Synchronize Mobile Contacts with Gmail  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

We store very important personal information on our mobile phone, there we have for example our email, photos, videos, spreadsheets, documents, application chats courier, and of course the contacts and phone numbers.

Now, these contacts are perhaps the most important information, since if by human error, or loss of the device, we lose this information, there is a good chance that we cannot get them back. Gmail has a very secure solution before this eventuality.

In the following article, let’s talk about how to sync contacts to Gmail, the benefits that this brings, what should we do to synchronize the mobile with Gmail, and how to restore the backup of contacts, all in an easy and simple way.

What are the benefits of backing up all your mobile contacts in your Gmail email?

Back up contacts in Gmail

Having a reliable and secure support from our contacts is very important, in our day to day we can face unexpected eventualities that can cause a total reset of the device or the loss of phone numbers.

Gmail offers this possibility, which brings benefits such as:

  • Contacts are stored in the Gmail cloud, and you will be able to access them if you change devices or in the email tray.
  • It is completely safe since they can only be accessed through the password and the Google username.
  • It does not have limits, so all the numbers you want can be stored.
  • The process for backup data it’s easy and straightforward.
  • You do not need applications to back up the information on your mobile.

Learn step by step how to synchronize your mobile with your Gmail account to back up all your contacts

Synchronization is a process through which the system matches or matches information from different places or sections of the device. A clear example of this is the synchronization of contacts, since This allows us to have updated information between the data we have in the phone’s memory and the Gmail account as it is in this case.

This is a fairly straightforward process, You just have to know well everything you want to do so that there are no inconveniences of any kind. It is advisable to have the data updated and synchronized, since if at any given moment we want to change devices, the transfer of information would not be difficult to execute. The system is responsible for performing this synchronization automatically and periodically, in order to have all the detailed information, in case of any loss or deletion of the contacts.

The steps are the following:

Go to the contacts section

It is the agenda which allows us to have all the contacts that we have on our mobile stored in an orderly manner, this section is the first step towards synchronizing the information:

  • First you must enter “Contacts:”From the device.

Contacts on Android

  • There you must locate you in the upper right right where are the three vertical dots, and press.

Accounts and backups on Android

  • A menu will be displayed where you will touch the option “Contact settingWhich will take you to the next step.

Accounts and sync

This section is the neuralgic part of this whole procedure, since all the accounts that are registered in the phone are found.

In this case, you must press the indicated one, or else the synchronization that we must perform will not be able to occur:

  • You should look for the option “Accounts and sync”, Press to enter.

Account settings on Android

  • In this section you will see a list with registered accounts, press “Google”.
  • Then will take you to the sync menu to execute.

Automatic data synchronization

This menu has all the most important sections in the phone’s configuration, from here you can activate or deactivate the synchronization of each of these, in addition to showing you the dates of the last backups made:

  • First you must locate the option “Contacts”, and press.

Automatically sync personal data on Android

  • Just beside, you will see a drop-down bar with the words “ON” Y “OF”, pressing “ON” to activate synchronization.
  • Automatically starts the processWait a few seconds and voila, the information will be programmed together with the Gmail account.

We teach you how to restore a Gmail backup of your contacts to have your usual agenda on your new mobile

Making a backup of all the contacts on our phone, more than an option, is a need that we all must fulfill, since having a mobile phone in our hands makes us susceptible to losing it at any time, or being the victim of a robbery. In this sense, when changing phone it is necessary to change the contacts for our new mobile, that is why we must restore the backup to speed up the process.

Now, we are going to know step by step how is the process to restore the Gmail backup, so that you can have the contacts on a new phone:

  • Turn on your mobile, it will ask you for some information to set the language type and connect to a wifi network.

Android welcome message to new users

  • Then An ad will appear on the screen asking you to import your data showing a series of options, there you must press “Gmail Cloud Backup”.
  • Later you must enter the Gmail email (It must be the same account you used on the previous mobile), with its respective password and press “Continue”.

Connect to Wi-Fi network on new Android phones

  • Then start the process of syncing the phone to your Gmail account.
  • By the end, You will get an advertisement asking which backup you want to restore, which you must press the one of “Contacts:“And then the”Restore”.

Set up Google email account on Android

  • Wait some minutes so that the phone settings can adapt to new changes.
  • Finished all this procedure, you will be able to have your entire contact book, as it was on the previous device, with the same number of numbers and data that you stored.

This procedure is given in the same way in the entire Android operating system, regardless of phone brand or system version. As you can see, restoring from Gmail backup It is quite simple and you just have to be aware of the steps to follow in order to avoid errors that could put the saved information at risk.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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