets and consoles). Taking into account that, prevent interference with other WiFi signals that use the 2.4 GHz frequency.
  • Greater security and control: Due to their natural characteristics, Smart WiFi routers guarantee a remarkable security with respect to the access to the network of any intruder or dangerous traffic. Since, they allow see and manage which users are connected to said network. In addition, in case of loss, they allow easily retrieve network password and share with home WiFi network.
  • Better coverage: Another advantage of great interest lies in the coverage provided by these wireless devices. Since, in general terms, provide better wireless coverage in home environments and thus, they allow their users to navigate at the maximum real speed contracted from the operator.
  • A modern design: Making use of smart routers, you can show off a great design in your home. This, due to the modern and pleasant look that most such appliances have, in addition to being compact and lightweight.
  • Retrench of space: Even though Smart WiFi routers are currently advanced devices and have powerful features, do not occupy a notable space. Thanks to this, you can recover certain areas of your house and take advantage of them in another way.

List of the best manufacturers of Smart WiFi routers on the market

In addition to all of the above, it is also important to know which are the most optimal Smart WiFi router manufacturers on the market today. Since, based on this information, you can make sure you purchase a device reliable and quality in order to start enjoying an Internet connection more powerful, safe and controlled.

Therefore, here are some of the best:



Globally, it is estimated as one of the manufacturers of smart WiFi routers most recognized in the market. Mainly, because it offers various alternatives to buyers and thus, manages to adjust to your requirements depending on the different characteristics of your equipment. Which, are up to three times faster than traditional routers.

For its part, all the devices designed and manufactured by this company have an optimal application from which it is possible to see who is connected to the WiFi network at any time, through the mobile. Therefore, it guarantees great security and control. Also, some Linksys of this type, have a function to double the performance of dual band device.



Specifically, the Spanish telephone operator launched the Smart WiFi Home Gateway Unit or HGU router during 2015 and with this, it managed to revolutionize the router market around the world. Since, it consists of a wireless device that in addition to providing Wifi and improve the connection, provides various functionalities in terms of coverage, management, security and speed.

So, has an application to control who accesses the network and it even integrates three devices in one to reduce the volume of cables in your home, reduce electricity consumption and transmit the contracted services with skillfully superior technology. Among other features, it allows setting limits for parental controls, optimize fiber optic WiFi connection and assign connection priorities to specific devices.



This multinational corporation of hardware, robotics and electronics is also considered one of the most recommended Smart WiFi router manufacturers in the world. Since, it offers excellent prices and provides technologies up to 80% faster compared to traditional routers.

For example, in your ASUS AC3100 RT-AC88U Smart WiFi wireless router, this company provides a powerful dual-core processor with which users can enjoy much faster data transfers. Additionally, it offers expansive connectivity options to connect up to eight compatible devices simultaneously. Too guarantees a safe online experience, has malicious site blocking, automatic vulnerability detection and parental controls.



This global provider of networking and communications solutions for consumers and businesses, has also launched several models of Smart WiFi router. Thus, mainly, they are characterized by being devices capable of increase speed up to 400 Mbps and 867 Mbps, compared to traditional routers, in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, respectively.

Added to this, manages to improve coverage through a functionality known as “Beamforming” which has the ability to focus the wireless signal optimally, to increase the signal in just seconds and added to this, in most of its routers, the antennas are external and omni-directional. On the other hand also offers a high level of security for users.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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